What Are SDS Drill Bits Used For: Complete Guide

Drilling has become mandatory in setting up houses and installing instruments in the house. Among the drill available in the market, SDS is the best. Now, I will be showing, what are SDS drill bits used for?

SDS drill bits are famous in the drilling sector because of their versatility and powerful performances. They are capable of drilling hard concretes, and tough metals alongside soft surfaces. This is only possible because of their Max and Plus bits.

These bits produce an extra force which creates torque and makes the drilling smooth and easy.

What Are SDS Drill Bits?

What Are SDS Drill Bits
What Are SDS Drill Bits

SDS drill bits are heavy-duty drill bits, they have a working application on heavy metal. SDS drills are so versatile that they can work in any kind of concrete or brick, alongside metals. The abbreviation of SDS is Slotted Drive Shaft.

SDS drills are preferable for heavy-duty jobs because of their hammer drill. The SDS bits hammer the surface for which the rotary or normal action sums the hammering and hammer drill occurs. A piston generates the motion.

This drill is different from other drills because of its rotary motion. It turns the drill into a hammer drill. Further, one can use it for chiseling metals. Side by side, domestic light work is also in the working field.

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Different Types Of SDS Drill Bits: What Are SDS Drill Bits Used For?

SDS drill bits are famous for the rotary motion that creates extra force alongside safety throughout the tough, hard materials. As you know, SDS is a versatile drilling bit, because they have variations in their bits and they are:

  • SDS Plus bits

These are the light-working bits that are preferable for light household works or critical works. It has a shorter shank of about ten millimeters. They are preferable for doing holes or drilling in the edge.

As they have a short shank, they can do small drills or holes. But, they get benefits because of their small diameters. For making drills and holes in the edge or thinner surfaces, one has to prefer Plus bits. Moreover, they can assist by making shorter holes before doing big drills.

  • SDS Max bits

Max bits are much thicker than the previous ones. For heavy drilling, Max bits are perfect. They have a shank of sixteen millimeters in it which indicates the drilling of tough metals, concrete, and bricks.

Moreover, they can also cut or chisel bricks and metals. It is so strong that one can use it at a higher speed without breaking it. This happens because of the connection between the shank and the torsional balls inside the drill.

What is The Procedure of Using SDS Drill Bit?

It is not easy to drill in a heavy surface using an electronic drill. Here, is the safety procedure for doing the work perfectly.

  • Choose the right SDS drill bit

Choose an SDS drill bit that is the right size and shape for the job you’re undertaking. SDS drill bits are available in various sizes and shapes for different applications.

  • Select the right drilling speed

Set the drilling speed on your SDS drill to the appropriate level for the material you’re drilling. SDS drill bits operate at high speeds, so it’s important to use the correct setting to avoid damaging the bit.

  • Secure the workpiece

Clamp the workpiece you’re drilling securely to prevent it from moving or shifting while you’re drilling.

  • Insert the SDS drill bit

Insert the SDS drill bit into the chuck of your SDS drill and ensure that it is securely locked in place.

  • Begin drilling

Position the SDS drill bit on the workpiece and apply light pressure while drilling. Use a hammer drilling technique where the bit is moved up and down while drilling.

  • Monitor the drilling progress

Monitor the progress of the drilling and check the depth regularly to avoid drilling too deep. Once you’ve finished drilling, switch off the SDS drill and remove the SDS drill bit carefully.

  • Clean the SDS drill bit

Clean the SDS drill bit to remove any debris or dust that may have accumulated during drilling.

What Are the Safety Precautions of Using an SDS Drill Bit?

What Are the Safety Precautions of Using an SDS Drill Bit

Here are some safety precautions to consider when using an SDS drill bit:

  • Always wear personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, earplugs, and gloves to protect yourself from flying debris and loud noises.
  • Ensure that the SDS drill bit you’re using is compatible with the SDS drill you’re using. Using the wrong bit or tool can lead to malfunction or injury.
  • Before using an SDS drill bit, inspect both the drill and the bit to ensure that they’re in good working condition. Check for any cracks, chips, or other signs of damage.
  • SDS drill bits operate at high speeds, so it’s important to use the right speed setting on your drill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to take care of an SDS drill bit?

Taking good care of the SDS drill bits will increase the lifespan of the bits. Here, how will one take care of his drill bits?

  1. Always use tools according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. After every use, clean the drill and bits.
  3. Clean the bits, drill, and the torsional ball inside before using it.
  4. Check that it gets a proper electric connection for drilling.
  5. If the wire is not okay, then repair it as soon as possible.

How to use SDS drill bits safely?

To use SDS drill bits safely, you need to take safety precautions. You will find the safety precautions above in this article. Moreover, before drilling check, the tools, point to a place, and start drilling slowly after drilling clean the place and check it. Therefore, this is the way to drill perfectly.

Wrap Up

SDS drill bits are the best tools for drilling in the market. Through this, you can perfectly drill any heavy or light surfaces. What are SDS drill bits used for is not unknown after reading the article.

Here, you will find a proper idea of SDS drill bits and how to use them perfectly. Moreover, some health precautions are on there too.

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