Can You Use a Hammer Drill to Mix Concrete? Handyman’s Explanation

There are different tools available on the market to mix concrete. For example, it could be a hammer drill. Since a hammer drill can be your best partner for drilling holes, a question may come: Can you use a hammer drill to mix concrete?

The answer is yes, and you can use a hammer drill to mix concrete. In general, you can use a hammer drill for light masonry.

And concrete mixing is the mixture of sand and cement with bricks or stones. So, by using a hammer drill, you can complete this process without any expansion or cracking.

But the drill should have some required specifications and attachments since you can use a hammer drill to mix concrete.

Specifications of a Drill for Mixing Concrete

Commonly, your hammer drill for mixing concrete should have the following specifications-

  • Variable speed control reduces the risk of mess while the drill rotates quickly.
  • Low RPM is essential for keeping away from burning up your drill while it mixes.
  • High torque capacity

Hammer Drills according to Types 

It would be best to use different drills for different tasks more often than not. But mixing concrete is another job. Hence if you want to go all-in on an exercise, we can say a hammer drill will do an excellent job of mixing concrete because it will work better than standard hammer drills. So, you can use many hammer drills that can be used as a regular drill by switching off the hammering action.

Hammer drills are of different types. Therefore, a slotted drive shaft (SDS) rotary hammer can work better than a standard hammer drill to mix concrete. You will get rotational torque with a rotary hammer drill suitable for mixing heavy concrete. It could work as you need. It deals with a variety of tasks.

Remember that “rotary hammer” and “hammer drill” are not the same tool. You can use a rotary hammer for heavy-duty jobs, But hammer drills do not have much-advanced power. It is only better for drilling or chiseling in brick, wood, or metal. But it doesn’t mean you can not use it to mix concrete.

Why You Should Not Use a Hammer Drill?

The standard advice is that you should use special tools for specific jobs. However, if your hammer drill has variable speed drills that are incredibly high in maximum speeds would not be best for this project. Because if you use a hammer drill to mix concrete, sometimes you will get your concrete to the floor and walls rather than in the bucket.

But one thing you should remember for mixing concrete, the forces should be much behind the drill, which you can do with a hammer drill.

Though you have to apply much force while mixing concrete with hammer drills to get hammering action, downward pressure is essential in this process. Sometimes, it is tiring to mix concrete.

How to Drill to Mix Concrete?

First, take an exact amount of water to mix your concrete in a bucket. Then start to drill. After that, you can add your dry materials to the bucket now. Now you can use your hammer drill frequently for the perfect mixing. Here you can add more water or dry materials to get the perfect one. But be careful if you find your drill getting hot. Just make it off quickly to avoid the risk of burning up the tool.

To Wrap Up

So, are you still confused with the question: can you use a hammer drill to mix concrete? Although people use hammer drills for other purposes, hammer drills are still convenient for concrete mixing tasks. Again, you can use a hammer drill not only to mix concrete, but you can deal with various tasks with this tool.

However, if you try to mix concrete with a hammer drill, it will require more physical force. In this sense, a hammer drill might not be a suitable tool unless you are strong enough to operate it. Other than that, a hammer drill can be an excellent option for you to complete your concrete mixing project.

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