How to Drill Holes in Tight Spaces: 10 Easy Tricks

All kinds of changes to your room decorations indeed require drilling holes. Drilling tasks is always not that easy because you sometimes have to go through tight spaces. Suppose you need to change your kitchen or bathroom decorations and have a very narrow cupboard, and you’d like to add a shelf. But the problem is there are some narrow spaces that you cannot drill. And, you cannot even move your bit there.

What will you do then? How to drill holes in tight spaces? No worries, in this article, you’ll get all the possible solutions on how you can quickly drill holes in tight spaces. And, you can solve this problem in different ways. Just pick the given trick below that is convenient for you. So, let’s move to the solutions!

10 Best Tricks to Drill Holes in Tight Spaces


The proper angle drill attachment can be your best solution for drilling through a tight space. It will work just like a charm for your project. We found it a must-have tool that every DIY worker should keep in their toolbox. Besides, you’ll get it inexpensive to purchase. It can work in nut drivers, hole saws, screwdriver bits, spade bits, etc.


If the space is too tight to drill through, drill a 2 or 3 inches plug with a 1-hole off-center. Then you’ve to place the plug back into the original hole that seems close enough to the edge as you require. Now, glue into that place to finish.


You can even use your nail as a drill bit for a drilling space that is too tiny or tight to drill. If the hole isn’t that deep, hammer it in and pull it out.


Torx bit is another most accessible way to drill through the type of annoying tiny and tight hole. Torx bit can go through any of the tight spaces for easy drilling. Also, it will save your time, but you have to use an extender. Since the Torx bit is a bit fiddly, you have to hammer it in a proper place so that it cannot slip away.


You can also use the Hex-Mounted drill bit to help you do your job more efficiently because the Hex drill bit has sufficient flex to work in a highly confined space. And, you can control it trouble-free.


Apply a little amount of super glue on the drill frame and place a magnet in the space where to drill. It will allow your drill bit to reach the tight space more quickly and easily.


For trick number 7, you will need to get some painter tape, cardboard, and a cartridge-tipped bit. Tape the cardboard and place it around the space you need to drill. Run the cartridge-tipped bit at the lowest speed, and it will allow you to create a divot. Remove the cardboard once you get your hole. It is also another effortless way to drill in a tight space.


A cordless right-angle drill can be another fantastic option to get your drilling job done. A Cordless right angle drill bit can easily reach the unreachable space and drill smoothly. It can work fine through the narrow ceiling cavities and walls to create holes.


One of the best ways is to use a right-angle driver. It will work well to drill some holes. Just collect a set of hex end drill bits. But keep it in your mind while drilling; don’t push too hard. It can turn into an accident.


Using a long extender can quickly help you reach the tight or narrow place while drilling. It will save time and energy and give a smooth drilling finish.

Improvise Your Drilling Stop

Once you develop your drilling stop, you’ll find it trouble-free to deal in a tight space. Improvising the drilling spot is easy in terms of tubing. Tubing is considered the ideal option when you work through a narrow and tight space with a certain depth. Let’s see how:

You’ll need a suitable diameter that will adjust perfectly around the drill bit for great tubing. It will ensure a snug drilling job later on. Cut and keep aside the tubing over the drill bit. It will start working as same as the commercial drill stop.

You have a comprehensive option to make your choice for choosing the right tube style. There are different styles of tubes available on the market, such as plastic tubes, brass tubes, heat shrink tubes, etc. Go to a nearby shop and choose what will fit you the best.

If you don’t like the tubing system to improvise your drilling stop, you have one more option: to use tape to your drill bit. Put the tape around the drill bit but make sure you’re not wrapping it.

FAQs on How to Drill Holes in Tight Spaces

What tools are essential for loosening or tightening narrow spaces?

You can use a drill bit to tighten or loosen tight spaces. Again, there are different shapes of wrenches that you can use for many other tasks.

Why do the drilling holes get oversized sometimes?

There are several reasons for drilling holes to get oversized, like unequal lip height, access lip relief, and sometimes worn drill bushing.

What happens while the clearance angle gets more of a drill?

While the clearance angle is more, it will cause severe braking of the drill lip because it cannot make sufficient support. Therefore, you have to be careful during your drilling time about the clearance angle. So, keep the clearance angle minimum to provide sufficient support and strength for dealing with the tricky cutting edge.

To Wrap Up

It can be a big hassle unless you apply some tricks while drilling in a tight space. So, to help you out with this question on how to drill holes in tight spaces, we have prepared this article that can guide you throughout your whole process.  We have discussed the 10 best possible tips and tricks, and you can choose any of them considering your situation.

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