6 Best Floor Standing Drill Press for Woodworking In 2022 – Reviews and Top Picks

One of the most powerful and largest tools is the floor standing drill press which can make sure an accurate drilling hole for your project. Also, a floor-standing drill is a definite power tool to handle your giant project with ease. But, the problem happens when it’s a matter of your tool quality. Because, floor drill comes in wide ranges of capacity, features, speed, and power. In that context, finding the best floor standing drill press for woodworking is a great challenge.

In this case, we recommend you specify your drilling needs. But, if you find it tough to go through all that requirements to get the best one, take our guidance throughout our whole stand-up drill press reviews. We have selected the 6 best drill presses that will meet your requirements through different types of materials like wood, metal, aluminum, cast iron, plastic, etc. Also, these drill presses will be the best bet in terms of your budget. So, let’s know more about these amazing tools.

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6 Best Floor Standing Drill Presses for Wood Working

The easy installation and operation process of these 6 tools will make your work life easier and more enjoyable.  These 6 power tools are multi-featured, long-lasting, and also environment friendly. They won’t require you any harm to operate around kids or aged people.

Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press


1. Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press

  • The tilting table of the Shop Fox W1848 drill press will allow you to go for various applications.
  • It has a unique design with weight and capacity to deal with the rock-solid build
  • There are 3 pieces of drum kits and 80 grit sanding paper available to fit up to 2 inches of drums.
  • It will offer you its maximum range of speed that started from 250 RPM.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Shop Fox
  • Dimension- 24 x 15 x 63 Inches
  • Power Source- Wind Powered
  • Voltage- 110 Volt
  • Maximum Speed- 3050
  • Style- Floor
  • Weight-122 Pounds
  • Warranty-2 Years

Working through a floor-standing drill press isn’t that easy and safe. To get a reliable and safe operation, you must choose a tool with a high-quality control program. In that case, we recommend you decide on the Shop Fox W1848 floor drill press. It has all the reliable design and functions to provide you with trouble-free service for years.

This long-lasting and multi-featured floor drill press is the latest version of the W1668 floor drill press that will offer all the updated features like efficient contour sanding. Therefore, you can easily convert your drilling process into sending operation and it will take only seconds. Also, you do need not extra tools to change the drilling functions into sending functions. It’s a tool-free function converting process of the Shop Fox W1848 drill press.

  • Its lightweight design will attract you all in all to help you do your job nicely and trouble-free. You won’t have to make a tough force to get clean holes. You’ll get a good fit everywhere of your holes requirements. And, the tilt table is too flat to use according to your necessity.

  • You won’t get any mortising attachment available with the Shop Fox W1848


2. WEN 4208T Benchtop Drill Press

  • The drill press chuck is ready to accept bits up to 1/2″ in diameter.
  • It is capable to adjust 5-speed operation at 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, and 3140 RPM at the maximum.
  • Its highly durable induction 2.3A motor is available to control a balanced and smooth performance even at high speed.
  • Its onboard key-storage trait will always make sure your keys are close by.
  • The beveling worktable can work through 45″ inches direction to get you a smooth angled drilling operation.

Product Specification

  • Brand- WEN
  • Dimension- ‎7.5×22.88×11 Inches
  • Power Source- AC
  • Voltage- 120
  • Maximum Speed- 3140
  • Style- 2016 Model
  • Size- 8 Inches
  • Weight-31 pounds
  • Color- 2015 Model
  • Warranty- 2 Years

Buying the WEN 4280T Drill Press will facilitate your drilling job in many ways. It will allow you to limit the spindle travel to get repeatable drilling tasks done accurately. You can work on various materials like plastic, wood, metal, etc, while it is the WEN 4280T tool. The WEN 4280T is one of the best tools to provide precise and accurate holes.

The WEN drill press has got a perfect size to carry to your job place and also for the shop. Its robust cast iron body construction of base, head, and table will ensure accuracy and durability. It will offer you a variety of bits in your tasks in terms of its spindle travel.

The base of this tool will help you contain the predrilled holes onto its work stand or bench for mounting. And, its slotted table is ready to consent to the mounting clamps to get you an effective work holding.  So, your drilling job will be more sharp and perfect.

  • WEN 4280T is the most powerful small tool that offers multi-features to make your job easier and enjoyable. Besides, this tool will offer you a 2-years warranty so that your investment speaks in a good way.

  • If you want to drill through stainless steel or low carbon, it might not be a perfect tool.

Premium Pick

3. JET J-2500 1Ph 354400 Drill Press

  • It has got an exclusive enclosed spindle assembly to provide a greater precision
  •  You can widen the telescoping spindle guard according to your necessity to ensure safety.
  • The 1-7/8 Inches of this tool diameter will provide the accuracy in your drilling operation.
  • The 16-speed of its motor can turn up to 3630 RPM.
  • It will offer you a consistent repeating mode through its depth stop displays (with mm/inch) to get you a quick and correct adjustment.

Product Specification

  • Brand- JET
  • Dimension- ‎ 54x20x10.5 Inches
  • Power Source- Corded Electric
  • Voltage- 115
  • Maximum Speed- 3630
  • Style- Floor Model
  • Size- 3 Inches
  • Weight-167 pounds
  • Maximum HP- 0.75            
  • Warranty- 2 Years

Getting all the latest features with a little budget must be an exciting matter for you. In this case, you’ll find the JET J-2500 floor drill press as the best floor drill press for the money which will cost you less but offer you more for high performance. In each facet of your drilling job, you will be facilitated by its infrastructure and strength and can maximize your performance.

The JET 15″ power tool boasted the tilting table and ¾ HP motor for greater accuracy. For greater durability, it has come with a large quill and cast iron construction. Therefore, it will make sure a long-lasting service life for you. What is more, the manufacturers offered a 2-years warranty with this JET floor drill press. So, the first 2 years of repairing service of this tool will be free of cost for you.

  • If you want to get solid support from your power tool, choose the JET J-2500 1Ph 354400 Drill Press. It will ensure all your drilling support in terms of its giant cast iron head and ground steel column.

  • Carrying the JET J-2500 floor drill press to your job place will be tough due to its 167 pounds of bulky weight.

Best Overall

4. Shop Fox W1667 Oscillating Drill Press

  • The Shop Fox W1667 will offer you a secured chuck guard and enlarged table opening for transferring spindle trouble-free.
  • 4 Inches dust port will allow you to keep your working surface dust-free.
  • Its two ways functionality will let you operate it either as an oscillating sander or drilling press.
  • A removable safety key will be available with this high-quality power tool to prevent any unexpected start.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Shop Fox
  • Dimension- ‎ 10.5x 18×13.7 Inches
  • Power Source- Corded Electric
  • Voltage- 110
  • Maximum Speed- 3630
  • Size- 1 Inch
  • Weight- 49 pounds
  • Maximum HP- 0.5
  • Maximum Chuck Size-3 MM
  • Warranty-2 Years

To provide you with a long-term service, the Shop Fox W1667 has come with its updated design. Its inflexible quality control and ruggedly built body construction will provide a secured and reliable operation.  You can use its oscillating spindle feature with sanding drums that go between 1 and 2″ in diameter. Also, the oscillating spindle trait of this tool will make sure durable abrasives and a smooth finish.

This benchtop, on the other hand, will let you drill a precise hole at your previously set depth. All you need to drill holes through your preset depth is to employ its easy-to-read depth scale. And, it will help you reach the desired location to make your job easily done. Isn’t it an amazing tool?

  • The Shop Fox W1667 is considered the best drill press for woodworking because of its exclusive functionality and features. It will provide you with an excellent result for your entire woodworking drilling project no matter whether you’re an expert or beginner.

  • The chuck can be misplaced inside unless you use it properly.

Customer Choice

5. Sunex 5000A Floor UL/CSA Drill Press

  • The adjustable table of this tool can rotate at 360° and can pivot from 0 to 45° on each of its sides.
  • The ¾ HP powerful motor made it well capable to perform heavy-duty through its 5/8″ drilling capacity.
  • It will provide a convenient belt lever for a fast and easy speed transition.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Sunex Tools
  • Dimension- ‎ 45.13×18.5×10.88 Inches
  • Power Source- Corded Electric
  • Voltage- 115
  • Maximum Speed- 3630
  • Style- Drill Press
  • Weight- 138 pounds
  • Maximum Chuck Size- 13 MM
  • Material- Metal

Are you looking for the best drill press for metal? The Sunex 5000A drill press is right here for you to offer the best performance for all your metalwork. This tool is extremely easy to use and operate.  And you’ll find this tool perfect for all the small jobs. You can easily continue your drilling job considering the thickness of materials through its 16-speed feature.

Also,  its 16 different speed levels will get you the maximum speed adjustment. This amazing drill-in tool is not only perfect for metal but also perfect to go through steel, aluminum, and titanium. The Sunex 5000A will allow you to work through any work conditions.

  • It won’t require any hard system to change the speed level according to your drilling needs.

  • It is a bit heavy than the other models.


6. WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press, Orange

  • Its mechanical adjustable speed can adjust anywhere up to 3200 RPM.
  • An exclusive LED display screen will be available with the WEN 4214 Drill Press to allow you to see the current speed torque of the drill to know the accurate RPM each moment.
  • Its onboard laser precession is available to help you recognize the exact spot during your drilling time.
  • The table roller extension technology will let you widen the table roller up to 17″ maximum for great support.

 Product Specification

  • Brand- WEN
  • Dimension- ‎ ‎13.5×36.63×16.75 Inches
  • Power Source- Fuel Powered
  • Voltage- 120
  • Color- Orange
  • Maximum Speed- 3200RPM
  • Style- Drill Press
  • Weight- 89.1 pounds
  • Warranty- 2 years

The WEN 4214 Drill Press will offer you all the exclusive features to make your operation easier. It is considered the best commercial drill press for giant projects. Because it has a beveling work table that can bevel with 45° maximum with a 9.5″×9.5″ table so easily. This modern drill machine will provide an ultra-featured chuck with an MT2 Spindle Taper.

And, all its amazing features will allow you to work up to 5/8″ bits in diameter. Therefore, you can deal with a heavy-duty task and complete your giant project. Also, the flexible depth-adjustable gauge is ready to set the gauge and limit your spindle travel in an exact distance. It will get you an accurate and precise drilling hole at the end.

  • The installation procedure of this tool is so easy and hassle-free. It won’t require any other extra tool while installing it. Besides, it will offer a long-lasting service with a 2 years warranty.

  • This machine has come with 89 pounds of weight that will be bulky to carry to your workplace.

Best Floor Standing Drill Press for Woodworking: Buying Guide

There are always some key features that determine the quality and work capability of a drill press. The more the latest features, the higher the quality of a drill press. Let’s share with you 5 significant features of the drill press that you must check out before you buy your tool:

Motor Power

A motor is an important part of the floor drill press that will allow you to determine your work areas. The higher the motor HP, the maximum the tool capacity. It means that, if you buy a high HP motor, you will be able to drill through any material and it will put you no limit. The most powerful motor comes with 1.5 HP but it will require you a big amount of money. ¾ HP motor, on the other hand, is also powerful to complete your giant project and it will come with comparatively less cost.

Number of Speeds

The next important step to follow is the speed of your drill press. Try to choose a model that will offer you various speed levels. More numbers of speed levels can facilitate you to adjust different drilling bits.

Speed ranges of a drill press are determined by RPM which will determine whether you will do your job fast or slow. In this case, you have to determine the materials to choose the speed range. Not all the materials require high-speed range, for instance, metalwork.

Woodwork, on the other hand, requires high speed from the drill press. So, whether or not you should choose a drill press with high or low speed will depend on the types of materials you work through.

Chunk Size

We recommend you choose your drill press with a large chunk size if you need to make large size holes. Large-sized chunks will allow you to drill the large holes with ease.

The Dimension of Work Table

The size of the work table on your drill press should be standard which means not too small and not too large. But, if you can manage buying with a large size work table will be your additional benefit.

The work table dimension will allow you to drill large pieces of material with convenience. But, you have to consider your spacing before you decide on a drill press with a large work table. Because a large worktable will take large space to place. So, if you have a small place to put your tool, choose the small size work table drill press.

Drilling capacity

The last important factor is to determine the drilling capacity of your tool. You can determine the drilling capacity of your tool based on the gap between the drill and the support column. A good drilling capacity tool will allow you to get a center drill.

FAQs On Best Floor Standing Drill Press for Woodworking

What is a good floor drill press?

All the 6 best floor drill presses we have selected are good according to their features, and performance. You can choose any of them based on your drilling requirements. But, if you want us to give a specific name, it would be WEN 4208T Benchtop Drill Press.

It will offer you multi facilities like you can use it either for small or large drilling work. Most importantly, this amazing tool will allow you to work through any materials like wood, metal, etc.

Can you use a drill press for wood?

Of course, you can. The drill press is such a wonderful machine that will unlock your material limitations. We mean, not only wood, but you can use a drill press for metal, aluminum, steel, etc. All you need is to check out which model is for what materials. That’s it!

Why 8-inch and 10-inch drill presses are different?

The 8-inch and 10-inch drill presses are different because of their performance. You have to look for a 10-inch drill press if you require dealing with a large project. Here, your 8-inch drill press will not offer you 100% to accomplish your giant project as a 10-inch drill press do.

Does a drill press need to be bolted to the floor?

Well, you can bolt down the drill press on the floor if you want to be extra secured. But, it’s not specific or mandatory. Rather, bolting down your drill press can be a huge pain for you while you need to move it for your drilling purpose. For that reason, we recommend you avoid bolting down your drill press to the floor unless you’re sure about its fixed placement.

What is the meaning of a drill press?

A machine that you can use to produce holes in hard materials is called a drill press or drill machine. It is a versatile and multi-cutting-edged tool that you can use for your small as well as large drilling jobs.

How much Horsepower can a drill press produce?

It depends on the model of your drill press but you can decide and choose the drill press as per your drill requirements. Like if you need your drill press for a small job, you must go for a ¾ HP motor. And, if you require it for your daily professionalism, the HP should be ½.

What are the slots in a drill press base for?

The slots on the drill press are called T-Slots as well. The T-Slots on a drill press base are available to allow the user to get more room to move the table. The slots in a drill press make your job easier. You often won’t be able to fit the longer workpiece between the quill and the table. In that case, the T-slots remain available on the drill press to help you fasten the extensive workpieces with ease.

Do I need to purchase any extra items to start working with my drill press?

No, you don’t need any extra items to start working with your drill press. Just open the chuck and snug it around the bit’s shaft. And, make sure you slide in the drill press bit. Then tighten the chuck’s jaws using the key. And remove and turn on the machine.

What is a floor model drill press used for?

A floor model drill press is used for producing holes in various hard materials like metal, plastic, etc. A drill press is the best tool or machine to produce holes precisely and accurately.

Is 1/2 hp enough for the drill press?

Yes, a drill press with ½ hp is perfect to deal with large drilling tasks.

How do I choose a drill press?

There are some fundamental considerations to choosing an ideal drill press, for instance, features, HP, drilling capacity, chunk size, etc. So, if you want to choose a perfect tool for your project, you must consider these basic factors. Go through our buying guide section to get a good idea about how you can choose the best drill press.

How do you measure the size of a drill press?

We can measure the size of a drill press in the terms of “swing” which means twice the throat distance. More clearly to explain, it means the distance of the column or post of the drill press from its spindle’s center to the closest edge. For Example- you’ll get 8-inches of throat distance in a 16 inches drill press.

What does a 15-inch drill press mean?

A 15-inch drill press comes into DRO (Digital Read-Out) so that you can meet the maximum depth drilling tasks. You can use a 15″ drill press for small shop woodworking or even meet your hobby.

What are the differences between an 8-inch and 10-inch drill press?

An 8 inches drill press will be more budget-friendly than a 10 inches drill press. Also, an 8 inches drill press will require less space to place than a 10 inches drill press. And, an 8 inches drill press will be lightly weighted to carry to your job place while carrying a 10 inches drill press will be a bit tough.

What are the different types of drill presses?

There are many types of drill presses available on the market. But, not all the types you need, so let us introduce you to the 5 main types of the drill press.

  1. Floor Mounting Drill Press
  2. Bench-Top Drill Press
  3. Portable Drill Press
  4. Stationary Drill Press
  5. Upright Drill Press

What is a floor-standing drill press good for?

The floor-standing type of drill press is the best drill press for metalworking and woodworking. It will help you maximize your drilling productivity in terms of its speed variability.

How big should a floor-standing drill press for woodworking applications be?

To determine the size of your floor standing drill press, you’ve to focus on its worktable size. And, we recommend a 20″×10″ worktable that will allow you to adjust your required workpiece. It will make you a comfortable work area to deal with all kinds of materials including cast iron.

What’s the process of cleaning a floor-standing drill press?

The different types of drill press require different cleaning processes. If the body construction of your drill press is of steel, then clean it with a rust remover like navel jelly. But, still, there’s a common way to clean all types of the drill press. Let’s see how:

  • Take a clean piece of cloth.
  • Get it sprayed with WD-40.
  • Now, use this piece of cloth around the drill press body to remove dust.
  • Your tool will be dust-free and completely clean.

What types of woods can I use a floor standing drill press on?

It’s exciting to use a drill press that will never limit you to any specific wood types. The drill press will allow you to work with all types of rigid or softwood for your drilling purpose. And, for that reason, you need not go for any specific drill press model even.

How difficult are floor-standing drill presses to assemble?

Assembling the floor-standing drill press isn’t that difficult if you have a little prior experience. You’ll get all the instructions written clearly due to your trouble-free assembles. But, it will be a bit tough for you to assemble if it’s your first time. Therefore, we recommend you take help from a professional unless you’re familiar with the floor-standing drill press assembling job.

Do floor standing drill presses need additional accessories to work?

Not exactly! All you need as an additional accessory is the drill bits to start your floor standing drill press. Install the drill bits in machine chunks while finished assembling the machine. And, you are ready to start your drill press.

But, there are some accessories that you can keep with you for additional drilling security like tilting vise, T-tracks, self-centering jig, drill bit sharpener, etc. Remember, these accessories aren’t any must-have items to start working with your floor standing drill press.

What is the “spindle depth”?

The term “spindle depth” means how deep or downward you can move your drill press. The spindle depth of the drill press varies from model to model.

To Wrap Up

A drill press is a key tool for perfect and effective woodworking. Many quality floor standing drill presses are available on the market with plenty of features. And, these drill presses come with maximum RPM to get you perfect drilling based on its adjustable speed setting. Among all these quality tools, you still can be confused about recognizing the best one.

So, here we are with our best floor standing drill press for woodworking review to get you perfect drilling. And, this article must be handy for you to make your best choice.  We hope you loved our top-notch floor standing drill presses based on their features, quality, and durability, budget. So, don’t miss them.

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