How to Tighten a Bolt that Keeps Spinning: 8 Super Tricks

It is pretty standard for the bolt to keep spinning or rotating right after fixing it. Those who worked with bolt and nut have already got this taste of spinning hassle. If you are also one of that group and still don’t know how to tighten a bolt that keeps spinning, I am right here for you.

In this article, I will share all the reasons why bolts keep spinning and what are the possible solutions you can follow. If you think tightening bolts is pretty tough, you’ll be a pro while finished reading this guiding article. 

And tightening the bolt will be one of the most straightforward tasks you have ever had. So, why late? Let’s begin!

Reasons Why a Bolt Keeps Spinning

There are specific reasons for a bolt to spin even after being tightened. This spinning problem of a bolt will be solved once you can identify the exact reasons. Follow the given factors below, and I am sure you already had at least one or two of those problems that caused your bolts to be spinning.

But, you might didn’t notice or didn’t know that these can be the reasons for spinning while working before. So, let us help you find them-

Narrow/ Small Bolt

A narrow or small bolt is one of the significant issues for the spinning problem. A bolt will continue to rotate if it is small than the hole. And, if you choose a comparatively small bolt, it will constantly spin no matter how accurately you’ve tightened or how accurate the nuts were.

However, depending on the measurement of the hole, the bolt should be appropriate in its length. If you choose a short bolt than the hole, you still will face the spinning problem. And, the excellent tightening procedure will not work to stop rotating.


Considering the whole length, you have to choose a bolt that has a reasonable length adjustment. Choose the bolt long enough that can match the hole depth.

Stripped Thread

Stripped thread can be a double-sided problem considering nuts and bolts. You might wonder how! Bold and nut have threads on them, but if the thread on any of them gets stripped, you will have a spinning problem because the bolt and nut will not fix each other accurately and keep rotating endlessly.


Here, you’ve to make sure the bolt and nut aren’t stripped if you want to stop spinning.

Wrong Tool Selection

Usually, we use a wrench for a bolt tightening job, and it is a beautiful way. But, the problem happens if your wrench doesn’t fit with the bole/nut head. Ensure the wrench is perfect enough to work and hold the bolt head to tighten it correctly.


To ensure a perfect tool, you can work with various tools like a monkey wrench, socket wrench, etc. And make sure you hold the nut tightly on one side while working to tighten the bolt on another side. If you can do it properly, the bolt will never spin again.

Nut Breaking

Sometimes, too forceful pushing can break your nut, or even it can be stuck. And, once the nut gets stuck, it will not allow you to tighten the bolt perfectly. Therefore, the bolt will not fit properly and will start spinning.


In terms of this problem, you can use a thread locker adhesive on the bolt, and it will tighten the bolt, and no more spinning you’ll have.

Hole Full of Debris

If debris gets into the hole, your nut and bolt will not reach the last limit of the hole. So, it is straightforward to be loose and keep spinning.


Your problem will be away if you notice carefully whether the hole gets filled with debris or dust and keep the hole clean. And ensure the hole is free of debris to tighten your bolt precisely.

However, facing a spinning problem means something wrong definitely with your tightening approach. And these can be any of the mentioned factors above. Check them out carefully.

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How to Tighten a Bolt that Keeps Spinning

If you’ve found any of the reasons I shared above, you know the solution already. But, if you didn’t find any of the problems given above, go through the given procedures below. I guarantee you’ll have no more trouble after the below steps completion!

Try Tightening Once Again

There’s a big possibility that the bolt did not get tightened while you tightened it the first time. So, tighten it again, and it will be okay.

Consider the Hole Depth

Drill a deep hole after measuring the bolt length. And while the bolt and hole will be equal in measurement, there will be no chance of spinning.

Remove the Spinning Bolt

Remove the bolt if it spins endlessly and takes a new bolt for the same hole. Removing the remaining bolt will be a great solution if the problem happens with the remaining bolt. Again, if you see the nut inside the hole get cracked, you should remove the nut too.

Once you have removed the nut and bolt together, you need to check whether there’s any other problem inside the hole before trying a new bolt.

However, you can do this nut/bolt removing job with the help of a nut splitter. Buy a nut splitter tool from any local shops or purchase it online.

Use Appropriate Tools

Don’t just depend on an ordinary wrench while tightening the bolt. Some modern featured tools can help you do your job precisely, for example-

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder will allow you to remove the bolt or nut from the stripped hole because it is powerful enough to grind down.

Screw Extractor

Use a screw extractor if you got the bolt damaged. Simply drill a hole into the middle of the head of the damaged bolt. Place the screw extractor on top. And keep drilling until the moment it reaches the damaged bolt head. You can easily remove the stripped or damaged bolt.


Plier is another handy and powerful tool to tighten a bolt. Use a plier if you fail to tighten the bolt using a general wrench.

Bolt Cutter

If you cannot pull out the damaged bolt and nut, you can use a bolt cutter. Using a bolt cutter, you will be able to cut the bolt with ease.

To Wrap Up

Once you find out why your bolt is spinning, you can solve it quickly. However, you’ve got many potential reasons why a bolt can keep continuously spinning. So, it will not create any more confusion on how to tighten a bolt that keeps spinning.

On the other hand, using the appropriate tool is another important matter. Different tools have different functions, considering the reasons for bolt spinning. The tools I have introduced to you will be your best fit to solve bolt spinning. So, recognize where the problem is and go through it accordingly.

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