How to use a black and decker drill

Black and Decker is a well-known brand that manufacture variety types of power tools and drill machines. Getting a drill from the brand can be a smart decision, but if you don’t know how to use a black and decker drill, then the investment will be worthless. Thus, we come up with the Black and Decker Drill’s Guide Instructions.

If you believe drilling is all about turning on the power and pushing into a wood or metal surface, then you are at risk of an accident. A drill had to deal with the different surfaces to drill and drive in various lengths. Thus, it is subject to inserting the battery, changing the chuck and bit, and adjusting the torque setting. So there are lots of things to learn if you are concerned about precise and safer drilling.

Luckily, we have come up with a complete guide to help you use a black and decker drill accurately for better and safer driving and drilling operations.

Step by step guides to use a black and decker drill

Powering Up Your Drill: If your black and decker drill is corded, then simply plug it in and you are ready to go. Moreover, you can check the Black and Decker corded drill manual offered by the manufacturer for better instruction. But if it is a cordless black and decker drill, then you will have to charge the battery first. It may take to fully charge three to four hours depending on the voltage of the drill. Once it gets a full charge, place the battery on the drill and power up the switch.

Changing Accessories: Black and Decker manufacture best drills and accessories in budget. If your model has an interchangeable drive head, you can use the black and decker drill as a drill or a screwdriver. To change the head, push the tab found on the bottom of the drill, then replace the accessory with the desired one. Let’s have a look at how to change the drill bit of black and decker with both keyed and keyless chucks.

How to Change Keyed Chuck Drill Bits of Black and Decker

Stop the drill: Release the trigger of the drill and wait until it stops completely. Finally, remove the plug from the power source.

Locate the key: Once stopping the drill, find out the part where the key is connected to the cord of the drill. You will notice a knob enclosed on the top of the key by gear teeth. The end part of the key usually comes in black color and it has a handle. Finally, the key end is connected to the cord.

Find out the hole in the chuck: Now find the round hole on the chuck of the drill. Usually, it is placed on the front side of the gear teeth on the chuck.

Place the knob: Place the key knob into the hole in the chuck. Then engage both gear teeth of the key and the chuck.

Remove the old bit: Hold the black and decker drill strongly and turn the T-handle anti-clockwise to remove the chuck and the bit. Now remove the old drill bit from the chuck.

Change the bit: Now put in the new old bit into the chuck. Hold the t handle with the other hand and turn clockwise to tighten the chuck and you are ready for drilling and driving.

Keyless Chuck

Locate the switch: Take your black and decker drill and find out the switch that indicates the opening direction. You will find it above the trigger. Now set the switch to the anti-clockwise direction so you can open it.

Remove the bit: Then firmly hold the black outer sleeve on the keyless chuck with one hand and hold the drill with the other hand. Then press the trigger and remove the bit quickly.

Place the new bit: Replace the new drill bit into the chuck. Make sure you keep the cutting end towards you. Now hold the outer sleeve and turn it clockwise to tighten the drill bit.

Drive Controls and Torque Adjustment

Black and Decker’s drills come with variable speed settings to allow them to operate at the desired speed. You can adjust the speed by applying different amounts of force to the trigger. To run the drill in forwarding mode, push the lever found close to the trigger to your left. Conversely, turn the lever in the reverse direction to run the drill in reverse mode as it is used to remove screws. What about Black and Decker drill torque settings?

The Black and Decker drill includes a collar near the chuck that is used to adjust the torque. While light torque is ideal for driving screws into softwood, higher torque helps to drill through metal and hardwood conveniently. You can adjust the torque setting by rotating the collar counterclockwise.

LED light

Some black and decker drill and drill press models feature built-in LEDs to increase the visibility of the work surface. To drive or drill into dark and tight space, conveniently simply press the LED light button.

Drilling and Driving Tips

Whether you are using a Black and Decker drill or other drills, make sure the drill is aligned with the boring direction. If you hold the drill in a slant direction, it will put pressure on the drill bit and lead to a break on the drill bit. If the drill stops drilling on steel or wood suddenly, don’t force it to continue.

It is better if you extract the drill bit by reversing the dill and then try to continue. Adjust the torque correctly as it will help you drive a screw deeply. It is recommended to start driving with the lowest torque and gradually increase the setting until you reach the desired torque setting.

FAQs on How to use a black and decker drill

Are Black and Decker drills good?

Though black and decker drills are budget-friendly, they aren’t the cheapest option. The brand produces a drill with an 11-position clutch to ensure the precise torque setting for most applications. However, its RPM speed is a bit lower than other standard drills. Still, it is appropriate for most DIY projects. So if you need a power toll within budget to handle most of the home improvement tasks, these Black and Decker drills are recommended.

What do the numbers mean on the Black and Decker drill?

In a screwdriver mode, these numbers are used to indicate the torque breaking point. The upper the number, the operator will have more torque. The feature is handy as it helps control the torque precisely to prevent the screw from being stripped.

What is the Best Black and Decker drill?

Some of the best black and decker drill models available on the market are:
BLACK+DECKER 20V Lithium-Ion Drill With Autosense
BLACK+DECKER 20V Lithium-Ion Drill-Driver
BLACK+DECKER 20V Matrix Lithium Cordless Drill

Hope you Learned using the Drill

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a beginner, learning how to use a black decker drill or any drill will offer you full control of the drill and the project. Throughout the guide, we explain how to use every part of the drill to help you learn clearly. So, whether it is a corded or cordless drill and it has a keyed or keyless chuck, hopefully, you can operate it properly.

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