5 Best Drill Press for Metal

You can drill on metal using a power drill, but when it needs a precise and repeatable hole on numerous metals, a drill press is a perfect machine. But all the drill presses aren’t designed for metalwork. So choosing the best drill press for metal can be a tiresome job without doing a little research on it. That’s the topic we have covered today.

A drill press is a stationary machine that is specially designed to drill an accurate hole with desired depth. Besides its powerful motor produces more power and variable speed settings allow drilling in metal. Moreover drilling on metal can be dense and there is a possibility of getting injured, thus a drill press comes with a safety lock.

DIY’s pick: 5 Best Drill Press for Metal

A drill press with some user-friendly feature help deals with the job more reliably and confidently. So, the list of considerations is so huge and it can be trickier to cover all the specifications within budget.

Fortunately, our expert researchers have completed this difficult task admirably after spending hours and prepared a list of drill press that is ideal for drilling on metal and fits in the budget. Furthermore, this article contains some useful tips, such as how to properly drill a hole in metal, an informed purchasing guide, safety tips, and instructions.

The goal is to provide you with a comprehensive guide so that you can get the right drill for a specific project and use it correctly to lead a better career on it. So let’s start!

Top Pick Floor Drill Press

Shop Fox: Best Floor Drill Press for Metal

  • The drill press can be tilted 90 degrees to both sides, making it ideal for an angle hole.
  • It’s the best floor drill press for metal that includes plenty of accessories for drilling conveniently while being available at a reasonable price.
  • This drill press has a powerful motor and variable speed, allowing for more precise and faster drilling over solid surfaces.

It comes with a great combination of precision, power, and price. The Shop Fox Oscillating Floor Drill Press is our favorite drill press for metal. This floor drill press includes a powerful 3⁄4 HP motor and 12 spindle speeds ranging from 250-3,050 RPM. Combine these features and the user will have the unbeatable power to conquer all solid metal, wood, and plastic. One impressive feature includes oscillating convertibility. It means the user can convert it into oscillating for a few seconds without using any tools for efficient contour sanding.

This drill press is at a large height, so it won’t be suitable for a short person. Its height-adjustable feature, on the other hand, will allow medium and average-sized people to enjoy precise drilling into metal.

  • This drill press is easy to assemble, comes in solid construction for the value. Besides, it includes powerful power and a lower to higher speed range for drilling thick metal.

  • It’s a taller drill press that produces a bit more noise.


Best BenchTop Drill Press for Metal

WEN 4208: Best BenchTop Drill Press for Metal

  • It is equipped with a long-lasting 1/3 HP induction motor that provides plenty of torque and power.
  • With locking depth adjustments, this benchtop drill press will offer accurate and repeatable drilling operations.
  • This Metalworking Drill Press allows you to bevel the worktable at 45° to the left and right to ensure precisely angled holes. 

This WEN 4208 Drill Press will be the best drill press for a DIY guy who is on a tight budget and is still looking for a quality power tool. Moreover, this drill bit would be ideal for a short person thanks to its compact design. Considering the price, it’s a cheap drill press for metal, but considering the features, you can compare it with the more expensive model.

With 5 different speeds ranging up to 3140 RPM, you can drill through any material, including metal, plastic, and wood. More importantly, this drill press includes locking depth adjustment so the user can have precise and repeatable drilling operations.

With only 2 inches of spindle travel, you won’t be able to drill into thick materials with this drill press. Besides, the table is a little tight to set up and adjust to.

  • It’s a budget-friendly drill press that includes a 1/2-inch Keyed Chuck and a 2-year warranty for customer satisfaction. Besides its powerful motor, locking depth adjustments and 5 different speeds will ensure safe and accurate metal drilling.

  • The drill press vibrates slightly more than its competitors and has a lower height.

Best Overall

Best drill press for metal work

SKIL: Best drill press for metal work

  • This drill press is for metal. It has a 5-speed system and a powerful motor for drilling through a variety of materials with ease.
  • Allow for precise angled drilling by adjusting the work table by 0-45 degrees to the left and right.
  • Its 1/2-inch keyed chuck is compatible with a larger and different drill bit for cutting and woodworking.

With an X2 2-beam laser, this drill press will be the best drill press for beginners to drill precise holes in metal at any time. It is reasonably priced, and its Beam Laser will assist the starter in precisely setting the hole position, while the Bump-off switch will ensure safe operation. 120 Volts powerful motor and 5 different speeds from 570 to 3,050 RPM have been added to deal with both thick and thin metal. More importantly, it’s a compact-designed drill press that won’t take much space in any workshop.

Conversely, its precise operation is questionable since the drill bit twists a bit and the plastic pulleys aren’t balanced.

  • It’s an affordable and compact-sized drill bit that is powerful and includes a handy chuck. With safety and builder’s features, this drill bit is suitable for beginner DIY workers to make a precise hole. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • It has two small holes for locking the table, which makes the setup process extremely difficult.

Premium Pick

Drill Press for Metal

WEN 4214: Drill Press for Metal

  • Allow us to extend the table roller by up to 17 inches to ensure better support while drilling the work-piece.
  • This drill press is for metalwork. It has a built-in work light to illuminate the metal piece for the highest visibility and accuracy.
  • Design with a Depth Adjustment Gauge and LED screen display to better know the current speed and ensure accurate and repeatable drilling operations. 

The next recommendation for the best drill press for metal on our list is the WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press. Compared to the previous one, this model includes a 12-inch drill press, making it ideal for larger materials. More importantly, this benchtop will be the best-cast iron drill press for your workshop for drilling through 1″ thick cast iron, metal, and wood. With a maximum drill capacity of 5/8″ keyed chuck and an infinitely variable speed range of from 580-3200 RPMS, this drill press will let you drill any solid and thick material conveniently.

The downside of this drill press is that its motor gets very hot after drilling for a long time. So it won’t be a good drill press for drilling aluminum.

  • This drill press has already become the brand’s best-selling product due to its powerful motor, infinitely variable speed, a plethora of accessories, and ease of assembly and use. Besides, it comes with a 2-year warranty and a user-friendly design for a better experience.

  • The motor gets hot after drilling for a long time and depth accuracy is not reliable.

Budget Friendly

Best floor standing Drill Press

JET J-2500: Best floor standing Drill Press for Metal

  • Design with Permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle for long-lasting accurate assembly
  • The user will have a precise drilling setting for the angle of the hole with a 45-degree tilt and depth stop displays.
  • Constructed with a cast iron head and a large ground steel column to provide the necessary support for drilling tough metal.

If you have a large budget and need a drill press for larger materials, look no further than the JET J-2500 Drill Press. The best industrial floor drill press for metal includes a 15-inch swing, so the operator can handle any large metal. Moreover, this metalworking drill press design with 360 pivot head and depth stop displays. When these features are combined, the operator can drill in both the right and left places while accurately setting the depth for a convenient and quick operation.

This drill press is inexpensive, but it lacks many user-friendly features, such as the On-board Work light.

  • This drill press is extremely easy to install and use. It comes with a big swing, a 45 degree angled tilting table, and an accurate depth stop for greater precision and increased safety. Furthermore, this drill press for metal comes with a two-year warranty.

  • It’s an expensive drill press that offers poor customer service.

How to properly drill a hole in metal using a drill press

Following the step-by-step guide will deliver you to a proper hole in metal using a drill press.

Tools and Materials

Depending on the type of hole and the method you will follow, collect the drill bit. Additionally, ensure that you have a sufficient tool to keep the metal safe in place. Some other accessories you will require are:

  • Scrap angle iron
  • Fine point permanent marker
  • Punch the center.
  • Quadrant
  • Measurement with Tape
  • The drill bit should be twisted.
  • High-Speed Steel
  • Wendy
  • and Rite Hite clamps for holding work.

Preparation Fast-Forward: Mark the spot where you need to drill a hole. Then make center punch marks that will help you drill safely.

Put the Drill Bit in the Drill Press: A drill press has a chuck that holds cutting tools like drill bits. Insert the drill bit into the chuck, making sure it is fixed between the chuck jaws. Now tighten the drill bit using the chuck key and then evenly engage the jaws.

Centre Your Bit: This step is crucial since you are drilling into metal and can’t use your hand to hold it. set the drill in the middle of the hole and into the center punch mark by lowering the quill. Lighter materials may shift, revealing the drill bits inside. Make sure the chisel tip is centered in the punch mark. Then check it from one angle to another to be sure.

Clamp Your Work: You can do it in various methods, but it is compulsory. Usually, drilling metal is a gradual method that needs enough power from the drill press. Furthermore, if the drill bit grabs the metal rather than cutting it, the metal can spin and injure you.

By contrast, you can use Rite Hite clamps as these are fastened to threaded rods in slots in the drill press table.

Drill the metal: Before setting the press, check the RPM setting of the drill press for the metal and bit. While 500rpm or slower is better for mild steel, a smaller bit offers faster drilling. Use both hands on the quill feed while drilling and if you are worried about the metal tightening, you had better re-clamp it!

Once cutting for a few moments, it is better if you lighten up on the bit as it will let you cut chip-free. With the right RPM setting on decent steel, you will have a smooth and leisurely cutting action. Any smoking means it’s not working properly and if you find it grinding, then you should stop and recheck the setting. I would have done it otherwise!

Clean-Up: Vacuum the chips and clean the area.

Key factors to pick the Best Drill Press for Metal

Among a lot of factors, we will highlight some main features that should be found in the best drill press for metal. Following these aspects will ensure a better and more convenient experience while drilling into metal, possibly what the buyer is looking for:


Whether you are a beginner or a professional DIY worker, you can’t ignore the risk of using a drill press. So check the drill press if it has a safety feature for safe and confident operation.


While not all drill presses are suitable for drilling into metal, check their compatibility with a specific material before purchasing a new one. Furthermore, I am aware of its capability because some low-cost drill presses can only drill into thin metal. So it won’t be the right drill press for you if you need to drill into thick metal.


If you have to drill a lot of the same size holes, then a drill press with a depth stop feature will be the right one for you. It will not only offer you the same size hole every time but also save the time that may be caused by adjusting the depth. Moreover, a drill press that allows adjusting the depth with the least rotation will make the task easier.


Different types of drilling demand different speeds. The drill press you will choose should have variable speed ranges to allow you to do the job precisely. A drill press that allows for easy speed adjustment with one hand should be preferred.


The drill press table size is vital as it determines how far into the metal you can drill. Moreover, check the stability and angle drilling ability of the drill press table to ensure comfort and the variety of drilling.


Pressure adjustment is another key consideration as it will keep the metal from breaking. So check the drill press if it allows adjusting the pressure to prevent those frustrating situations.


Spindle depth determines how deeply a drill press can drill. Pick a drill press that lets you drill to your desired depth.


Drill presses are available at a range of prices, considering their power, quality, and accuracy. However, it’s not recommended to compromise the quality due to budget, while a quality drill press will be worthy of an investment.

Drill Press Safety Tips

It is always recommended to follow the drill press user manual offered by the manufacturer. A drill press is a risky tool, so the user should also keep the safety procedures in mind as advised by the manufacturer’s handbook. However, we will highlight some other crucial safety tips that you should remember while using a drill press. Firstly, the user shouldn’t clean the metal shavings or wood chips using their hand as their charging edge can cause finger injury.

Keep your hands away from the machine whilst you have plugged in the drill press, as you don’t want to give any change to the dangerous device. Moreover, hold the workpiece with a device rather than using your hand to place it securely. The drill press can produce noise and dust, so protect your eyes and ears by wearing protective gear. Another important tip is don’t wear any loose cloth. Since the drill press is a speedy device, it may catch loose cloth and cause an accident.

What is a Drill Press used for?

A drill press is a powerful device used to drill precise holes in metal, wood, and plastic. Due to the range of bit attachments, the drill can both counterbore and countersink. Moreover, drill presses are usually found in production lines, wood shops, and factories to speed up the drilling process. Offering a degree of accuracy, a drill press has become a great alternative to a hand drill.

Let’s have a look at some specific uses of a drill press:

Drilling Large Diameter Holes: With higher power and torque, the drill press can drive larger bits and attachments properly into various types of material and create the desired hole.

Drilling Holes to a Specific Depth: The drill press comes with a depth stop that offers a hole at the required depth, easily and accurately.

Drilling Holes at Specific Angles: All drill presses have pivoting tables that allow the workpiece position to be changed to more acute angles.

Sanding: A drill press is compatible with such an attachment that converts the tool into a sander. As a result, the user can have the neatest project finish.

Enlarging Holes: The drill press can enlarge any existing holes, thanks to its extra power and torque.

Major advantages of a Drill Press for Metal Work

A top-class drill press is a helpful device for any workplace to save time and make the job effortless. Here are some key benefits that the user will have from using a reliable drill press in the project.


Most craftsmen plan to invest in a drill press to make an accurate hole. Can you imagine what would happen if you had to drill a certain width hole at a specific depth in thousands of wood or metal and you don’t have any power drill? The drill press comes with a chuck with a depth adjustment feature that will let you make a massive hole precisely.


The drill press includes heavy-duty motors that generate extreme power to drill holes quickly. Despite making an accurate hole, the drill press reduces the amount of time required to complete the task. Using a drill press, then, means significantly increasing productivity.


A drill press is a multifunctional tool that can be used for a range of applications with the right bit. It can help you to stand with the aid of a rotary sanding disc. Similarly, a drill press will provide you with square holes with a mortise bit. The drill bit is suitable for making a hole in different metals, including wood, metal, and plastic.


Lastly, the crucial advantage of having a drill press is to ensure maximum safety. Its variable speed feature gives the user complete control over both the machine and the metal. The user can use built-in clamps to fix the metal on the work table and confidently drill the metal with extreme precision.

FAQs on Best floor drill press for metal

What should I look for in a metal drill press before buying?

The drill press should be solidly built so that you have a long-lasting tool to value and extend the precise drilling work. Besides, its base and table should be rigid and strong to carry enough loads. Some other key factors to check are Speed Variables, Power Rating, Maximum Drill Load, Speed Rating, and price.

 Is a drill press suitable to be used in a metal?

All the drill bits available on the market aren’t suitable for drilling into metal. A drill bit that has enough power and is specially designed can be used for drilling into metal. Besides, it should have certain features like variable speed, and built-in clamps so the user can have a safe and accurate operation.

Can I use WD40 for drilling metal?

Obviously, you can use Wd40 for any titanium components or stainless steel. Moreover, WD40 is ideal for metal cutting, power cutting, drilling machinery, and hand cutting. A Wd40 is such a multifunctional tool that can ease the mechanical processing of metals, prevent pitting and metal seizures, and greatly reduce the heat caused by friction. However, WD-40 is not suitable as a lubricant.

Why can’t I drill through metal without a drill press?

Drilling into metal is a slow and laborious process that necessitates a great deal of force. So, without a drill press, you won’t be able to consistently generate the required force. More importantly, if the drill bit grabs the metal rather than drilling, it could cause injury. The drill press’s built-in clamp secures the metal and prevents accidental situations.

Is a hammer drill good for metal?

The hammer drill also has a standard drill chuck and can be used with round shank bits. these features, this power drill is suitable for use on wood and metal. Moreover, hammer drills can be used for concrete and bricks. With an extremely powerful motor, variable RMP, and depth adjustment ability, this power tool will offer a faster and more precise drilling season on metal and other solid surfaces.

Final words

Drill presses come in a range of sizes with various features to suit the different needs of hobbyists and professional DIY workers. Once reading the article, I hope you will find the best drill press for metal for your workshop within a budget.

Despite the fact that the drill presses we reviewed above come in a variety of sizes, designs, and price points, our top pick is the Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press. This drill press is ideal for both commercial and individual needs while offering precise and faster drilling on metal as well as ensuring a smooth sanding and finish. However, if you can pick the WEN 4208 Drill Press in the case of a tight budget.

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