5 Best Hammer Drill for Tile Removal In 2023

While you need to remodel your house, kitchen, or bathroom, the first step to take into your account is to remove the remaining tiles. And this tile removal task is the hardest, most challenging, and time-consuming job unless you’ve got a perfect tool assistant. If you want to make your tile removal trouble-free, use the best hammer drill for tile removal.

Choosing the right hammer drill is the most critical task because the typical hammer drill can be a threat to your tile removal. However, this article is for those who want to save time searching a lot to get the best one. We will share a shortlist of the top 5 hammer drills in this article.

Once you use any of these tools, you’ll understand how robust these tools are. The hammer drills we’ve selected will provide high performance and require less physical effort, quick removal, and less cost. Also, you will enjoy using them in terms of their multi-functional and latest features. So, let’s explore your best match!

5 Best Hammer Drills for Tile Removal

We’ve made this shortlist with only 5 hammer drills to help your decision. You never have to be confused with their performance and quality. Also, you never have to be worried about the destruction of any of the parts of your building. Go through our top list and choose what suits your requirements the best.


1. DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill

Top Pick

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1. DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill

  • It came with a high-performance motor with 8.5 AMP to deal with the bigger projects.
  • This Dewalt hammer drill for tile removal offers 15% faster, and more secured drilling in its 3.0 joules impact energy to meet your professionalism.
  • You will get high-speed chipping while drilling with this special drill.
  • The DEWALT is highly compatible with its D25301D drilling dust removal method.

To meet the demand of today’s contractors, the DEWALT Rotary Drill is the appropriate tool. It will provide high performance with low vibration to keep your work environment peaceful.

Product Specification

  • Brand- DEWALT
  • Dimension- 19.21×12.8×5.28 Inches
  • Weight- 11.55 Pounds
  • Power Source- Corded Electric
  • Color- 1-1/8″
  • Voltage- 115 Voltage
  • Handle Type-D-Ring

There will be shocks available in this drill machine as an active vibration controlling system. Therefore, you can easily control and reduce the noise of vibration and feel a bit less vibration in the drill handle. So, you will feel enthusiasm while working. On the other hand, shocks also play a vital role as a high-performance protection feature.

In addition, you can make the forward and reverse movements with ease due to the availability of rotary brush rings. And, there’s no tension of high torque reaction while getting stuff in the machine because of its integral clutch. Besides, this power tool will be perfect for small and professional jobs and chores.

  • This hammer drill will offer a completely free 2-year service. So, if you find any fault or need any repairing assistance of your hammer drill, you will get it free. The DEWALT hammer drill is highly durable. It will offer you less fatigue with greater productivity.

  • It is a 5 stars rating product, and we didn’t find any significant complaints from the customers.


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2. VonHaus Heavy Duty Hammer Drill to Remove Tile

  • Its 10 AMP motor made it perfect for drilling through various materials like wood, metal, and masonry besides tile removal.
  • You will always be in complete control of your drill due to its 850 RPM.
  • An auxiliary handle and anti-vibration mechanism will be available with this tool.
  • This power tool has got a 1200 watts rotary impact to settle on giant projects.

The VonHaus hammer drill will be your right partner while meeting challenging tasks like removing tile, plaster, demolishing brickwork, digging out old grouting, etc.,

Product Specification

  • Brand– VonHaus
  • Dimension- ‎16.77×13.98×5.5 Inches
  • Weight- 91 Ibs
  • Power Source- Corded Electric
  • Voltage- 120 Volt
  • Handle Type- Dual
  • Chuck Size- 30MM
  • Material- Plastic & Metal

Professionals always intend to arm themselves with such a powerful tool to help them undertake the most challenging DIY job. If you are one of them, the VonHaus Heavy Duty Hammer Drill is right for you. Not all DIY projects get the same types of job applications. In that case, the VonHaus has the most significant impact for its 3 function features to meet different applications according to your job requirements.

And you can work on 3 different modes like a hammer, hammer drill, and drill-only functionality. This incredibly versatile drill is highly compatible with SDS-Plus and SDS. Again it will offer you a maximum of 30mm regular bits in its extra chuck.

It has its capacity depending on various materials, for instance, 1-3/16″ for concrete material, for wood, the capacity is 1-9/16″, and for steel material, the capacity is 1/2″. So, you’ll get great liberty to work according to your materials.

  • You can work for a long time as this tool has come with a dual handle. It will provide you with the utmost comfort and reliability. Also, carrying this hammer drill is pretty lightweight.

  • It won’t offer you any warranty period.

Premium Pick

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3. BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Hammer Drill

  • Its adjustable variable speed will allow you to control the forward and reverse modes.
  • The integral clutch can unlock the torque transmission if the bits get into a bind condition.
  • The multi-function selector will allow you to go through 3 modes of operation “Rotary, Hammer, Rotary, and Hammer.”
  • Its Vario-Lock positioning will let you lock and rotate into 36 different positions to optimize angles.

BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Drill is the right tool to optimize drilling work on the job site. The technology of the BOSCH power drill will drive the highest performance from anchoring to giant material breaking.

Product Specification

  • Brand– BOSCH
  • Dimension- ‎ 22.5×11.25×4.75 Inches
  • Weight- 10.4 Pounds
  • Power Source- Corded Electric
  • Color- Blue
  • Handle Type- D-Ring
  • Chuck Size- 30MM
  • Maximum Power-850 W
  • Speed – 300 RPM
  • Measurement System- Metric
  • Warranty- 1 Year

This D-handle design drill machine can easily handle downward and overhead drilling applications. The reversing variable speed trigger of the BOSCH 11255VSR will provide an accurate bit to start and remove bound bits and fasteners.

This drill has got an exclusive brush plate with a rotating mode to deliver equal power while you are in a reversing and forwarding way. As a result, you will win greater flexibility on your job site. Also, the cord turret is ready to support a 35° pivot for extending the cord life and flexibility.

Also, the SDS –Plus bit system came with impact energy transfer, automatic bit locking, and dust protection. Therefore, the BOSCH 11255VSR has SDS plus bit system to operate tool-free bit changes. In addition, you will experience quick storage with all the tool kits.

  • The BOSCH 11255VSR drill is a good tool to allow you to remove the tiles as quickly as you want, and it will last for a long time. Besides, the BOSCH 11255VSR drill has trouble-free chiseled through 600sq ft of surface tile.

  • This tool can stop working after 15 minutes of each use unless you take care of it properly.

Budget Friendly

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4. Makita HR2475 Rotary Hammer Drill

  • It has got the design of 40 bits angle to set the bits at various positions for a convenient operation.
  • There is a Recessed-Lock-On Button to operate continuously.
  • An extended life brush will be available with the Makita HR2475 for conducting more work.
  • The sequential timing system will deliver timing to reduce the overlapping bit impact to provide 50% faster drilling.

The versatile rotary hammer of Makita will deliver efficient heating for more productive work. This hammer drill bit for tile removal will offer a ball bearing armature (dual), interlocking steel laminations, and copper commutator bars to ensure high performance. Also, it will make sure durability and efficient energy transfer for your job.

  • It has got the design of 40 bits angle to set the bits at various positions for a convenient operation.
  • There is a Recessed-Lock-On Button to operate continuously.
  • An extended life brush will be available with the Makita HR2475 for conducting more work.
  • The sequential timing system will deliver timing to reduce the overlapping bit impact to provide 50% faster drilling.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Makita
  • Dimension- ‎4.37×19.25×13.03 Inches
  • Weight- 10.7 Pounds
  • Power Source- Corded Electric
  • Color- Teal
  • Handle Type- D-Handle
  • Maximum Power– 350 W
  • Speed – 4500RPM
  • Voltage-120 Volt

Working with the Makita HR2475 hammer bit will be more enjoyable for you because of its multi-purpose functionality. This hammer bit has a high-quality clutch to remove gear damage if the bit binds in its automatically disengaging gears. The experts consider it the best hammer drill for tile removal home depot.

It will offer you an accessible bit-changing mode through its one-touch bit-changing technology. This tool has got its handle with the design of rubberized D-handle style to meet soft grief.

It will provide hard-hitting and less vibrant performance for enhanced productivity. The constant speed control of this tool will allow you to control the speed limit automatically. Therefore, you can power up the most challenging jobs with ease.

  • This well-balanced and agronomic-designed hammer bit is easy and comfortable to use. It is lightweight to carry to your job place. Besides, you’ve got the option to return the tool within 30 days unless you’re satisfied with its performance. You’ll also get a 1-year warranty period for this tool. Amazing!

  • This tool is preferable mainly for small types of jobs.

Best Overall

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5. Milwaukee Hammer Drill Tile Removal 2713-20

  • You will get 3 modes of functionality for both the drilling and chipping applications.
  • A 1″ bare tool will be available with the Milwaukee hammer drill.
  • An exclusive LED light with it for transparent visibility.
  • Its powerful motor will provide 2.1 ft Ibs of energy.

The Milwaukee hammer drill will perform excellently to maintain your professionalism in the tiles removal job. According to the customer’s reviews, it is the best hammer drill to remove tile. It has come with all the updated features to deliver high performance.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Milwaukee
  • Dimension- ‎ 4×17.5×6.6 Inches
  • Weight- 1.32 Pounds
  • Power Source- Battery Powered
  • Handle Type- D-Handle
  • Maximum speed – 1500RPM
  • Voltage- 18 Volt

If you use the Milwaukee hammer drill, you can use it for a long time with only one charge. This amazing tool will not require you a recurring charge. As a result, conducting a whole day of work will be in your hand. Since this tool requires only one charge for all-day work, your tool will last a long time.

It has REDLINK Plus technology to provide full protection from over-discharging, overloading, and overheating. So, you can work tension-free. The Milwaukee hammer drill will provide a LED light to work properly on the corner side. So, you can work in the dark space with its LED light any time you want.

  • This tool will ensure performance faster than the traditional tools. Also, it will provide you with the ability to cut the cord properly. You can use this lightweight tool trouble-free for as long as you need.

  • Maintaining the battery is an extra burden since this tool is battery-powered.

Best Hammer Drills for Tile Removal: Buying Guide

Best hammer drill to remove tile

There are some specific configurations that you must consider to buy an outstanding tool. let’s see what those specific configurations are-

Motor Power

Motor power with 3 AMP can complete your tile removal task. But, we recommend not using that low-power motor. Make sure the motor power is at least 5 AMP. Remember, the higher the motor power, the superior the performance.

Motor Type

Your tile removal task will not be the same as the concrete or stone removal. So, you’ve to select whether you require a brushed or brushless motor. A brushed motor will be your right choice for a tile removing task. It is because the brushed motor will allow the hammer drill not to be overheated. Also, it will help you remove tiles within a short while.

Scraping Accessories

The tiles scraper accessories are the most significant attachment to removing tiles. But, you won’t get this extra attachment with a hammer drill while buying it. If you want to get this additional benefit, you’ve to count extra money. Select a steel scraper that is wide enough because when you attach a wide scraper with your hammer drill, your tile removal will be quick and easy.

Hammering Operation Mode

Usually, different hammer drill comes with different style of hammering actions. Typically, a hammer drill has 3 different function modes: forward pushing hammer drilling mode, driving screws hammer drilling mode (wood and drywall), and the last one is hammer only mode (most useful mode for tile removal). So, check out the mode of hammering action before buying your tool.

Handle Type

If you cannot hold the hammer drill with comfort, you cannot work using this tool for heavy-duty tasks. So, give more importance to the handle type. At this point, you can choose the D-Ring handle because this handle type is comfier than any other handle type.


Weight is the most significant factor to consider deciding on your job convenience. A lightweight hammer drill will be much more compact for you to work under a cabinet or even in an unreachable corner. The weight can be started from 6 pounds. The less the weight of the hammer drill, the more convenient it will be to use for a long time.


Can I use a hammer drill to remove the tile?

You cannot use a hammer drill directly since it has a rotary motion design. It is because the rotary hammer has hammer-only mode or chiseling mode. Therefore, you can use it for chiseling with ease. A hammer drill with a rotary motion design will help you remove the tile as rapidly as possible.

Is a rotary hammer drill ideal for removing tiles?

A rotary hammer drill is typically ideal for tiles removing purposes. But still, it will depend on the type of tile you want to remove. However, you can use the rotary tile, especially for the ceramic tile removal tasks. It will not bring you any breaking tension for your tiles. So, the rotary hammer is outstanding to work easily.

How to remove a ceramic tile with a hammer drill?

Ceramic tile is pretty hard and brittle to separate from the floor. However, the hammer drill alone is not enough to do the job as long as you want to save the tile. In this case, we recommend you use a demolition or rotary hammer. Let’s know how to remove the ceramic tile:

  • Use a tile chisel to do the removal job slowly. It can be pretty tiring for you to continue for long. But it will be safe to preserve the tile.
  • You now need an SDS plus on your rotary hammer. Fix the chisel bit and set it at a 45° angle of the tile edge.
  • Now turn over the switch to lift the tile from the floor. But make sure you’ve turned on the drill while it is on hammer mode.
  • Go from side to side and lift the rows of tiles horizontally.
  • Move forward once you finish a row and attach the tile chisel for the next row.
  • Keep going, and you’ll be done soon!

How to remove tiles without any harm to drywall?

You can follow the given steps to remove tiles without any damage to your drywall-

Determine where to remove the grout and tile afterward.

  • Keep warm up the tile grouts.
  • You can use a knife or rotary grinder to scrape the grouts.
  • Take away the grouts until you can see the spacer ears.
  • It will be better if you can find a loose tile.
  • Now prevent the tiles from drywall with the help of a chisel.

Is tile removal harmful?

It depends on how expert you are. If you’re an expert at tile removing jobs, you can do it precisely, and it will not create any injury to your health. But, when an inexperienced person goes for it, s/he can fall into a severe health problem. For example, grinding and blasting materials that carry silica can result in an unhealthy environment.

What type of hammer drill is convenient for long tile removal projects?

DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill, VonHaus Heavy Duty Hammer Drill, and the BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme drill can be the most convenient hammer drill for your long term projects.


What Chisel Bit is required to remove tiles?

Let’s check out the list given below:

  • Ball peen
  • Masonry hammer
  • Cold chisel
  • Safety glass
  • Air chisel
  • Jackhammer, etc.

But, all you need to decide based on the type of your tile removal projects.

What size hammer drill do I need to remove tiles?

Usually, you’ve to choose the size of your hammer drill based on your requirements. But, we recommend you choose the hammer drill with at least 14 AMP motors or 1700 Watts.

What is the most effective tool for removing ceramic floor tiles?

Hammer drill, Jackhammer, or air chisel is the most effective tools for removing the ceramic floor tile. You can use any of them as per your requirements.

Can a rotary hammer remove tiles?

Yes, a rotary hammer is relatively perfect for removing tiles. The rotary hammer is a highly accepted tool for all levels of users.

What is the fastest way to remove floor tiles?

There’s no specific way to make your tiles removal faster unless you intend to preserve the tiles. If you don’t want to protect the tiles, you can make your way as fast.

How do I use a hammer drill to remove Thinset?

Pour water on the thin-set and let it sit for a few minutes. Make sure the water is going all around. However, you’ve to do next to dry up the water a little bit with a dry towel. Now get after it and remove the thin-set using your hammer drill.

Can a hammer drill be used as a chisel?

The hammer drill’s functions aren’t the same as the chisel, and the hammer drill isn’t for concrete-breaking applications. But, you can use a hammer drill with the chisel.

To Wrap Up

We have provided all the detail about our top picks. Whichever hammer drill you choose will be the best hammer drill for tile removal. These tools are highly acceptable for heavy-duty operation, durability, and your budget.

Everybody can afford any of our top picks with their limited budget. Also, these are easily maintained hammer drills for professionals and non-professionals. So, decide the types of your tiles removal functions and choose your best fit without being perplexed.

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