5 Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel In 2023

Whether or not your work environment will be enjoyable depends on your tools selection, especially when dealing with stainless steel. If you use the wrong drill bit, you won’t feel in a harmonious working environment. Also, there’s no way without having the right drill bit for your drilling job to get done with stainless steel. And, a good drill bit doesn’t mean just a drill bit with all the ordinary functions. It indicates the best drill bits for stainless steel.

Your drilling material can damage unless you choose a quality tool. So, you must choose the perfect one. But, if you haven’t enough idea about which drill bit to choose for drilling through stainless steel, here you go. This article will guide you to get all the necessary information.

Consequently, you’ll have a good idea about the best drill bits for hardened stainless steel at the end of this article because we’ll provide our 5 top product reviews for you. So, you can find your best match according to your requirements.

5 Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

Top Pick

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1. DEWALT- DW1361Titanium Drill Bit

  • This drill bit has a transparent lid for your clear visibility of what’s happening inside.
  • The exclusive Patented-Bit bar design will get you an easy bit removal.
  • It has come with a web taper for enhanced bit strength.
  • The pilot point tip will allow you to get burr-free holes.

As the Dewalt stainless steel drill bits set has the proprietary pilot tip feature, it will ensure high speed according to your projects and clear vision. Also, it will prevent walking a bit.

Product Specifications

  • Brand- DEWALT
  • Dimension- 8.75×8.75×1.38 Inches
  • Weight- 1.01 Pounds
  • Tool Flute-Spiral
  • Finish Type- Titanium
  • Material- Titanium
  • Color-Yellow
  • Pattern- Drill Bit Set

Nobody wants to spend money on a tool that will require a repair or replacement hazard right after some days of buying. And this is where the DEWALT Titanium drill bit performs in handy in terms of its long last performance. The DEWALT Drill bit came with 5 times more durability than the 2 pieces of conventional drill bits. It has a Titanium coating, the most robust coating for a bit’s durability.

However, the DEWALT has got its design with a connectable accessory storage system. Therefore, you can easily optimize the storage space to get a customizable placement. Besides, it will ensure a secured closing through its clip latch to reduce risk.

You can easily categorize the loose bits since it is perfect to fit in any small or medium case. As a result, it will save your time to find out the proper bit during your working time. The DEWALT drill bit is highly acceptable for dealing with various materials like wood, metal, plastic, etc.

  • Using this incredibly high-performance toolset will be convenient for both professional and non-professionals because it doesn’t require a pre-drill. So, it will be your best fit to get an accurate and clean hole.

  • You’ve to buy the storage case separately. Again this drill bit isn’t for enlarging the existing holes.

Runner Up

Drill Bits for Cast Iron

2. BOSCH CO2143 Best Cobalt Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

  • This drill bit has exclusive black oxide bits for covering all-purpose drilling projects.
  • It will withstand high-temperature up to 1100°F to get you an extensive period.
  • The BOSCH Cobalt drill bit will also offer the titanium and cobalt drill bits to allow you to meet the heavy-duty and repetitive drilling on the hard materials.
  • This tool set the best suited for high-carbon steel, light gauge metal, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, ally steel, and titanium.

The BOSCH cobalt drill bit will provide the heat resistance trait necessary for a thick web design. Also, you can go through tough materials, for example, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, etc. So, why don’t you choose the BOSCH CO2143 Drill Bit?

Product Specifications

  • Brand- BOSCH
  • Weight-  0.705 Ounces
  • Tool Flute- Spiral
  • Finish Type- Uncoated
  • Material- Cobalt
  • Color- Metallic
  • Cutting Angle String- 135°

BOSCH Cobalt drill bits for stainless steel are undoubtedly a perfect decision. Because you can choose this drill bit for all your demanding applications through abrasive materials, it will never lose its durability in dealing with these tough materials. It will provide you with 4 times longer life than any ordinary metal drill bit.

You’ll get a clear and accurate drilling experience in its 135° drill point angles. However, this drill bit set is a well-made product to cover whatever you demand.

  • You’ll get it in three different sizes and can use it effortlessly. This BOSCH bit will give neither too fast nor too slow speed mode. Therefore, you can adjust the speed according to your needs. As a result, your drilling job will be precise and ideal.

  • The cutting edge can be chipped in several places if you do not use it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Premium Choice

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3. Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

  • It has come with engraved sizes to allow you to identify your required size for construction quickly and easily.
  • The 135° split point tip is ready to offer you the faster cutting mode throughout your multi-purpose uses.
  • It has a universal design with a secured fit through the tri-flatted shank, increasing your self-confidence.
  • With this incredibly high-performed drill bit set, you’ll get the 28 different sizes with three standard SAE steps available.

A drilling project always requires a quality speed that you’ll get in the Neiko 10193A Drill bit set. It will provide you with a high-quality drilling speed for your drilling construction in stainless steel with ease.

Product Specifications

  • Brand- Neiko
  • Dimension- 6x4x1 Inches
  • Weight- 0.25 Ounces
  • Finish Type- Titanium
  • Material- Alloy Steel
  • Style- 3 Piece Set
  • Size-Combined
  • Cutting Angle String- 135°

The coating material of the Neiko 10193A Drill bit is super-strong M2 steel and titanium to provide long-lasting durability. You will enjoy the smooth drilling actions of its outstanding two-flute design. The Neiko bit set is available with the following add on-

  • 3/16″ to 1/2″ six-step bit
  • 1/8″ to 1/2″ 13-step bit
  • 1/4″ to 3/4″ nine-step bit

However, it can drill through copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, and many more with less pressure. With each drilling session, you’ll feel like your drill bit is stopping to get you the accuracy.

Therefore, your required drilling will never be that bigger or smaller following your needs. Its high-speed steel versatility will give you complete drilling satisfaction.

  • The Neiko 10193A Drill bits will provide a safe and secured drilling structure. Also, it will save your time in terms of its faster drilling mode. What’s more, the Neiko 10193A Drill bits will be a great value for your money.

  • Sometimes it cannot work through a double sheet where you’ve to go through the individual sheet.

Budget Friendly

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4. STROTON Metric M42 Cobalt Twist Drill Bits Set

  • The STROTON Metric M42 can go up to 880° C through the hardened materials.
  • It has come with the high-temperature resistance feature for a long-lasting period of 2 times more than other drill bits.
  • You will experience 3 times cutting ability through its 68 to 70 HRC drill bits.
  • It has got the design of its outer cover with a robust material of premium cobalt.

According to the experts, the Metric M42 Cobalt Drill Bits Set has a high temperature, red hardness, and greater wear resistance. Also, it is more highly responsive to heat delicacy than the HSS with no cobalt. So, you can choose these drill bits for your bigger projects.

Product Specifications

  • Brand- STROTON
  • Dimension- 7.76×6.02×1.61 Inches
  • Weight- 1.14 Pounds
  • Tool Flute- Spiral
  • Measurement System- Metric
  • Material- Cobalt
  • Pattern- 19 Pieces
  • Cutting Angle String- 135°

The STROTON Metric M42 drill bit set will provide the sharpest bit edge to allow you to cut the material (metal) into extended strips. You can go for these extended strips of iron chips compared to the blunt drill bit that goes too slowly through its materials.

These great drill bits feature a 3-steps design for meeting the hard aluminum, rigid plastic, copper, hardwood, and stainless steel. It can work five times faster and construct more holes than your much pricy drill bits on the market.

  • You can deal with any material using the STROTON Metric M42 drilling bit. So, considering the different materials, you don’t need a new drill bit if you have it. Also, it will provide the most accurate and centered holes that require precious drilling. So, once you buy this drill bit, you can perform multiple drilling tasks.

  • If you use it in a non-vertical way, the drill bit may break. So, you’ve to be careful while using.

Customer Choice

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5. HYMNORQ Heat Resistant Drill Bits

  • It is the best drill bits for metal with 5% cobalt blended for high performance in the metal drilling task.
  • The round shanks feature the top concentrically for all types of shanks.
  • This metalworking drill bit is the best to deal with cast iron, iron plate, stainless steel, copper, and galvanized pipes.
  • You can get the required size holes directly without having any pre-drilling tasks through its 135° split point.

It has come with an extra-long life span to prevent repairing or replacement hazards. The durability of this bit set can be 12 times more if you compare it with other brands’ drill bit sets.

Product Specifications

  • Brand- HYMNORQ
  • Dimension- 5.12×0.59×2.76 Inches
  • Weight- 4.4 Ounce
  • Tool Flute- Split Point
  • Measurement System- Metric
  • Material- ‎Cobalt Steel
  • Finish Type- ‎Bronze Oxide
  • Style- 13 Pieces
  • Cutting Angle String- 135°

The 13 piece bit set of HYMNORQ will be a good choice for professionals and DIY lovers. This tool set will require you less cost per hole you drill. Also, you don’t have to be forceful while using this drill bit set.

The HYMNORQ drill bit will never require you to get an accurate centering for any center punch. You can easily create your center cut points with less pressure. It is highly suitable for Collet Chucks and Standard Drill Chucks. Its high flow design will let you go through the thicker materials with the fastest removal rate.

  • You’ll get an additional benefit from its user guide that you can easily download from the HYMNORQ website. In this user guide, you’ll get all the detail about the uses of HYMNORQ drill bits. So, it will be easier for you if it is your first time using a drill bit.

  • Using the HYMNORQ toolset for a thick material that isn’t metal can break down.

Best Step Drill Bits for Stainless Steel: Buying Guide

stainless steel drill bit set

Still, if you need to have more information about a drill bit to deal with stainless steel, go through our buying guide. Choosing a perfect drill bit is so important while working with stainless steel. So, we’ve factored in 3 essential issues to consider before you buy your tool. Let’s see:

Coating Materials

Choosing a drill bits set with the right materials can confuse you sometimes. Drill bits come with HSS, black oxide, titanium, and cobalt materials. You have to choose the bit materials based on your drilling purpose.

For example, the HSS is the best HSS drill bits for stainless steel, wood, plastic, and metal, while the black oxide drywall uses high-speed steel. The Titan and cobalt, on the other hand, will also be the best option for dealing with stainless steel.

Types of Drill Bits

The next step is to determine the types of drill bits once you choose the right material. Almost 9 main types of drill bits you will get available on the market.

  1. Twist Bits
  2. Masonry Bits
  3. Spade Bits
  4. Step Bits
  5. Brad Point Bits
  6. Frostner Bits
  7. Glass & Tile Bits
  8. Countersink Bits
  9. Auger Bits, etc.

If your only focus is the stainless steel, we recommend choosing the masonry bits or twist bits. You also can choose the glass and tile bits or countersink bits for your stainless steel materials.

Shank Types

Before knowing which types of shanks are good for which pattern of drilling, let us introduce you to the types-

  • Round Shanks
  • Hex Shank
  • Tri-Flat Shank
  • SDS Plus Shanks
  • SDS Shanks

The round shank is perfect for getting you the top accuracy in the chunk. If you need to drill a hexagonal shape, you must choose the Hex shank. And, when it is about the Tri-Flat shank, you can reduce the overload under high torque. We prefer the SDS and SDS Plus shank for stainless steel more than the other two types. But you can use the Round and Hex shanks as well.

FAQs About Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

What kind of drill bit do you use to drill stainless steel?

Usually, the Cobalt drill bit is the most suitable option for dealing with the hardest materials like stainless steel. It requires less force to drill through stainless steel.

Do I need a special bit to drill through stainless steel?

Yes, stainless steel is too hard to drill, and it requires a drill bit which is a bit harder than the material. Usually, we recommend the cobalt drill bit for dealing with the harder materials. Besides, the carbide drill bit can also be a good option for dealing with hard materials like stainless steel.

Will the titanium drill bit go through stainless steel?

The drill bit made of titanium is capable of drilling through stainless steel. Also, you can use the titanium drill bits for stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, copper, and many more.

What is the best way to drill stainless steel?

We found the best way to drill stainless steel is to turn the drill bit as slowly as possible and exert enough pressure on it. You can consider a sharp drill bit to get a fresh start with your stainless steel.

To Wrap Up

It is all clear that you need the best drill bits for stainless steel to get an outstanding drilling result. So, we have picked all the top-notch drill bits that suit your stainless steel materials best.

With our selected drill bits, you’ll be able to complete your drilling job with stainless steel that will bring you high performance. Also, the drill bits in our list are extremely durable and of high quality. So, no more reasons to be confused about making your choice. We hope you’ve no questions juggling in your mind about what to choose and what not.

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