7 Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Walls

Hammer drills are similar to regular drills. Except for the fact that they have an additional hammering function that helps them drill through hard materials quickly and effortlessly. This unique mechanism helps the machine to do so with a rapid and continuous digging of the head. 

So, if you need something more powerful than a regular drill, then go for a hammer drill. But to know which one is the best hammer drill for concrete walls, you need to do thorough research. It is difficult to decide upon a hammer drill because there are so many options and types of hammer drills available.

DIYers pick: 7 Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Walls

There are corded hammer drills as well as cordless models. These two models differ greatly from one another in the perspective of power, speed, and convenience. Even though corded hammer drills have higher power and speed, they may be inconvenient for you to use. 

However, if you are looking for a more handy and comfortable hammer drill then a cordless model is the right choice for you. But you won’t know which hammer drill will properly serve your purpose unless you go through the reviews. We are going to provide you information on cordless hammer drills for concrete as well as corded hammer drills for concrete, to help you with the decision-making process. 

Best Hammer Drill for Concrete

Best Cordless Hammer Drill for Concrete

DEWALT: Best Cordless Hammer Drill for Concrete

  • DEWALT hammer drill has a highly efficient brushless motor
  • Bit gripping strength is greater.
  • Batteries of 33% more efficiency offer better runtime by 75%.
  • The hammer drill has a nitro-carburised metal of ½ inch.
  • The LED is 20 times brighter and comes in 3 modes.
  • It has a shutoff function of ⅓ hour.
  • The high-speed transmission offers a speedy application.
  • It features a variable drill mode of 450, 1300, and 2000 RPM and a variable hammer drill mode of 500, 1500, 250 RPM

DEWALT 20V cordless hammer drill is at the top of the list when it comes to cordless hammer drills for concrete. Some may even consider it to be the best cordless drill for concrete walls. It has a brushless motor of high power and capability that can offer a greater runtime than brushed motors. This runtime may even be 75% more than usual. The application speed of this hammer drill is also faster in comparison to others due to the high-speed transmission it allows. 

DEWALT 20V MAX XR hammer drill also features a 3-mode LED option that promotes high visibility while operating in confined or dark areas. This LED also features a shutoff function of ⅓ hour which allows increased operating time. The batteries of this hammer drill are 33% more capable than other ordinary packs, so the batteries may seem to run forever. 

  • DEWALT 20V MAX XR hammer drill is extremely powerful and reliable due to its rigid construction. It is an excellent choice for heavy-duty operations. It provides better torque in comparison to other hammer drills. The quality of the battery is top-notch as a result life expectancy is incomparable. It offers the user great versatility.

  • You may find this specific model to be inconvenient while using because of its heavyweight. During the second setting, you may face difficulty while sticking the gear selector. Another drawback of this hammering drill is that while connecting the battery it sometimes doesn’t fit properly.

Runner Up

Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Walls

Makita: Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Walls

  • Makita XPH07Z has an electronically controlled brushless motor with 2100 RPM of speed.
  • It is a high-carbon steel material and has a lithium-ion battery cell
  • The max torque is 1090 in.lbs.
  • This drill offers swift hammer drilling of 31, 500 BPM.
  • Easy downward and horizontal drilling is possible.
  • Elongated run time of 50% offers greater lifespan and stability.
  • It has a side clip and handles for safety
  • The LED gauge provides battery level indication

Makita XPH07Z hammer drill is a heavy-duty tool and is well known for its sturdiness. It is made of a brush less motor of great power and it is possible to control the motor electrically. This feature also helps with the optimization of battery energy and thus elongates the run time by 50%. This hammer drill also has a greater life expectancy due to the motor’s elimination of carbon brushes. 

Energy transmission in the case of this hammer drill is very efficient and this increases both the durability and power of the machine. Another great feature of this hammer drill is that it is possible to know the battery level with the help of an LED gauge that comes with it as an additional feature. This hammer also has a side clip and handle that provides great safety while using it. 

  • Makita XPH07Z hammer is very well constructed and has a high life expectancy. It has the ability to operate with ease and accuracy. It can also easily drills through both downward and horizontally. It offers great safety while operating as it has additional safety features.

  • This hammer drill is not very handy or comfortable for making a large number of holes or for overhead drilling. The failure of chuck assembly may be a consistent occurrence.

Best Overall

Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill for Concrete

DEWALT 20V: Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill for Concrete

  • DEWALT Rotary hammer drill offers an optimised operation of 2.6J.
  • Speed is maintained throughout the operation.
  • The speed is 5550 BPM and 1500 RPM.
  • It has a greater service life.
  • The compact structure offers easy storage
  • The drill has flexible side handles & dust-free operation.

Dewalt 20V Cordless Rotary hammer drill is one of the best cordless hammer drills for concrete that you can use both at home and professionally. It is not only portable but also compact and light in weight. Therefore, it is very handy and comfortable to use, especially during heavy operation and it is also a great choice for cramped up spaces due to its compact structure. You can use this hammer drill as a heavy-duty tool because of its speed and high performance. It is speedier than some of the corded hammer drills as it features 2.6J optimised operation. It can also maintain its speed throughout the whole operation effortlessly. 

Another great feature of this DEWALT hammer drill is that it has a dust collection feature. This special feature eliminates dust while drilling through holes and provides you with a dust-free operation. 

  • DEWALT 20 MAX XR Rotary hammer drill has a compact construction that makes it very easy to use in cramped spaces. Despite the size and lightweight for handy, you can use it for heavy-duty operations due to its speed and high performance. Another great advantage of this hammer drill is that it comes with D-handles that provide you with an easier grip while operating. It also collects dust during the operation, therefore, you get dust-free operation. It is both durable and versatile. It comes with a warranty of 3 years.

  • The hammering drill bits require high pressure which can be a problem for some users. The run-time may be shorter than most other hammer drills.

Cordless Drill for Concrete

Best Cordless Hammer Drill for Concrete Walls

CRAFTSMAN V20: Best Cordless Hammer Drill for Concrete Walls

  • Craftsman V20 features faster drilling with 25, 500 BPMS, and a 2-speed gearbox.
  • The Hammer drill is ½ inch.
  • Ratcheting chuck is ½ inch.
  • It produces power of 280 watts and has greater performance and runtime.
  • The drill offers 60 minutes more operating time.
  • Weight is 5.42 pounds.
  • The battery cell is of lithium-ion.
  • LED light provides increased visibility.
  • A changeable belt hook offers comfort.
  • The clutch setting is 14 types.
  • Rocker switch is available.

CRAFTSMAN V20 is a cordless hammer drill for concrete. It has a motor of great speed and performance that produces power of 280 watts. This hammer drill is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that’s lightweight but still has the ability to drill through concrete with maximum power and speed. It is a very speedy hammer drill, as it has a 2-speed gearbox. Another unique feature is its enhanced bit retention due to having a ratcheting chuck. The lithium-ion battery of this hammer drill prolongs its lifespan and also provides it with a great operating time of 60% more. 

  • CRAFTSMAN V20 cordless hammer drill has an extraordinary design that offers the user with long-time support. It is speedier and more efficient than most other hammer drills. You can change the bit without facing problems. It can be used in dark spaces very easily. It has a belt hook that you can easily reverse. You get 60% more operating time. It also comes with a warranty of 3 years.

  • In comparison to other hammer drills with brushless motors, the CRAFTSMAN V20 cordless hammer drill offers lower power. You may find this model a bit expensive while relating the price to the features it comes with. Additional accessories are separately sold which is inconvenient for the users.

Premium Drill for Concrete

Best Cordless Drill for Concrete Walls

BOSCH: Best Cordless Drill for Concrete Walls

  • BOSCH PS130BN provides 2-speed options (0-350 rpm and 0-1,300 rpm) 
  • It provides better control and balance.
  • The Max torque is 265 inch-lbs. and per-minute 19500 impacts possible.
  • The weight is 2.4 lbs. 
  • The clutch setting is of 20 types.
  • the LED light offers maximum visibility.
  • Additional accessories are included.
  • Effortless bit change possible.

BOSCH is one of the best drill for concrete. Despite its lightweight, it provides the user with professional-grade power. It also has a compact structure that provides great balance, durability and it can be easily used in confined spaces. This hammer tool has a very unique feature of letting the users select the mode of operation according to their preference. Therefore, you can use this hammer drill for various applications just by switching it to hammer, drill, or drive mode. It is especially a must-have tool if you have to frequently deal with overhead drilling because of its performance-to-weight ratio. 

Another great feature of this hammer drill is its LED light. This feature helps you get proper visibility while drilling. Therefore, you can effortlessly use it in cramped-up dark spaces. It also features variable speed options that let you choose the operating speed depending on the material you need to drill.

  • This compact hammer drill is very handy and well-balanced. It will provide you with maximum visibility with its LED feature. It is very light in weight, so using it won’t cause fatigue. You can change the bit conveniently. It comes with all the additional accessories. You can easily switch among hammer, drill, driver modes.

  • BOSCH Bare-Tool PS130BN Hammer Drill doesn’t come with side handles so managing it while drilling may be difficult for you. The packaging doesn’t include a battery or charger.

Best Corded Hammer Drill

Best Corded Hammer Drill for Concrete

SKIL: Best Corded Hammer Drill for Concrete

  • SKIL corded hammer drill has a variable speed feature and a 7-AMP powerful motor.
  • It has multiple purpose usage.
  • Changeable side handles and 360-degree rotation offer flexibility.
  • The hammer drill has a keyed chuck of ½ inch and13 millimeters of the maximum chuck.

Among all the corded hammer drills, SKIL is one of the most suitable corded hammer drills for concrete. You can use this hammer drill for both light and heavy-duty applications because of its high-powered motor of 7 amps. It has a variable speed feature that allows you to control the speed of the drill depending on what project you are working on, and this feature is quite necessary if you want to use your hammer drill for multiple purposes. 

Whenever you are dealing with a hammer drill, it is important to have maximum control while using it, therefore this specific hammer drill is very lightweight and has side handles that provide you both comfort and stability. Another great feature is that these handles are reversible, so no matter which one is your dominant hand, you can have proper control over the machine. You also have the power of rotating handles for angled drilling which is quite unique.

  • SKIL hammer drill provides maximum comfort during operation. You will find overhead drilling quite easy with this hammer drill. It can drill through concrete walls effortlessly. It has side handles that will provide you with maximum support. These side handles are also reversible so both right-handed and left-handed people can use them. You can also control the speed according to your operation. Lastly, the price this hammer drill comes in is so budget-friendly that it’s hard to relate to its features.

  • There’s always a chance of heating up when using this hammer drill for heavy-duty applications. The chuck may become loose due to heavy use.

Best Rotary Hammer Drill for Concrete

Best SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill for Concrete

Makita: Best SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill for Concrete

  • The extremely powerful motor of 8 amp impacts energy of 2.1 ft.lbs.
  • Anti-vibration technology offers vibration reduction.
  • Makita HR2641X1 has a unified damper spring.
  • It offers a 3-mode operation for numerous use.
  • Variable-speed trigger increases adaptability.
  • The D-shaped handle and angle grinder offer better control.
  • Tool hook makes retraction possible.
  • The machine has excellent performance and durability.

Makita HR2641X1 is one of the best corded hammer drills for concrete. It has several unique features that make it extraordinary and powerful. You can use this hammer drill for various applications because of its compact size, high power, and excellent performance. One of the unique qualities of this hammer drill is its anti-vibration technology. This feature makes drilling more effortless and precise. It has the power of dealing with heavy-duty operations with its 8-AMP motor. Also, there’s no limit to what this hammer drill can do because it has a 3-mode operation feature that offers versatility. 

Makita HR2641X1 offers another incredible feature which is an angle grinder. As a result, this machine is so powerful that you can use this for industrial grinding as well. So, it has both great motor protection features and durability. It also has a very comfortable rubberised D-shaped handle that makes it more convenient to use. 

  • You can use Makita HR2641X1 for multiple operations as it has a 3-mode function. It produces less vibration while operating. It has a greater life expectancy in comparison. It provides the user comfort while operating with its easily grip-able, D-shaped rubber handles.

  • You may find this hammer drill a bit troublesome to use because it is quite heavier in comparison. But the main problem with it is the fact that during overload, it tends to heat up. The price of this model also becomes a big issue if you are on a budget.

Factors to pick the Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Walls

The features you need to consider before selecting your hammer drill are given below-

Weight & Power: Weight and power are two important factors while buying a hammer drill. You cannot want your drill to be both lightweight and powerful as drills that weigh less are naturally less powerful and weak. The power requirement of a hammer drill depends on the user’s application. Power is proportional to the size of the motor. For greater power, you’ll need a hammer drill that has a bigger motor. So, before deciding on a hammer drill, get your priorities straight. 

Speed: Speed is one of the most essential features. Make sure to look for a hammer drill that has variable speed options. Because with this feature, you can use the hammer drill in numerous applications just by changing the speed according to your needs. 

Keyed Chuck: The importance of keyed chuck isn’t always clear to the users. Some think keyless chuck is more convenient and easily operable. But when it comes to hammer drills, keyed chuck is a necessity for safety purposes because due to this you set the chuck manually and thus make sure it’s placed correctly.

Motor type: If you plan on getting yourself a cordless hammer drill, you need to make sure that a brushless motor is powering the drill. The reasons behind choosing a brushless motor are- it is more efficient, it operates without trouble, and it also increases the drill’s run time by a minimum of 50%. So, for longer operation, you should lean towards a brushless motor. 

Cost: The price of a product is always one of our main concerns. The price and quality of a product may not always be relevant. You can find several options with extraordinary features that are not too costly. So, make sure you do proper research. 

Benefits of Using Hammer Drills for Concrete walls

There are several benefits of using hammer drills for concrete walls. The first and foremost reason is the toughness it provides. When you are planning on drilling something as tough as a concrete wall, your medium needs to be very tough and sturdy. Otherwise, no matter how much pressure you put into drilling, the outcome won’t be what you expected. 

Benefits of Using Hammer Drills for Concrete walls

Another benefit is its powerful motor and speed. While dealing with something as stern as a concrete wall, you need all the power you can gather and you also need to strike fast and hard. This is when the hammer drill will amaze you with its powerful motor and speediness. 

Lastly, drilling through concrete walls is quite heavy-duty work, if you choose something else rather than a hammer drill, you may have to face problems like- failed drills or overheating. To conclude, using hammer drills for concrete walls is beneficial. 

Corded Hammer Drill Vs Cordless Hammer Drill

The main two differences between a corded and cordless drill are power and convenience. While corded drills offer the user a higher power, cordless drills offer a more comfortable and handy feature. Now, we will point out the differences one by one- 

  • As corded drills are continuously attached to the source, they are more reliable than cordless drills. 
  • Cordless drills are usually heavier than corded drills as they come with heavy batteries. 
  • Corded drills have a greater lifespan than cordless drills as they don’t depend on batteries. 
  • Using cordless drills is more freeing as there’s no power cord connected to it. But while using corded drills, your movement may get restricted by the cord. For the same reason, cordless drills are portable as well.
  • Storing corded drills are harder than cordless ones because of the power cord. Also, cordless ones come with a storage container that makes storing them easier. 

FAQs on Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Walls

Is a hammer drill good for concrete?

You can only use an ordinary hammer in order to drill dense materials, but when it comes to hard materials a conventional hammer just won’t do. You will need something more powerful and prompt. A hammer drill is an excellent choice for drilling through concrete walls because of its added hammering function that effortlessly breaks down solid materials with a rapid and continuous digging of the head. Doesn’t matter if it’s cordless or corded, either is still a better option than an ordinary hammer.

Can a cordless hammer drill go through concrete?

A cordless hammer drill can go through a concrete wall. However, the effectiveness of the machine depends on its drilling features and battery power. A cordless hammer drill has less power and it is small machinery that is mostly made for lighter operations. Also due to being dependent on the battery, the power of the hammer drill may wear off with decreasing battery level. So, even though a cordless hammer drill for concrete may work, using a corded one is the better choice. 

Can you drill concrete without a hammer drill?

It is possible to drill concrete without a hammer drill and with the help of a regular drill. But while using a regular drill, make sure to use a masonry drill-bit for the drilling purpose. As mentioned earlier, hammer drills have a hammering function that makes the process of drilling through concrete faster and penetrates it in a short time. This feature is missing in the regular drill, so it takes a longer time to do the job.

Are hammer drill and impact drill the same?

A hammer drill and an impact drill are mostly the same except for some specifics. A hammer drill features a much greater force than an impact drill, as the latter one was made for drilling less harder materials than a hammer drill. In the case of a hammer drill, the drill pulsates and thus breaks down materials like concrete, whereas, in the case of an impact drill, the drill simply drill rotates. As a result, the force varies greatly among these two. 

What is a hammer drill vs a regular drill?

The main difference between a hammer drill and a regular drill is the presence of a hammering function. A hammer drill has a greater power compared to a regular drill due to this function. However, you can easily turn off the hammering feature and use the drill as an ordinary drill. So if the argument is which one is better, then hammer drill is definitely the right choice as you can use it both ways. 

Select any of the Best Hammer drill for concrete

In this article, we have discussed the best hammer drills for concrete. We talked about several hammer drill options, their key features, advantages, and disadvantages for you to consider. We tried to cover the top options both cordless and corded hammer drills for concrete, to help you decide which type and which one will fulfil all your requirements.

In case you don’t want to go with the provided options, we briefly discussed the features to look for while buying a hammer drill. We hope that you found this article helpful.

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