5 Best Drill for Mixing Thinset, Drywall and Morter

Mixing the thinset is a very time-consuming task. It requires great strength and power in order to mix properly and to get the required consistency. Some may consider using their hands for mixing thinset. However, this only works when the amount of the thinset is at its minimum.

There is no guarantee that you’ll achieve a proper mixture just by using your hands no matter what the amount. Therefore, you need to know about the best drill for mixing thinset as those specific drills have the features that make the process effortless and smooth.

For a thinset mixing drill, it need to be very powerful and comfortable. So that it generates high torque and makes the process abridged. You also need it to be easily operable so that it doesn’t cause fatigue. 

DIYers pick: 5 Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

You need great speed because the thinset easily gets hardened if it doesn’t get mixed with the proper speed, and also air bubbles can damage the quality of it due to the same reason. Therefore, selecting the best drill for mixing thinset can be confusing for you due to the numerous options with various features out there. But that is why we are here to help you with the selection process. 

We are going to discuss a few top drills that are highly qualified at the job. And help you decide which one is the thinset mixing drill that manages to aggregate all your preferred features. 

Best Thinset Mixing Drill

DEWALT: Best Drill for Mixing Thinset, Morter and Drywall Mud

  • DEWALT electric drill has 0-550 RPM for greater torque. 
  • It has a 120V, 9 Amp motor for heavy-duty operation.
  • The mixing drill offers 360-degree drill rotation for ease. 
  • The dual handle features a better grip.

DEWALT electric drill is one of the best drills for mixing mortar. It is a heavy-duty mixture that comes with a 9 Amp powerful corded motor and it also has 120V associated with it. As a result, you can use this drill for numerous applications for the versatility it offers. Another great feature of this drill is its variable speed command that lets you change the speed up to 500 RPM for greater torque. It is also very lightweight in comparison to the efficiency it portraits. 

Dewalt Electric drill also features a directional toggle, so you have the power to decide which direction you want your drill to spin. It has a dual handle that offers great comfort and control over the drill and also has a spade handle that promotes 360-degree rotation of the drill.

  • The main advantage of the DEWALT electric drill is that it offers a motor of both high horsepower and lightweight for easy mixing. It also comes with a dual grip option for your balance and safety. You can use this drill for various purposes. You will also find the price very reasonable. It comes with a 3-year guarantee.

  • The main problem of the Dewalt electric drill is the noise it produces. Even though electric drills are meant to be noisy, this one requires good quality earbuds due to the intensity. It spins a bit too fast which may be difficult for the user to control. Also, the short cord it comes with may cause space-related problems. Lastly, it is not provided with a case to store in.

Runner Up

VonHaus: Heavy Duty Drill for Thinset

  • VonHause has a variable speed function of 0-700 RPM.
  • With its powerful motor of 10 Amp provides great torque. 
  • The drill’s handle for both right & left-handed offers flexibility. 
  • It has 360-degrees of handle rotation.
  • The lock-on button it comes with provides safety.

VonHaus Heavy Duty drill is one of the top thinset mixing drills currently available. It is a combination of all the features required for thinset mixing drills that too at a price that may be beyond your imagination. This drill will prove you wrong if you think that price and quality are proportional to one another. VonHaus Heavy Duty drill has a very powerful motor of 10 Amp.

In fact, this one has the most powerful motor among the drills we will discuss today. It also has a variable speed command that lets you control the speed effortlessly up to 700 RPM. This way you can avoid making a mess while mixing the thinset and maintain the integrity of the mix by not letting air bubbles form.

This drill has dual functionality. Doesn’t matter if you are right-handed or left, it offers you proper control over the drill with its handles. You can also rotate the handles 360 degrees for greater comfort and easier application. 

  • VonHaus Heavy Duty drill is extremely versatile and powerful. It provides you with comfort while operating with its rotating, soft-grip handle. The lock-on button provides the user with maximum safety throughout the operation. It is also a very good choice for you if you are on a budget.

  • VonHaus Heavy Duty drill is a bit on the heavy side and may cause problems while dealing with long-time thinset mixing. Even though machines are meant to be loud, there are several options that produce less noise than this one while operating. The quality of the grip is sometimes not up to the mark.

Premium Pick

Makita: Best Drill for Mixing Thinset and Morter

  • Makita DS4012 has a ball-bearing assembly and is well balanced.
  • It comes with an 8.5 Amp powerful motor & variable speed option (0-600 RPM)
  • The reverse trigger is available.
  • It features 360 degrees of drill rotation.
  • Effortless brush replacement is possible.
  • The drill has a D-shaped handle for better grip and dual insulation.
  • It comes with a chuck of ½ inch for bit retention.

Makita DS4012 spade handle drill is one of the best thinset mixing drills out there. It is well known for its solid build and capability. It is a very lightweight drill that you can also use for heavy-duty long-term operations without dealing with fatigue or inconvenience.

It features a variable speed option and a powerful 8.5Amp motor. The variable speed option offers you a speed range of 0-600 RPM. Thus, it allows you the option of mixing numerous materials. It also has a feature named reverse trigger that lets you drill in both directions. 

Makita DS4012 has a ball-bearing structure. Therefore, you can trust this drill for long time usage and smooth operation. It also has a rubberised D-shape handle that can be very useful to you as it offers comfort and better control over the drill. This handle lets you rotate it 360 degrees and thereby lets you operate in multiple positions. 

  • You can use Makita DS4012 efficiently for heavy-duty operations. Its lightweight prevents you from facing fatigue. It presents a mix with no excess air. The chuck remains tight for a long time. You can easily replace the brushes without damaging the outmost casing.

  • You may find the design oversized and boring. The absence of a rocker switch compromises the user’s comfort. You may also find the handle weak. It doesn’t come with a carry case. There are also some safety concerns regarding Makita DS4012due to its weak safety lock.

Best Overall

Genesis: Electric Mud and Thinset Mixer Drill

  • Genesis GSHD1290 has a powerful motor of 9 Amp.
  • It provides a variable speed control of up to 850 RPM and a chuck of ½ inch.
  • The mixing drill comes with both spade and auxiliary handles. 
  • It comes with 6.5 inches of cord. 

Genesis GSHD1290 is one of the best drills for mixing mortar. The aluminum shell that it comes in gives it a rigid build. It has a 9 Amp powerful motor that produces great torque during operation. Also, the variable speed option from 0 to 850 RPM provides you with an upper hand as you can easily manipulate the speed according to your project. 

Now, when control is in question, it is hard to beat Genesis GSHD1290. Because this drill features not one but two types of handles. One is the side handle and the other one is the spade handle. These handles not only provide you great comfort and balance while operating but also offers you incredible control over the drill. This drill is also a perfect option for those who are on a budget and are looking for a mixer that has great features, simplicity, as well as quality. 

  • The main plus point of this thinset mixing drill is the fact that it comes with all the additional accessories at a very reasonable price. It has great power and versatility. It comes with handles for greater control. It also offers a warranty of 2 years.

  • Genesis GSHD1290 is a bit on the heavy side and you may find it difficult to work with. The construction of this drill may not be up to the mark for heavy-duty operation and therefore it may not be long-lasting or even safe. Another drawback is the noise it produces during operation. Some also find this drill to have a strong odor.

Best Overall

BOSCH: D-Handle Drill for Mixing Thinset

  • BOSCH GBM9-16 features 0-700 RPM for greater torque and a powerful motor of 9 Amp.
  • It features 360-degree drill rotation.
  • The drill comes with 9 feet cord length, precision-cut steel, and a ball-bearing motor.
  • It provides an auxiliary handle and a rotating D-shaped handle.

BOSCH GBM9-16 is one of the best drills for mixing thinset. It has a ball-bearing motor of 9 Amp power and a speed range of 0-700 RPM, making it a very useful tool for drilling and mixing. It has precision-cut steel that contributes to its power and thus increases torque. But the most unique feature of the drill is its 16mm chuck. It also has a wide key chuck which makes this drill even more versatile by accepting a wide range of bits. 

BOSCH comes with two handles that can rotate 360 degrees. As a result, you can easily operate it without facing any inconvenience. This feature not only allows you to choose your preferred angle of application but also diminishes vibration. Thereby, offers you a drill that’s not only lightweight but also durable and trustworthy. 

  • BOSCH GBM9-16 offers you control over the speed. Due to its powerful motor, you can easily get proper consistency while mixing a variety of materials. It has a solid construction guaranteeing a long lifespan. The huge chuck lets you use bits of different ranges. It comes in at a reasonable price with a warranty of a year.

  • BOSCH GBM9-16 doesn’t have a lock button. This may be a huge problem for some of the users as it raises safety issues. Even though the manufacturers guarantee high-quality drills, you may not receive the quality promised. Storage may also be an issue as it doesn’t come with a storing case.

Factors to Pick the Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

If you are in search of a drill for mixing thinset, you need to consider some specific features and drill bit to make mixing thinset not only trouble-free but also less time-consuming.


You need a powerful drill for mixing thinset. Some suggest that getting a drill of low RPM is a wise choice because that way your drill won’t get burnt up when used for mixing. However, it is also important to mention that the drill you plan on getting must have a speed of greater than 500 RPM.

Variable Speed

This feature is essential for thinset mixing drills. You need to be able to control the speed of the rotating drill. Firstly, because you want to avoid making a mess during the operation due to the fast rotation. Secondly, because you need adequate RPM so that there are no air bubbles in the mixture. 

Improved Torque

Mixing thinset with a drill requires a great level of power to get the proper consistency. Torque is directly proportional to the power of the drill’s motor. Therefore, whenever you are dealing with a drill for mixing thinset, you need to consider one that features increased torque. 

Comfortable Handles

You need a drill that you can balance and hold on to properly while mixing thinset. As it is a very difficult application, comfortable handles with great grip and control should be one of your concerns. 


Durability should always be one of the main concerns while buying a drill. No matter for what reason you need a drill, you need something that’s rated to be highly durable so that you don’t have to deal with repairing it or going through this relentless process of buying a new one. So, make sure to check out the materials, construction, technology, etc. to know about its durability.

Benefits of using the Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

There are several advantages of using a drill for mixing thinset. We have already talked about the features they come in. now, let us discuss the benefits of using drills for mixing-

  • The adequate RPM prevents the mixture from absorbing moisture. This way, it not only maintains the integrity of the mixture but also prevents the occurrence of unwanted air bubbles.
  • Mixing stiff materials is extremely hard if there isn’t enough force to mix them. This is another reason a power drill is important. Because no matter how hard you try, you can never provide the mixture with enough torque just by using your hands or an ordinary drill.
  • Power drills offer you a variable speed option that lets you prevent spillovers while mixing a thinset. Otherwise, the mess would have been a bigger concern.
  • These drills provide you with better control and comfort while using. As mixing thinset is a heavy-duty operation, you cannot compromise these two. 

Process of Mixing Thinset with a Drill

Now that we have talked about the best thinset mixing drills, it is important to discuss the proper process of mixing the thinset. At first, take a bucket and add the required amount of water. Later add the thinset into the water. You can do this in two ways. You can either use a scale and measure the thinset before mixing to get the proper consistency, or you can slowly apply the thinset and check the consistency as you go. 

The mixing process sometimes differs from one another, so it is smart to follow the process written on the thinset bag. Now, using a drill spin the mixture at a low speed so that it doesn’t spill. Then set it aside for 10 minutes to soak. After that, mix it for 2 to 5 minutes with the mixer to make sure that while soaking it hasn’t turned a bit hard. And thus you’ll have the perfect thinset mixture. 

FAQs on Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

What kind of drill Do I need to mix thinset?

To mix thinset, you need a drill that has three specific features- low RPM, Variable speed option, and high torque efficiency. You need low RPM because otherwise your drill may get burnt up while mixing. The variable speed option lets you control the speed so that you don’t end up with a mess due to the fast rotation of your drill and finally high torque for greater driving power. Therefore, to mix thinset, you need a drill that’s rated high and has the specifications mentioned above. 

Will a cordless drill mix thinset?

If you use a cordless drill to mix thinset, it will do the job correctly. But first of all, you need to make sure that the drill has all the required features for mixing thinset. Also, another thing to consider is the battery. Corded drills are always connected to the main power source. Therefore, they provide maximum torque during the whole operation. This may be a problem while using a cordless thinset because of its dependence on its battery. A low battery will produce low torque and cause problems while mixing.

Can you mix thinset without a drill?

It is possible to mix thinset without a drill and just by using your hand. But that completely depends upon the volume of the thinset you are dealing with. You can mix up to a bag of 50 lb. thinset by using your hand solely. But if the amount is greater than that, you should use a drill for mixing the thinset. Because otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the proper consistency or mixture of the thinset you require. 

How long will the thinset last after mixing?

Thinset can last 3 hours after mixing. But if it is kept in the open, it can go bad very quickly because of absorbing moisture or humidity. But you can prolong this time just by a simple trick. If you store the thinset in a plastic bag and thus separate it from environmental humidity, it won’t come in touch with moisture and the mixture will remain consistent. However, if the thinset seems to harden, it will require power remixing to get back the consistency.

Take the best drill for mixing thinset jobs

In this article, we have focussed our discussion on the best drills for mixing thinset. We have talked about the top 5 thinset mixing drills available at the current time. We have also gone through their features, advantages, disadvantages in a detailed manner to help you with selecting the mixing drill that suits and covers all your requirements and preferences. We have also provided a buying guide to help you further in case you don’t find the above-mentioned mixing drills worthwhile for your application. Furthermore, we covered the process of mixing thinset using a drill to give you a clearer view.

We know how challenging it can be to go through all the information all at once and finally make a decision based on it. Therefore, we have tried to provide you with nothing but the necessary details of the products that you will need to know. We hope you found this article helpful and wish you all the very best in selecting the best thinset mixing drill for yourself with the little help we could provide. 

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