5 Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

A cordless rotary hammer drill is a versatile option for drilling large and deeper holes through concrete and masonry faster. Whether you are hobbyists or professional DIYers, investing in the best cordless rotary hammer drill can deliver you precise and quality drilling through the toughest surfaces.

With a combination of a piston mechanism and hammering action with extreme power, the rotary drill can offer higher impact energy for fast drilling in concrete. Combined with cordless technology, this power drill ensures versatile operation even in tight and overhead spaces.

Handyman’s pick: 5 Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills

More importantly, rotary hammer drills are a must-have for a busy handyman who needs to deal with various applications, including drilling, hammer drilling, and chipping. But it can be tough to choose the right cordless hammer drill for a certain project from the wide range of options.

Luckily, our experts made a shortlist of cordless rotary hammer drills that cover a pack of features. These rotary drills will fit into the budget and are suitable for both regular and heavy-duty tasks. Apart from these, the guide includes how to use rotary cordless hammer drill drill properly and some effective maintenance tips. Lastly, a buying guide was also added to help you choose the right cordless hammer for a certain purpose.

Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Best SDS Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

DEWALT: Best SDS Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

  • This cordless rotary drill has 2.1 Joules of impact energy for fast drilling operations through any solid surface.
  • It reduces vibration during drilling and ensures a fatigue-free, comfortable season.
  • With three different modes and a brushless powerful motor, this rotary hammer can handle a wide range of applications.

The Rotary Hammer is the best drill from DEWALT comes in a great combination of power and performance. Like other power tools from the brand, this Rotary Hammer Drill also fulfil the user’s expectations with its high impact energy and easier operation. It may be a big investment, but having multifunctional tools with safer and more durable designs will be worth every penny. 

You can drill through a deeper and longer hole consistently, even overhead, using this lightweight rotary hammer drill with improved accuracy. But it is recommended to wear good hearing protection since it can be loud hammering through concrete and stone.

  • The rotary drill is powerful with its impact energy and is comfortable to use. Besides, this best SDS rotary hammer drill is lightweight, multifunctional, and has a 3-year limited warranty.

  • It’s a bit of a pricy option and still need to buy a battery separately.

RunnerUp Rotary Hammer Drill

Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Makita 18V: Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

  • With its Compact Pistol Grip Design and variable speed motor, this Makita rotary drill is suitable for drilling a large and deeper hole through any tough material. 
  • This best SDS max rotary hammer drill has a built-in clutch and a one-touch sliding chuck to keep the gear from damage and ensure faster bit change.
  • It has three different modes and a shock-absorbent handle for precise drilling with comfort.

Compared to the previous model, the Makita is the best Rotary hammer and Cordless Drill is a bit cheaper option, but still powerful enough to drill through tough surfaces. The design features a variable-speed motor with higher RPM and BPM settings. Using this rotary drill, you can enjoy a 3/8″ hole through 2 inches of concrete within 3 seconds! 

Since this rotary hammer produces extreme power and ensures faster operation, it can get hot and eat the battery quickly as expected. But the rotary drill gets a shock-absorbent handle with a rubberized soft grip which will keep you cool and comfortable.

  • This hammer drill is available at a reasonable price and is comfortable and safer to use. Besides, it is powerful, durable, and ensures accurate drilling.

  • The motor can get hot during extensive use and it doesn’t have a warranty.

Best Overall Rotary Hammer Drill

D-Handle Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

DEWALT 20V: D-Handle Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

  • It’s a lightweight and compact rotary drill that will let you drill through restricted areas or overhead comfortably.
  • This is the cheaper cordless rotary hammer drill that includes a 20V brushless motor for long-lasting service.
  • With higher RPM and impact energy, this cordless drill will ensure faster drilling for a deeper hole.

This XR Rotary Hammer Drill is an affordable model from DEWALT. Even, it’s more lightweight and ideal for drilling holes in overhead and tight spaces continuously. With a 20V brushless motor, this rotary drill can produce 2.6J of impact energy for faster drilling operations through concrete. 

This rotary hammer drill will be suitable for beginner hobbyists and DIYers who don’t need much support from the tools instead of drilling holes. Since it doesn’t have a variable speed trigger with the different modes, the hammer drill will only handle the drilling task through the hardest concrete.

  • It’s the best cordless hammer drill for home use that is quite durable and powerful. Besides, it includes a D handle and ‎a 3-year limited warranty.

  • This cordless drill isn’t multifunctional and its battery slot is a bit harder.

Best Budget Rotary Hammer Drill

Best SDS Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

WAKYME: Best SDS Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

  • The rotary drill includes a driving mode with higher BMP to drill through masonry, steel, walls, concrete comfortably and precisely.
  • With a unique heat dissipation system, the rotary drill won’t get hot too quickly.
  • Design with 360°Shockproof and Ergonomic Handle for better control over the project. 

Looking for the best cordless rotary hammer drill 2023 with extra runtime and precise operation? Look no further than this WAKYME SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill. The manufacturer may compromise on this rotary drill’s price, but didn’t compromise on its quality as it includes two 4.0Ah batteries and plenty of accessories. Despite the cordless hammer drill comes with a brushless motor and three different modes with variable speed triggers. 

Combining these features, the handyman will have a powerful device with a longer run time and enjoy an accurate deeper hole every time. But compared to the previous competitors, this rotary drill is a bit heavier. So it won’t support drilling through tight and overhead spaces for much longer.

  • The WAKYME Rotary Hammer Drill is available at an affordable price and includes two batteries, a charger, and plenty of accessories. Besides, it is multifunctional, powerful, safer to use, and doesn’t get hot quickly.

  • It’s a bit heavier and the drill doesn’t have a warranty.

Customer Choice Rotary Hammer Drill

SDS Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Greenworks 24V: Brushless SDS Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

  • Design with a cushioned over-mould grip and a built-in LED light to offer superior control and improved visibility over the project.
  • This SDS-Plus rotary hammer comes with a powerful Brushless Motor and higher BPM to offer better rotational speed for drilling through the toughest materials.
  • It’s a multifunctional rotary hammer with four different modes to handle a wide range of applications.

This Greenworks 24V Rotary Hammer drill will be the right choice for a busy DIY enthusiast who often needs to handle different types of home improvement tasks. It’s the best-valued cordless rotary hammer drill that is compatible with a max voltage Lithium-Ion battery and can be operated in four different modes. 

Combine these features, and this cheap rotary drill will handle a wide range of tasks even with a longer run time. Not only that, this brushless rotary hammer includes a built-in LED light to offer improved visibility. But its impact energy and RPM are a bit lower than competitors, so the drilling work may not be promising.

  • This cheap rotary drill has a built-in LED light, an adjustable side handle, and an SDS-Plus chuck. Besides, it can be operated in four different modes and includes a 3-Year Tool Warranty.

  • It doesn’t have a variable speed trigger and offers lower RPM.

Factors to take the Best cordless rotary hammer drill

The rotational speed and power rating of rotary cordless hammer drill drill depend on the amperage of its motor. A motor with a higher rating ensures top-notch performance, delivering more torque. High total power output is a must-have in rotary cordless hammer drills, especially for handling heavy-duty tasks and boring efficiently and smoothly. A hammer drill with under six amps of power won’t offer the desired service.


Most of the rotary hammer drills include two or three operation modes, including rotary drilling, hammer drilling, and chiseling. rotary cordless hammer drill with two functions comes in smaller sizes and is ideal for wood and metalworking projects. Conversely, three-mode rotary drills are a bit heavier and suitable for a range of applications. Both have a switch to allow you to change the mode based on the requirement.


rotary cordless hammer drill exclusively uses a piston mechanism, while a typical power drill utilizes a clutch. The feature helps the rotary drill deliver a powerful hammer blow so it can drill through masonry quickly. Usually, the rotational speed of a rotary drill available on the market varies between 230 and 2300 RPMs and its impact frequency lies between 2150 to 5800 bpm. A hammer drill with 1000-1500 RPMs and 4000-4500 bps will be acceptable for regular home use.


A versatile rotary hammer drill can make any tough job easier and more comfortable. The variable speed trigger with speed control lock ability can increase productivity while ensuring safety. Plus, the best cordless hammer drill should offer easy access to work in tight spaces.


The best rotary hammer should come in an ergonomic design and allow you to operate it easily even for a long time. rotary cordless hammer drill with a soft grip can ensure better control, reducing the fatigue caused by torque reaction. 


To deal with a different project, a DIY enthusiast often needs lots of accessories (including chisel bits, and spade bits) that improve the hammer’s functionality and precision. Depending on the budget, the manufacturer offers plenty of accessories for rotary cordless hammer drill drill, including protective gear, wrenches, and even a carrying case.

Which rotary drill is better: cordless or corded?

Cordless: If you aren’t stuck in a workshop and often need to travel, a cordless rotary hammer drill will be the smart choice for you. This hammer drill is portable, versatile, and ensures a convenient operation without tripping over cords. A full-charged cordless rotary drill can ensure consistent drilling throughout the day and its compact design allows it to drill into tiny spaces.

Corded: A corded rotary may need to be plugged into a power outlet, but these are more powerful and ideal for tough projects. However, using a longer cord can reduce the limit of movement and improve productivity.

What is rotary cordless hammer drill Drill used for?

rotary cordless hammer drill drill is a type of heavy-duty drill that is used to bore larger and deeper holes into tough surfaces like concrete and masonry. Instead of spinning discs, a rotary drill is designed with a piston system that uses air pressure by compressing it to produce greater power. Professional DIYers use this rotary hammer for drilling through brick, stone, and even poured concrete. It’s a reliable device for bigger projects, and enthusiasts appreciate the rotary drill for its easier and less strenuous operation.

Comes with multiple modes, A rotary drill is useful for any light demolition project. However, you can use this tool as a conventional drill over plastic and wood as it doesn’t sacrifice power even in the hammer-only mode.

How to Use cordless rotary hammer drill Drill

Consider the type of work you have to do using rotary cordless hammer drill. Is it drilling holes into stone? If yes, then how wide and deep will be the hole? Or perhaps it needs to remove ceramic tile from the slab. It is crucial since you will have to choose the drill bit and set the drill according to the task.

Insert the drill bit

The rotary hammer generally uses three systems, including the Spline, SDS Plus and Max.  The installation process of all the three technical setup is quite the same. You will have to repulse the chuck with the rear section of the drill and hold it to insert the bit for the SDS Plus and Max rotary hammer drills. Once inserted, twist the drill bit and the drill will sets clasp the drill bit in position. To check the setting, release the chuck and try to pull out the bit. It will push forward or backward, but won’t come off if it is locked properly.

For rotary cordless hammer drill with a Spline system, insert the Spline bit into the drill chuck and twist it until the bit seats accurately. Possibly, you will notice a continue pin sound connecting stripe area of the shank to assure secure placement.

Wear protective gear

Whether you are a beginner or pro-DIYer, it is necessary to wear protective gear like goggles, gloves, a dust mask, and shoes. These will keep your face and hands from debris while drilling into drywall. Besides, greasing the tool will be a good habit to keep the bit cool.

Power up the drill

If you have a corded rotary hammer in your hand, plug it into a closer power outlet or attach the fully recharged battery if it is cordless.

Set the drill

Setting the rotary hammer correctly before starting the job is a must-do step. Set the mode to drill and hammer if you need to drill into drywall or concrete. If your rotary drill allows locking chisel following desired angle, then do so immediately before starting drilling.

Adjust the depth gauge

To drill a hole at the desired depth, adjust the depth gauge on your drill. It is usually attached to a second handle placed with chuck.

Start drilling

Now place the drill bit tip right at the centre to make sure you are in balance. Set the mode of the drill only to create a pilot hole comfortably. Once you have done, change the mode to complete the rest of the drilling task.

Benefits of Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills

Powerful: Rotary hammer drills generate more power than typical hammer drills. These designs have more impact energy, making them acceptable for drilling a larger hole into a tough surface. Rotary drills are comparable to jackhammers, even though they are lightweight. With better hammering action, a rotary drill can handle different demolition tasks. 

Different Settings: The best rotary hammer drills come with different modes to allow them to perform according to the requirements. Those multiple modes make the task faster and more precise.

Comfortable: Providing a decent grip, rotary cordless hammer drill reduces the vibration and ensures better control over the device. Some models include an adjustable handle on both the front and rear sides to enhance stability. With a combination of slower blow rate and powerful impact, rotary cordless hammer drill drill is suitable and comfortable for drilling through any solid surface.

A few smart tips for maintaining your Rotary Hammer properly

The rotary hammer drill is a common device among contractors who often work with or around concrete. Whether it is rebar doweling, setting anchor bolts, or drilling through concrete, the rotary hammer drill is a reliable tackle. The environment of concrete working is tough, which can easily lower the performance of rotary cordless hammer drill. The following are a few useful instructions that will help you keep the rotary hammer performing and long-lasting:

Using Tips Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill
  • Don’t press the rotary hammer too hard and let it do its work.
  • Choose the drill bit based on the drilling surface and the size of the hammer.
  • Keep the drill and the bit clean of dirt and debris, as these can go into the hammer and cause failure and jamming.
  • Between the bit changes, don’t forget to grease the bit shank as it keeps the bit holder cool and ensures longevity.
  • Use compatible grease suggested by the manufacturer and follow the viscosity instructions.
  • Don’t use the rotary hammer consistently and extensively and take your time to enhance the quality of the operation.

Cordless hammer drill vs cordless rotary hammer drill

Hole sizes: While a hammer drill can create a hole around 1/2-inch in size, you can have a 2-inch diameter hole using rotary cordless hammer drill drill. Even if you need a smaller hole, the rotary hammer will help you drill it quickly into concrete.

Hammer drills are amateur concrete drilling gear that isn’t suitable for drilling plenty of holes consistently. It won’t offer quality service on a full-term project. Conversely, rotary hammers are fairly affordable and can complete such tasks conveniently.

Some drilling a few numbers of 1/8′′ up to 1/4′′ holes, a hammer drill can be a good option. For over 1/4′′, rotary drills are more preferable due to their flexibility and speed. These are heavier than hammer drills, but still easy to use with faster drilling speeds.

Working surface: Again, a hammer drill is great for drilling a dozen holes over a certain size. But the handyman who wants to drill 3/8-inch or bigger width holes in concrete, or rebar should go for a rotary drill. Hammer drills are usually cheaper than rotary hammers and can drill through wood.

A rotary drill, on the other hand, can drill into concrete and work as a common chiseling tool. A hammer drill can refuse to drill through aggregate, but a rotary drill will do so steadily.

Drill bits: Different types of rotary hammer bits are available with aggressive flute patterns that allow them to remove the chip quickly. The hammer drill is quite similar to the typical drill bit but includes a little bit of carbide at the tip. As a bonus, these support a wider core with shallower flutes.

FAQs on Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

How long does rotary cordless hammer drill drill last?

Maintaining properly and using it in the right way, a quality rotary hammer can offer long-lasting service. Many producers are offering a one-year warranty with their rotary drills to boost the user’s confidence. But the best rotary hammer can last for years thanks to its durable design and construction.

Which drill voltage is better? 18v, 20v, or 36V

You should set the voltage according to the job requirement. While an 18v battery is good enough for most medium-sized drilling jobs, a 20v is better for safety concerns. But you will hardly detect the variation between an 18v and a 20v. 36v batteries, conversely, are ideal for professional-grade jobs and are mostly used for industrial purposes.

Can rotary cordless hammer drill break concrete?

Rotary hammers have an electro-pneumatic hammer piston which produces high impact force to drill or demolish through concrete efficiently. Furthermore, it can create a larger and deeper hole through concrete.

What does rotary hammer size mean?

rotary cordless hammer drill size like 1 9/16 “or 1 3/4 “means the diameter of a hole that can be drilled into concrete. It helps create the desired size hole by choosing the right size bit.

Select your Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Finding the right cordless rotary hammer drill can be a tough job, especially if you don’t know the dos and don’ts. But once you have some piece of the best cordless rotary hammer drill, hope you can now choose the desired one pretty easily. The rotary drills we have reviewed above are multifunctional, powerful, and easier to use. 

So, whether your project is to drill a large and deep hole or chiseling for rod hanging, clamp mounting, or rail mounting, you can do so using one of these precisely and comfortably. These are quite affordable and most of them cover years of warranty. Finally, choose any of the drills and you will enjoy free shipping and reliable customer service.

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