5 Best Cordless Drill under $100

Choosing a cordless drill under $100 can easily end up in frustration due to the lack of a little research on it. If you have already fixed the purposes and limited the budget, the next crucial step is to get the drill that offers the most within the budget. Fortunately, you can get the best cordless drill under $100 without compromising on quality and performance.

A cordless drill is a portable and versatile device that gets power from the battery instead of a power outlet, making them naturally more expensive than the corded models. Though its prices range from $50 to $400, expecting a quality one won’t be a crime. Furthermore, some handymen aren’t interested in investing more in home improvement or lighter projects.

DIY pick: 5 Best Cordless Drill under 100 USD

To help such customers, we have reviewed some cordless drills that come under $100 and cover a pack of quality features. These have powerful motors, dual speed settings, a compatible chuck, and an ergonomic design. In short, these models are compatible with double-priced cordless drills.

So, using one of these, you can easily handle any home improvement as well as a commercial project. Plus, the guide includes extensive information on using a cordless drill, maintenance tips, and a buying guide.

Best Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill under $100

DEWALT 20V: Cordless Drill under $100

  • Its high-performance motor delivers max power to deal with a range of applications comfortably.
  • With its two-speed setting and higher RPM, this budget-friendly cordless drill will ensure accurate fastening and drilling.
  • It’s a lightweight cordless drill that has an ergonomic handle to ensure better control over the project.

DEWALT brings the cordless drill with max power and a compact design for under $100 to handle any drilling and fastening task comfortably. Despite the max voltage, the cordless drill includes 2-speed settings with higher RPM to ensure precise drilling and driving based on the requirements. This most powerful cordless drill also has a 1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck that delivers tight bit gripping strength and provides superior torque. 

It’s a lightweight cordless drill that has an ergonomic handle that allows it to drill into tight spaces and overhead without fatigue. But it doesn’t have a bit holder, which can cause extra time while changing the bit.

  • This cheap cordless drill is versatile, powerful, and compatible with any tough fastening and drilling applications. Besides, it is easier to use and includes a Lithium-ion battery and a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

  • It doesn’t have a bit holder, which will kill extra time between bit changes, and the battery isn’t long-lasting. Plus, it doesn’t have a variable speed trigger.

Best Budget Cordless Drill

Best Budget Cordless Drill

BLACK+DECKER 20V: Best Budget Cordless Drill

  • Designed with a soft grip handle, the cordless drill under 100 is suitable for drilling consistently
  • The cordless drill has 24 different options of clutch which will resist stripping and overheating bolts and confirming quality operation.
  • It has a 3/8-inch chuck which makes the drill compatible with lots of accessories for different projects.

The BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill will be the best cordless drill under 100 for a handyman who needs to drill occasionally but precisely. The impressive feature that forced us to put this item on the list is its charge holding capacity. This budget-friendly drill has a Li-Ion battery which is able to generate power for up to 1 and half of years continuously. 

So use it, then charge the drill and store it for years. It will always be ready for your home improvement task. Another user-friendly feature includes a 24 position clutch setting for ensuring a maximum power level of drilling control over the task. But this item won’t offer much power, which makes it incapable of advanced projects.

  • This best budget cordless drill is comfy to use and includes 30 accessories. Plus, the manufacturer offers 1 Lithium-ion battery and a 2-Year Warranty.

  • It doesn’t have a case to hold all of the accessories, and the drill isn’t powerful enough for commercial use.

Best Premium Cordless Drill

Best Choice Cordless Drill under $100

CRAFTSMAN V20: Best Choice Cordless Drill under $100

  • Designed with two-speed settings with higher RPM, the cordless drill helps drill and fastening easier and more accurately.
  • This best drill under 100 comes with 2 Lithium-ion batteries and a charger to extend the runtime.
  • It has an LED light to ensure visibility in dark and tight spaces.

CRAFTSMAN is another reliable name in the power tool industry and by using the cordless drill you will realise the reason why. The manufacturer surprisingly offers the cordless drill for under $100 while it comes with a pact of quality features. From the max powerful motor, two different speed settings, and extra runtime, this best budget cordless drill covers plenty of aspects. 

Not only that, this versatile cordless drill includes LED lights which keep it topper than competitors even at a limited price. But it doesn’t have a carrying case or bit holder, which may make the maintenance a bit difficult.

  • With a 1/2-inch keyless chuck, the cordless drill will lower the time between bit changes. Besides, it’s a powerful yet lightweight cordless drill that offers extra runtime and it includes an LED light and a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

  • The chuck isn’t compatible with most of the accessories and it doesn’t have a carrying case or bit holder.

Customer Choice Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill under 100

TECCPO 20V: Customer choice Cordless Drill under 100

  • The cordless drill includes a 20V 2000 mAh large capacity Lithium-Ion battery and a 1-hour fast charger for consistent runtime.
  • With a 24+1 Clutch position, 2-Speed Adjustment, and a variable speed trigger, this cheaper cordless drill will ensure the most precise drilling and driving through wood, metal, and plastic.
  • It has a key-less ratcheting chuck, a trigger-activated LED light, and a rubber hand grip for quick and comfortable operation.

If you need the most accurate drilling and fastening work for a continuously longer time, consider this TECCPO Cordless Drill. A combination of a 2000mAh battery and 0-1700RPM Variable Speed settings will let you repeat the pro-level operation every time. It’s the best cordless drill under $100 for the DIY enthusiast who is on a tight budget but still needs a commercial-grade power drill. 

Another exciting feature includes a rubber moulded handle that will ensure maximum comfort by reducing vibration. But the problem with the cordless drill is that it’s chuck doesn’t stay locked.

  • This low-budget cordless drill is multifunctional, durable, and easier to control. Besides, it has a carrying bag, plenty of accessories, and an ultra-fast charger.

  • Its chuck doesn’t stay locked and the cordless drill doesn’t have any warranty.

Best Overall Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill under 100

SKIL PWRCore 20 Brushless Drill under $100

  • The cordless drill includes a 20V 2000 mAh large capacity Lithium-Ion battery and a 1-hour fast charger for consistent runtime.
  • With a 24+1 Clutch position, 2-Speed Adjustment, and a variable speed trigger, this cheaper cordless drill will ensure the most precise drilling and driving through wood, metal, and plastic.
  • It has a key-less ratcheting chuck, a trigger-activated LED light, and a rubber hand grip for quick and comfortable operation.

If you are looking for an extremely powerful cordless drill under $100 for drilling or driving into tough surfaces, use this SKIL PWRCore Drill Driver. In particular, the cordless drill is designed with a digital brushless motor. The feature makes it able to offer efficient and extreme power up to 450-inch pounds of torque to conquer any solid surface. 

Apart from these, this lightweight cordless drill has a top-class PWRCore 20 Lithium battery to double up the runtime. But it can create a hint of wobble combined with trigger lag.

  • With 17+ Torque Settings and variable-speed triggers, this cheaper cordless drill offers precise holes over different surfaces. Besides, it is lightweight and comfortable to use for a large project. In particular, the manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty with the cordless drill.


  • It’s a noisy cordless drill and creates a hint of wobble.

Features to pick the Best cordless drill under $100

Opting for the best cordless drill under budget is a daunting task since the options are huge. But knowing what to look for in a cordless drill can shorten the list and help choose the right drill for the desired purpose within the budget.

Speed and Speed Settings

The best cordless drill should have variable speed settings needed for different tasks. While the lower speed with higher torque is ideal for driving screws easily, the higher speed is essential for drilling. So choose a cordless drill that fits your budget and includes a trigger-controlled speed setting to adjust the speed conveniently.


Opting for a lightweight cordless drill doesn’t mean compromising power. Plenty of cordless drills are available that are lightweight yet powerful. Even so, the combination will help drill through consistently without fatigue on any heavy-duty material like metal, masonry, and hardwood.

Work Light

The main reason for choosing cordless drills is improved flexibility. The work light is among those features that enhance flexibility, even in a tight place. It will let you continue drilling in the dead of night or the basement without having visibility problems. Almost all the cordless drills include LED, but you have to confirm that the model you are choosing covers the feature.


Limitations on a budget won’t let you prevent from picking the quality chuck to make the job easier and quicker. But you should choose between a 3/8-inch chuck and a 1/2″ chuck. A 3/8″ chuck makes the drill and drill press more versatile and, especially, it is compatible with lots of accessories. Conversely, a 1/2″ chuck ensures superior torque and is becoming standard.


A cordless drill with a quality battery will offer longer runtime and ensure longevity. Under $100, having a fast charging cordless drill will be a bonus.


You can have plenty of accessories like bits and brushes for your new cordless drill for under 100. This will make the drilling and driving more precise and comfortable.


The warranty is another bonus item when choosing something at a lower cost and that the manufacturer of the cordless drill won’t disappoint you. Some cordless drills come with a three-year warranty within this price range.

Types of Cordless Drills Depending on usage

Depending on the power and the chuck setting, a cordless drill becomes acceptable for different types of tasks. The following section will help the buyer choose the right cordless drill for the desired project:

Heavy-duty drills

Likewise, as the name suggests, heavy-duty drills are mostly suited for tough workloads. These are more expensive due to their solid and powerful construction and their ability to handle any drilling or driving job. A cordless drill with 18 to 24 voltages and a 12-inch chuck is considered heavy-duty.

General-Use drills

This type of cordless drill is more preferable for average drilling requirements. These drills are mostly suitable for home improvement tasks while coming with a 3/8-size chuck and 12V specs on the battery.

Light Duty

Light duty cordless drills can’t execute powerfully like the previous two types. These drills are used for drilling or driving occasionally on a thinner surface.

How to change Chuck of a Cordless Drill

Whether the aim is to clean the chuck or replace it with a new one, learning the proper chuck removal process is essential. Following the section, we will teach you how to replace a cordless drill chuck with an Allen wrench.

Tools you will need:

  • An Allen wrench 
  • A mallet
  • A screwdriver
  • Thread-Locking Fluid

Remove the screw

Most cordless drill chucks have a screw placed at the center of the chuck that fastens the base to the case of the drill. If your drill doesn’t have a screw, then skip this step. To unscrew, take the right-sized screwdriver to extend the jaws clockwise. Doing so will loosen the jaws and remove the screw comfortably.

Some manufacturers place the screws in the drill using thread-locking fluid which holds the screws strongly. So if you don’t come out using a screwdriver even after applying some force, follow the next steps.

Insert the Allen wrench

Take the largest Allen wrench and insert it into the drill chuck safely. Turn the wrench a little bit so it can be placed firmly into the chuck.

Set the gearbox

To lower the resistance from the gear, set the gearbox setting at its lowest. Higher resistance of gear during operation can damage the chuck.

Tap with a mallet

Now position the cordless drill horizontally and make sure it is hanging over the workbench. Then hit a sharp strike in a counterclockwise direction on the wrench with a wooden mallet. Don’t hit wildly or at the wrong angle, as it can crack or bend the casing of the drill. It is better if you begin with light force and gradually increase the force. Hitting a couple of times will successfully remove the screw.

Remove the chuck

Once the screw is removed, the chuck will automatically loosen from the casing. So you can now remove the chuck easily by hand.

Add some thread locking fluid

Wipe some fluid on the screw’s end and evenly distribute it by rolling with the finger. Even still, it is essential if your drill chuck doesn’t have a screw.

Replace the chuck

You can use the same equipment to attach the chuck that you use to remove it from the cordless drill. Firstly, thread the chuck’s base carefully into the spindle. Then open up the chuck and put the Allen wrench into it. Make tighter the jaws with your hand and put the screw into the right place. Finally, turn the screw clockwise to tighten it.

DeWalt vs Craftsman: which Cordless Drill brand is better?

Manufacturing: The brands have multiple factories in both the USA and worldwide. Craftsman has plenty of factories in the USA, including New Britain, Stanley, Moore Drop Forging, and China and Taiwan also manufacture tools for the brands. Conversely, DeWalt has seven factories in the USA and manufactures power tools in Brazil, China, the United Kingdom, and more.

Price: Craftsman tools are cheaper than DeWalt and they mostly target the DIY market and home users. Conversely, DeWalt power tools are more durable and powerful and are popular among homeowners and commercial markets.

Warranty: Recently, Craftsman offered a 3-year warranty for most of their power tools, including cordless drills. Even some of the hand tools like wrenches and pliers from the brand come with a lifetime warranty. Purchasing DeWalt’s power tools have a 3 to 7-year warranty.

Customer Service: Both brands have a reputation for providing customer-friendly service. According to their users, both brands respond quickly and replace the parts and accessories within a few days.

Head-to-Head: DEWALT DCD771C2 vs CRAFTSMAN CMCD701C2

Both the DEWALT DCD771C2 and the CRAFTSMAN CMCD701C2 cordless drills are available for under $100. Both the cordless drills use a 20-volt lithium-ion battery to help drill and drive. Besides, both of them have a 3-year warranty, a 1/2-inch chuck, and a 2 speed setting with higher RPM for drilling and fastening accurately.

But DEWALT doesn’t have the LED light which CRAFTSMAN has for improved visibility. DEWALT DCD771C2 is a bit lighter than CRAFTSMAN CMCD701C2. So, overall, both the cordless drills are pretty much the same in their power and performance.

Cordless drill Care and maintenance tips

Practicing good care and maintenance is essential for enjoying a long-lasting and quality performance. More importantly, it can boost the life span of the power drill and make the investment worth it. So store your cordless drill properly and don’t leave it close to extreme heat. Water can also cause enough damage to the intricate parts to lock up the device. 

Oiling or lubricating the drill is a good habit as it ensures smoother functioning. Another important maintenance is keeping the drill clean all the time. Once completed the task, cleaning the drill vents can keep the motor from burning out caused by contact with particles.

You should follow the manufacturer’s suggestions by reading the user manual. It will suggest using the lubricating brand, charging cordless the battery, using the type of drill bit, the way of removing and inserting the battery, and more. Finally, using the right drill bit for a certain project can keep the drill performing and long-lasting.

FAQs on Best Cordless Drill under 100

How to pick a good cordless drill?

Choosing a good cordless drill is dependent on several factors. The type of project is top of them. The drills, power, functionality, speed range, and design also play a vital role in ensuring a good cordless drill.

Is 20V better than 18V?

There is a lot of confusion among buyers when they need to choose between an 18V or 20V drill. Considering the power, 20v obviously sounds more powerful, but truthfully, 18v also generates pretty much the same power.

Which cordless drill has the most torque?

The Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 is the most powerful cordless drill available on the market. With 1,200 inch-pounds of torque, the cordless drill is an impressive impact driver. It has 2,000 RPM of drilling speed to conquer any tough drilling comfortably.

What is the maximum voltage for a cordless drill?

Power is usually measured in battery voltage for a cordless drill. A drill with a higher voltage generates more torque and spinning force to beat resistance. The highest voltage for a cordless drill available today is 20v. Typically, the voltage ranges from 6, 7.2, 9.6, 12, 14.4, and 18V.

Select the Drill under $100

Now you have some pieces of the best cordless drill under $100 that are suitable for any light and heavy drilling and fastening job. All the cordless drills we have reviewed fit within the limited budget and are able to work on many surfaces, including wood, plastic, and metal. 

So whichever cordless drill you choose from the list for regular use or occasionally for home improvement will get reliable service. Despite this, the buying guide and instructions we have shared will help you choose the right drill for your specific purpose and help maintain it properly for longer service.

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