How To Make a Hole in a Rock without a Drill: 5 Easy Steps

A drilling machine is an important tool for all kinds of drilling projects, small or big. But what if you don’t have this precise machine and need to make holes in a rock without a drill? Making holes into a rock without a drill isn’t difficult yet time-consuming. But if you don’t know how to make a hole in a rock without a drill, you might think it’s a hassling process. 

Making holes into rock without a drill machine is pretty easy if you have a few essential tools like a sledgehammer, boulders, and chisel. So, today we’ll help you learn the easiest way to do this job. Let’s see how!

How To Make a Hole in a Rock without a Drill?

Make a Hole in a Rock without a Drill

The steps below will give you the confidence to complete the hole-making task precisely. But ensure you’re maintaining the safety requirements. 

Step-1: Mark Where to Drill

Mark Where to Drill

The primary action is to mark the required place to drill. It’s important to specify the place because of the accuracy of the hole. Circling the spot with a marker is a good way to specify where to drill. 

Sketching before you start drilling will allow you to recognize the hole size. And if it’s smaller or bigger, considering your requirement, you can re-sketch it. So, don’t avoid marking the spot before you drill. 

Step-2: Chiseling the Rock

Chiseling the Rock

In this step, you need to use the sledgehammer. Hold the chisel at 90°angle on the rock surface. People also prefer using the regular light hammer. But, as the rock is a hard substance, using a sledgehammer will make the process effortless and fast.  

Step-3: Turn the Chisel in Each Scratch

Turn the Chisel in Each Scratch

Turning/rotating your chisel in the clockwise direction a few degrees after making several scratches is essential. And continue to turn your chisel until you are done. It will be like you’ll continue rotating the chisel as often as you continue hammering.  Make sure you have made a clear view of forming a hole in your rock. 

Step-4: Remove the Debris

Remove the Debris

Chiseling continuously will create some noticeable debris and start filling the hole slowly. Therefore, cleaning the hole is essential in this stage. You can use an air compressor to remove the debris from the hole perfectly. 

Step-5: Continue Drilling

It’s the final step, and now you must continue hammering, chiseling, and debris removal until you’re done making the hole in the stone as deep as you require. 

Remember, it’s a lengthy process and takes a long time. Even this drilling process can take more than a day. If you see the chisel has reached enough depth, you can use a heavier hammer and hit the chisel head, and it will faster the process. 

NB: Using a two-handed hammer could spill the rock and ruin your project. 

Safety Precautions 

There are some safety precautions to follow:

  • Wear a mask, quality hand gloves, and eyeglasses. Hitting on the chisel can get you a rough piece of rock dust on your eye or mouth. Besides, using the sledgehammer for a long time will cause your hands to ache.  So, wearing the safety measures will save you from these hassles
  • Wash the rock that you want to drill on. Washing it will remove the slippery substance and muddy debris from the stone. As a result, you can place the chisel fixed, and it won’t slip away. It’s dangerous if the stone is slippery
  • Unless you’re experienced in hitting the sledgehammer continuously, you should avoid doing this job yourself and take an expert’s help. The sledgehammer is pretty heavy and if you miss hitting the pointed head of the chisel, you can get hurt on your hand. Therefore either practice hammering on the pointed spot before you start making a hole or take someone’s help

Easiest Method to Make Hole in Rock

Easiest Method to Make Hole in Rock

If you want to make a hole in a large-size hole trouble-free, a drill press should be your way, and it will easier your drilling process. Here’s how you can make the hole-

  • Wear tight-fitting clothing so that your cloth won’t get stuck in the fast spinning
  • Wear safety equipment like gloves, eyeglasses, mask, etc
  • Place the rock on a secured wood piece and keep it on the drill press table
  • Fill the dam with sufficient water to cool the drilling operation. In this case, you can put a water bucket underneath the drill press table
  • Insert the drill bit/carbide into the drill bit. Ensure the length of the drill bit is extended enough to make your required hole depth.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make an accurate hole in a rock?

If you want to make a hole in a rock, you should use a drill. Making the hole with an exact shape will be challenging without a drill.  

Can I make a hole in the rock with my hands?

Yes, you can make a precise hole with your hands. In this case, you have to choose a bit with a small diameter. Also, ensure to place the stone in a secured place to avoid splitting or chipping. Place the stone at a 90° angle, and don’t speed up in the first phase. Keep the speed slow until it penetrates the rock. 

What’s the name of the rock with a hole in it?

It’s hag stone that has a hole in it naturally. This stone is also called the adder stone.

To Wrap Up

When you understand the drilling process of how To make a hole in a rock without a drill, creating a hole will be easier and smoother than you think. However, you’re highly suggested to keep patience as it’s not quickly done DIY work. 

Ensure you’re using a high-quality sledgehammer and a couple of chisels. Because tools are an important part of completing this drilling project.

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