How to Drill a hole Bigger than your Drill Bit

Drill bits may be available in large sizes, but sometimes the desired hole size goes over the bit size. DIYers often face such situations in both new and repair projects. So, learning how to drill a hole bigger than your drill bit can solve the problem conveniently.

Learning such skills will make the pro enthusiasts’ careers brighter and help any seasonal DIYer to handle the challenging task. More importantly, we will present several methods for dealing with the problem on various surfaces using different tools. The aim is to help make the hole bigger without compromising the hole size and surface.

Guides to drill a bigger hole hole than drill bit

Drilling a larger hole than the drill bit is quite an easy task and there are plenty of ways you can follow to do so. Firstly, rub the drill bit against the edge of the hole, pushing with a bit of pressure while moving the bit in and out, keeping the drilling running. Drilling with a drill bit Wrapping sandpaper around it will also help you create a larger hole. Not only that, following the method will offer a smooth edge hole.

Another effective way is to use a drill guide. You can create a massive hole using a little drill bit. To do this, mark  a circle on the target surface and drill following it. Then remove the circle part using a file and finally make the hole bigger with a tapered reamer.

So there are lots of ways you can apply to drill a bigger hole than the drill bit. But the situation can vary considering the required hole nature and the applied tools. In the next section, you will learn the detailed process of drilling a larger hole than the bit in different ways.

3 Easiest and effective  ways to drill a hole bigger than the drill bit

You can drill a bigger hole than you drill a bit in plenty of ways, but it is better to use the proper size bit to do the job. The reason is, you could break the tool during drilling a bigger hole. Based on the enthusiast’s skill level, some may get the exact result. So, if precision is the main concern, use the right size bit rather than creating the hole larger with a smaller bit.

Let’s learn how to drill a hole bigger than your drill bit using different types of tools:

Making the hole slightly bigger

You can enlarge the hole by using the equal largest size Step Drill Bit. The process is: attach the bit to the drill and drill the same size hole as the drill bit. Then slowly and carefully wipe the drill bit against the edge of the hole to enlarge it slightly. This trick is especially helpful on a soft surface. So if you need to drill a large hole in wood, apply this method.

how to drill a hole bigger than your drill bit

Circle hole

If you need to create a larger circle hole and you only have a lean drill bit to apply, use this method: Firstly, draw a circle on the targeted surface and drill along the border of it. Then remove the circle piece and use a file to smooth the edge of the hole.

Wooden Dowel

Though a smaller size drill can offer you a larger hole, it won’t be practical on thick material. Creating a deep hole will become cumbersome using a drill bit. A combination of notched wooden dowels and sandpaper can be a handy solution for such a situation. This hack will help make the deep hole a little bigger than the drill bit. To do this, drill a hole with the drill bit. Then attach the wooden dowel to the drill bit. Now bind the sandpaper with the dowel. Don’t make the sandpaper too long will, otherwise it wont allow the dowel to properly fit into the hole.

Follow the back and forth motion to evenly enlarge the hole size. Then replace the sandpaper with half inch longer and repeat it until you get the required size.

Use a Drill Guide

Enlarging the hole size with a drill guide is quite effortless and easier compared to other processes. To drill a bigger hole than drill bit using a drill guide, first, mark the hole position on the surface. Set the drill guide over the marking place and drill the whole area. Make sure you have drilled within the surface and, over time, you will discover a bigger hole than the drill bit.

How to extend a hole without a power drill?

A power drill may be an integral part of DIY work. But sometimes applying the power tool isn’t  the best option for beginner enthusiasts and seasonal tasks. Conversely, the manual process for enlarging a hole may require more physical strength, but it is effective for completing the task. The following are some manual methods to increase the size of the hole without using a power drill:

Use a Hand File

A hand file can help make a bigger hole, but make sure you are using a circular or curved one. It’s a multifunctional tool that serves different purposes, making it a handy option to buy. The hole enlarging process is:

Mark the desired size around the existing hole in the material. Then attach the file into the hole and begin filing the edge of the hole. continue it until you find the needed width of the hole.

Use a Tapered Reamer

Another excellent tool is a reamer that allows you to enlarge the existing hole quite easily. In particular, the reamer works great on thicker material. Even if you can apply it to thick material, you won’t get a straight hole.

To enlarge the hole, use the right tapered reamer that properly fits inside the hole. Put the tapered reamer into the hole and start rotating it. Replace the reamer with a larger size along with the increment the size of the hole. Keep changing the drill bit size until you get the hole with the desired width.

Use a Jab Saw

If you don’t have a hand file or tapered reamer, you can still make the hole bigger by using a jab saw. Using a jab saw can be a bit hard work and you can only apply it to the hole where it can be inserted. To complete the hole enlarging process safely, wear safety gloves.

Then put the saw inside the hole and cut the wood piece away. Continue cutting the wood piece until you get the desired width. Once you have got it, use sandpaper to smooth the hole’s edge.

How to extend a hole in hard metal?

Enlarging an existing hole in metal is a difficult task. But you can conquer it using a reamer. Through this tool, you can’t make a hole, but it is a handy option for extending the existing hole on a tough surface like metal. So if you don’t have a larger size drill bit, drill a hole with an existing smaller bit and make it bigger using a reamer. The process is:

Fix the metal piece securely so it can’t move during drilling.

  • Drill a hole using the available drill bit.
  • Take a reamer that will properly fit into the hole. Remember, you will have to increase the hole size slowly instead of in one operation.
  • Now attach the reamer to the drive tool and put it inside the hole.
  • Start by enlarging the hole in the metal with sufficient pressure.
  • After reaching the widest point of the reamer, take it out.

FAQs on How to drill a bigger hole hole than your drill bit

Why do the drill bits create a larger size than their size?

Having a larger size hole than the drill bit can happen due to the drilling material. Different types of drilling surfaces create different vibrations as they vary in strength, resulting in a different size hole. For example, the drilling results in wood will be different from drilling in stone.

How to extend a screw hole?

Once again, you can enlarge the screw hole by following the same method of extending the hole in metal. A Reamer drill bit will help you extend the existing hole size to secure a screw and the method is known as reaming.

How to expand a hole in tough steel?

If you want to enlarge the hardened steel slightly, use a die grinder. Simply grind the hole slowly and you will discover a larger hole without destroying the temper of the steel. More importantly, using a die grinder won’t cause any damage to the pain of the hardened steel.

Hope you got How to Drill a hole Bigger

To drill a larger hole, use the same diameter drill bit. It might be harder to enlarge the hole than the drill bit. Since you have learned how to drill a hole bigger than your drill bit, at least you will be successful in reaching the goal.

More importantly, we have discussed plenty of methods that allow us to make bigger holes using a different type of material even without a drill. It brings a great opportunity for DIYers with any level of skill to apply the method based on available tools and skills for such repairing tasks.

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