How Do You Get a Stuck Drill Bit Out of an Impact Driver?

Suppose, you’re in the middle of a project, and everything is going smoothly. Then suddenly your drill bit gets stuck in your impact driver. What should you do? You might think about how to solve it.  How do you get a stuck drill bit out of an impact driver? 

Many professionals have faced this issue at some point in their journey. That’s why I’m here today.  

In this article, I’ll provide you with the reasons behind a stuck drill bit and provide you with effective methods to get it out. So, grab your toolkit, and let’s dive in!

Why Does a Drill Bit Get Stuck in an Impact Driver?

Why Does a Drill Bit Get Stuck in an Impact Driver

If you’ve ever found yourself wrestling with a stuck drill bit in your trusty impact driver, you know the frustration it can cause. Your smooth DIY project can suddenly come to a grinding halt. Understanding these reasons can not only save you time and effort but also enhance your overall drilling experience.

  • Chuck Misalignment

One common reason for a stuck drill bit is the misalignment of the chuck. If the chuck jaws are not gripping the bit evenly, it can lead to a skewed insertion. When the drill starts, the misaligned bit gets jammed, making it difficult to remove. This misalignment can be caused by regular wear and tear or improper handling of the impact driver.

  • Corrosion and Rust Buildup

Over time, especially if your tools are exposed to moisture or damp conditions, corrosion and rust can accumulate on the drill bit and inside the chuck. This buildup creates a tight bond between the bit and the driver, making it challenging to detach. Corrosion is a natural enemy of smooth movement; it seizes up the mechanism, making the bit stubbornly stuck.

  • Over-Tightening

Sometimes, the enthusiasm to get the job done efficiently leads to over-tightening the chuck. When the chuck is clamped down excessively, the bit can get wedged in too tightly. This excessive grip is what makes it difficult to loosen the bit. It’s important to strike a balance – tighten the chuck securely, but avoid excessive force that might trap the bit.

  • Worn-out or Damaged Chuck

A worn-out or damaged chuck is another culprit behind stuck drill bits. If the chuck is not functioning optimally due to wear or damage, it won’t release the bit as smoothly as it should. Chuck damage can occur due to prolonged use, accidental drops, or applying excessive force. Regular maintenance and careful handling can prevent this issue.

Usually Getting Stuck Bit Models 

Before I jump into the solutions, let’s understand why certain types of drill bits tend to get stuck more often than others. Here are the bit models that are notorious for getting wedged in impact drivers:

  • Small Bits

Smaller drill bits often have less surface area for the chuck to grip, making them prone to slipping and getting stuck.

  • Masonry Bits

Masonry bits are designed for drilling into hard materials like concrete and brick. Due to their robust construction, they can sometimes become firmly lodged in the chuck of your impact driver.

  • Screwdriver Bits

Screwdriver bits are versatile but can get stuck if they’re not properly seated in the chuck.

  • Rivet Bits

Rivet bits, commonly used in metalworking, can get jammed due to the intense pressure they endure while fastening rivets.

  • Hex Bits

Hex bits are known for their secure grip in the chuck, which can be a double-edged sword. While they provide excellent stability during drilling, they can be tricky to remove.

  • Installer Bits

Installer bits are long and slender, which can make them challenging to extract from the impact driver’s chuck.

How to Remove the Bit From the Impact Driver?

Now that you know which bits are prone to getting stuck, let’s explore five DIY methods to get them unstuck:

Method 1: Use Pliers

Before you begin, make sure the impact driver is powered off and unplugged. Use pliers to grip the stuck bit firmly. While gripping the bit with pliers, gently turn it counterclockwise (left) to release it from the chuck. Sometimes, it might take a few tries. Be patient and persistent.

Method 2: Use a Zip Tie

Insert a zip tie into the chuck and wrap it around the bit. Pull the zip tie tight and secure it in place. Hold the chuck firmly and turn it counterclockwise while holding the zip tie in place. The added grip from the zip tie can help release the bit.

Method 3: Use Vice Grips

Use a pair of vice grips to clamp onto the stuck bit. Hold the impact driver with one hand and turn the vice grips counterclockwise with the other. This should loosen the bit.

Method 4: Zip Tie and Pliers

Combine the zip tie and pliers methods for added grip. Insert a zip tie and wrap it around the bit as described in Method 2. Then, use pliers to grip the zip tie, providing additional leverage. Then apply Torque and turn counterclockwise to release the stuck bit.

Method 5: Use WD40 Spray

Apply a small amount of WD40 spray around the stuck bit and into the chuck. Then allow the WD40 to penetrate and loosen any corrosion or debris for a few minutes. After waiting, use pliers or one of the above methods to remove the bit. The WD40 should have made the task easier.

How to Get a Drill Bit Out of a Makita Impact Driver?

Makita impact drivers are popular for their reliability and power, but they can still experience bit-sticking issues.

Here’s a simple three-step guide to getting a stuck drill bit out of a Makita impact driver:

Power Off: Ensure the Makita impact driver is turned off and unplugged if it’s corded.

Choose a Method: Select one of the previously mentioned methods that you find most convenient.

Follow the Method: Execute the chosen method carefully, and with patience, to free the stuck drill bit.


How do you unjam an impact drill?

To unjam an impact drill, disconnect the power source or remove the battery. Use a suitable method mentioned earlier (pliers, zip tie, vice grips, WD40) to release the stuck bit. Apply steady pressure and patience until the bit is free.

How do you remove a jammed drill bit?

Removing a jammed drill bit is easy. Power off the drill or unplug it. Choose a suitable method from the ones outlined earlier in this article. Execute the chosen method carefully to release the jammed bit.

How do you get a bit out of a power drill that won’t loosen?

If a bit is stuck in a power drill and won’t loosen, try these steps. Turn off the power drill and disconnect it from the power source. Use one of the recommended methods, such as pliers, zip tie, vice grips, or WD40, to release the stuck bit. Be patient and apply gradual, steady pressure until the bit loosens and can be removed.

Final Words

How do you get a stuck drill bit out of an impact driver? Armed with the right knowledge and techniques, you can swiftly overcome this hurdle. 

Remember, patience and a steady hand are your best allies in these situations. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can confidently tackle the issue and resume your DIY adventures without any hindrance. 

So, the next time your drill bit decides to play hard to get. Also, equip yourself with these tricks and show it who’s boss! Happy drilling!

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