Black Oxide vs Titanium Drill Bits: Which One is Better?

Depending on the size, materials, shapes, efficiency, and durability, there are different types of drill bits available on the market. And, if you want to choose the right drill bit for your project, you’ve to know about the types, and working areas of the different drill bits like cobalt, titanium, black oxide drill bits, etc. So, it is confusing which drill bit to choose.

Today, we will share with you some significant comparisons between black oxide Vs titanium drill bits. We’ve chosen these two specific drill bits as these are the top leveled drill bits according to user demands nowadays.

If you’re not able to identify which one would be perfect for you among that black oxide Vs titanium drill bits, this article can take you to your decision. We ensure your buying task of a drill bit will no more tricky once you go through this article.

Comparison Table

Drill Bits Used For Rust Resistance Speed Cost Re-Sharp enable Suitable For
Black Oxide Multi Yes Fast Affordable Yes Woodworkers, Amateurs, DIYers
Titanium Wood & Metal Yes Fast Expensive No Professionals

Black Oxide Drill Bits

When you require superior speed and reliance for your drilling project, you require black oxide drill bits for sure. Black oxide is the perfect tool to work through wood, plastic, and even metal. This drill bit has usually a 135° split point that will ensure your fast working mode.

Black Oxide Drill Bits

And, its bit size comes with smaller than 1/8 inches. It will help you reduce your friction among the bits and work piece in terms of its added finish. Therefore, these HSS drill bits will speed up your job and help you use your working time more preciously.

Titanium Drill Bits

If you’re dealing with repeating drilling applications and need the utmost speed and toughness, you’re looking for titanium drill bits. It will enable you to get a quick start through its high speed.

Titanium Drill Bits

Like the black oxide drill bit, the titanium drill bit also comes with a 135° split point. It has come with an exclusive titanium nitride coating and unique finish. As a result, it will make sure a high firmness while working through different surfaces.

The Most Significant Comparisons between Black Oxides Vs Titanium Drill Bits

Let’s find out the most significant difference between black oxide Vs titanium drill bits. These comparisons given below will give you a clear idea about which one to choose and which not.


These two drill bits are not for the same fields to work on, so, you cannot expect the same performance from them. But, both these drill bits will offer you a high performance based on their specific using area.

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If you determine these two different drill bits in the means of their using purpose, the black oxide drill bit will meet your general-purpose drilling necessity. Choosing the black oxide drill bit as a woodworker, amateur, or DIYer will be your best deal. The titanium drill bit, on the other hand, will allow you to use it for your professional giant projects.


You’ll enjoy using the black oxide drill bits for their versatility. The black oxide drill bits will allow you to work through lots of materials like steel, nylon, acrylic, MDF, PVC, ABS, oak, copper, brass, maple, brass, polycarbonate, pine, and other composite material.

So using black oxide drill bits will unlock your limitation to go through various materials as per your necessity. Titanium drill bit, however, won’t give you that wide range of materials variety. But, you can work with this drill bit through steel, metal, iron, aluminum, magnesium, and also wood.


The durability varies depending on the hardness and strength of these two drill bits. In the case of durability, the black oxide drill bit will offer you a 50% longer life span compared to the HSS bits. As a result, you can use this drill bit for years with comfort.

And, while it’s about the titanium drill bits, it will offer you from 3 to 6 times more durability if you compare it with the HSS.  So, in terms of durability, both the black oxide and the titanium drill bit will provide a satisfactory result.


If you compare these two drill bits considering their hardness, the titanium is a bit harder due to its titanium nitride thin layer coating. In this case, the black oxide will be a bit less hard due to its regular HSS bit finish coating.


In terms of cost, you’ll get the black oxide much more affordable than the titanium drill bits. But, you’ve to remember the titanium drill bit is fit to deal with the giant drilling projects while the black oxide drill bit will allow you to do your general-purpose tasks. So, there’s no room to think about the high cost of the titanium drill bit.

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Can the titanium drill bit work through metal?

Yes, the titanium drill bit is alright to work through metal. You can easily cut any metal sheet using this titanium drill bit.

How can I clean my black oxide drill?

It is so simple to maintain your black oxide drill bits to use them for a longer period. Just wipe your tool right after using it each time. It means you’ve to keep the black oxide drill bits dust free. And, you can use a piece of cloth to clean. What is more, you can add some oil for its faultless performance

Can I sharpen the titanium drill bit?

Because of its coating, you won’t be able to sharpen your titanium drill bit.

What’s the difference between the cobalt and titanium drill bits?

Well, the cobalt drill bits are more expensive than the titanium drill bits. But, the cobalt drill bit will offer you more durability, and performance than the titanium drill bits.

To Wrap Up

To find out which one is best between black oxide Vs titanium drill bits is not that tough anymore for you, we hope. We cannot say the titanium drill bit is good and the black oxide isn’t. And, vice versa!

It’s because these are perfect for their specific usages. All you can, make a comparison of your requirements like what you need to work on, your budget, project type, etc. to decide the right one. So, go on!

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