7 Best Left Hand Drill Bits In 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A drill bit makes cylindrical holes in metal or wood. There are many different types of drill bits available, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Left-handed drill bits are becoming more popular as people become more aware of their benefits. And they have several advantages over regular drill bits for left-handed users. But, which is the best for you?

The best left-hand drill bits can easily penetrate through materials without getting stuck. They should also be able to produce clean and precise holes without any tear-out. To find the best tough left-hand drill bits, you need to consider the size of the bit. In this article, I’ll discuss what makes a great left-handed drill bit and recommend some of the best options on the market. I’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right left-handed drill bit for your needs. Scroll down and read on!

7 Best Left Hand Drill Bits

When buying a left-handed drill bit, ensure the eyepiece angle is set to avoid getting trapped in the saw. I’ll introduce you to the best quality left-hand drill bits on the market and some of their features.

Top Pick

Drill Bits for Cast Iron

1. Drill Hog Stainless-Steel Left-Handed Drill Bit Set

  • Easy to use and saves time when drilling out or driving in screws or bolts.
  • They are used to drill out broken, stripped, or rusted screws and bolts and remove set screws from castings with damaged hex heads.
  • Can remove rusted screws or bolts that other drills and extractors can’t unscrew or unthread.
  • The screwdrivers have special jaws that easily remove screws, bolts, and nuts with stripped heads or damaged threads.


  • Brand: Drill Hog
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Cutting Angle String: 135 Degrees
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎15.4 x 7.1 x 1.3 inches

Are you tired of spending hours trying to extract a screw with a drill on end? In truth, it’s not as hard as you might think. Many screws can drill out with a simple twist of the bit. But if that doesn’t work, you need this Drill Hog Left Handed Drill Bit Set.

The Drill Hog Back-Up Jig has an adjustable wrench slot to position correctly for each bit type. It allows you to use less time than ever before when drilling out various sizes of fasteners. This tool will enable me to drill faster and spend less time lining up the wrench.

This tool can repair stripped or damaged screw heads and remove damaged screws and bolts from hardware, fixtures, or wood. When it comes to a drill, being able to extract screws is a godsend. With this Drill Hog set screw extractor, you can remove broken screws or drive in damaged bolts without going out and buying a whole new drill.

  • The bit set is constructed of tempered steel and split-screwed for durability. This high-alloyed steel bit has a hardened shank and a quenched and tempered face.

  • The cord may not be flexible enough when reaching around corners or into tight spaces.


Drill Bits for Cast Iron

2. NEIKO 01925A 10 Piece Left Hand Drill Bit Set with Alloy Extractors

  • Easy to use and with no need for drill bits or other tools.
  • The device quickly allows you to remove damaged screws from any project easily.
  • Using the Pro extractor will stop you from damaging your tools
  • The drill bit has high quality with long service life and durable performance.


  • Brand: Neiko
  • Material: Cobalt
  • Shank Type: Threaded
  • Dimensions: 5.67 x 4.49 x 0.79 inches
  • Tool Flute Type: Spiral

When you need the best left-hand drill bits for rifle scope screws, the NEIKO 01925A drill bits are great. These drill bits are designed for high-speed screw removal with a hexagonal body and a powerful ram.

The whole set is high-quality M2 high-speed steel, with a sharp point and cutting edges. The drill bits have six different sizes to meet your other requirements. These bits are ideal for drilling a hole in the head of a bolt to remove it, then using an extractor to pull it out. You can extract screws quickly and easily. The big head design allows you to remove the screws without damaging the wood effortlessly.

Left-handed drill bits are perfect for removing broken screws, studs, bolts, and other fittings. They are made from durable materials and can easily be used with a power drill or hand drill. I highly recommend using these bits for any extraction needs.

  • Fully hardened and tempered construction provides HSS drill bits with a long life. High-speed steel core drill bits are designed for use with a power drill and are ideal for drilling holes in the head of bolts to remove them; also allows use with an extractor to pull out the bolts.

  • They make no sound compared to normal plastic ones, and so when working with them, you’ll hear nothing.

Premium Option

Drill Bits for Cast Iron

3. COMOWARE 13 Piece Left-Hand Drill Bit Set

  • Made with high-quality M2 HSS titanium nitride coated and M2 HSS steel drill bits
  • The coating on the bits makes them durable and long-lasting
  • The set comes with a variety of left and right-hand drill bits
  • They offer excellent clamping value, ensuring a firm grip on the workpiece while drilling.


  • Brand: COMOWARE
  • Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Finish Type: Titanium Nitride
  • Shank Type: Straight
  • Cutting Angle String: 135 Degrees

If you are looking for a top-quality drill bit set, COMOWARE’s 13-piece left-hand drill bit set is your best set. These long-lasting M2 HSS drill bits feature a high level of polish and accuracy. They offer excellent clamping value, ensuring a firm grip on the workpiece while drilling.

The COMOWARE left-hand drill bit set comprises 10 drill bits, an extension bar, and a holder with three replaceable flutes. The holder protects the user’s hand by providing a solid grasp on the material drilled on.

The case is made of ABS and features a lock design. The drill bits are kept secure in transit or storage using foam padding. The M2 HSS steel used in these bits ensures the utmost accuracy and precision. As a result of the titanium nitride coating, the parts become more durable.

  • These bits are high-quality M2 HSS steel for maximum accuracy and precision. The bits provide strong clamping value, ensuring a tight grip on the workpiece during drilling.

  • The bit set comes in a plastic container with ample foam padding but no storage case.

Customer Choice

Drill Bits for Cast Iron

4. Chicago Latrobe 69881 High-Speed Steel 15-Piece Left-Hand Drill Bit Set

  • The highest quality metal provides a longer life for the drill bit and a steel alloy construction.
  • Keys are carbide-tipped to create a high-speed, long-life-cutting performance.
  • The drill bit set includes titanium and stainless-steel bits, allowing you to customize your bit choices.


  • Brand: Chicago Latrobe
  • Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Finish Type: Uncoated
  • Cutting Angle String: 118 Degrees
  • Dimensions: 1.3 x 7.7 x 4.1 inches
  • Size: ‎1/16 “-1/2″ by 1/32”
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

Do you need to change your drill bit set but have no idea which one to buy? Well, Chicago Latrobe 69881 150L Drill Bit Set is a great choice. It comes with 15 pieces of high-speed steel bits ideal for any type of work.

Chicago Latrobe 69881 Drill Bit is easy to handle, and its performance is great. The standard length is 5/8 inches, but that is not the only thing you can get the item in. Other measurements like 1 inch, 1¼ inch, and interesting custom lengths are available.

The items include various drill types like reverse flutes, right-angle drills, and countersink tips. These are high-speed steel bits used in aircraft, construction, and manufacturing industries. To get the most out of these things, acquire them from a trusted source because the quality is unrivaled.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to use. So, you can use it on your hand or under a vise. It works well without any damage to the material drill. The standard length is good, but other measurements are useful for different purposes.

  • If you need something that can drill through granite and steel, it may not be the best product for your needs


Drill Bits for Cast Iron

5. Century Cobalt Jobber Left Hand Drill Bit

  • 100% stainless steel, with no chrome plating, approximately four times harder than standard steel.
  • Right-hand chuck allows for more precise and faster bit loading.
  • V-cut design with a large grinding ring provides optimum cutting action.
  • A lifetime warranty ensures your satisfaction.


  • Brand: Century Drill & Tool
  • Material: Cobalt
  • Shank Type: Threaded
  • Cutting Angle String: 135 Degrees
  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 0.13 x 0.13 inches
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces

A drill is a machine tool used to create perfectly straight holes. You can make clean and accurate holes with relative ease with a good quality drill. Century Drill & Tool Left Hand Cobalt Drill Bit is a great example of high-quality equipment.

It features a high nickel-chromium steel metal and a hard-hexagonal cobalt coating. This bit is perfect for almost every drill project, including drilling in metal and wood. The company was so impressed with this design that they patented it. The tip opening is perfect for wood and metal, and the left-hand design means you won’t be fighting it as you try to drill.

When it comes to excavating, the only way to remove a small boulder or set of boulders is by drilling. And with a high-quality drill, you can quickly make holes in just about anything. With a quality tool like Century Drill & Tool Left Hand Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit, you can get the job done fast and efficiently.

  • The size of the drill bit makes it easy to use in most materials. It runs smoothly, isn’t too loud, and produces uniform results. It is a wonderful tool for making brick, concrete, or stone holes.

  • In some cases, it broke within 15 seconds.

Worth Considering

Drill Bits for Cast Iron

6. IRWIN 5-Piece Cobalt Left Hand Drill Bit Set

  • Sharp cutting edges on the cobalt steel bits help reduce both vibration and heat generation.
  • Precision ground flutes stay sharp, reduce drill walking, fasten easier and drill faster.
  • Multi-piece design for extra gripping strength and fewer bit breakage.
  • Coatings prevent rusting, increase tool life and improve the appearance of the bit set.


  • Brand: Irwin Tools
  • Material: Cobalt
  • Cutting Angle String: 135 Degrees
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.4 x 0.1 inches
  • Tool Flute Type: Spiral
  • Weight: ‎2.4 ounces
  • Style: Left Hand

Are you looking for a high-quality and versatile set of drill bits to suit your needs? The IRWIN Left Hand Drill Bit Set is the perfect fit for you. It also comes with a sturdy storage box that can hang on the wall or be stored flat by adding a more hook.

When it comes to tools and power drills, size does make a difference. IRWIN has designed this Left-Hand Drill Bit Set for small jobs and large ones too big for your fingers to handle. This set is ideal for Wood, Plastic, Fiberglass, Composites, and even Metal Drilling. Each bit is great for precision drilling tasks due to the sharp cutting edges designed to reduce vibration and heat generation.

The Left-Hand Spiral Flute design reduces wobble, breakage, and tool damage. It also reduces drill walking making fastening easier and faster. This kit includes 5 drill bits ranging in diameter from 5/64-inch to 19/64-inch so that it can drill into metal, wood, fiberglass, plastic composites, and more. The Cobalt finish is easy to clean up and rust-resistant, so your work can last longer.

  • Cutting edges on cobalt steel bits reduce tool damage and breakage. Reduces swaying, making it easier to fasten items and drill holes. It provides more grip strength, making this tool better.

  • These drill bits aren’t designed to use on super hard surfaces.

Worth Considering

Drill Bits for Cast Iron

7. Drill Master HSS Left-Hand Drill Bit Set 

  • This left-hand drill bit set makes drilling holes in inaccessible places easier.
  • The bits have precise machines to ensure you can use them in all metals, woods, and plastics.
  • They are durable S2 steel with a chrome finish that resists rust and corrosion.
  • Best for construction workers or anyone who wants to learn how to mend things around the house or garage.


  • Band: Drill Master
  • Material: High-Speed Steel, Alloy Steel
  • Finish Type: Titanium
  • Cutting Angle String: 135 Degrees
  • Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 0.8 inches
  • Weight: ‎9.6 ounces

If you are still drilling with a single drill bit, it’s time to upgrade your set. This Drills Master HSS Drill Bits set is a left-hand drill bit set that will speed up your workflow and ensure accurate drilling in any material.

A set of left-handed drill bits is an extra expense that pays for itself quickly to get into tight locations. These tools have been designed to last longer than their right-handed equivalents. They also cut cleanly through any material, so you don’t have to worry about the bit being correctly tempered.

These drill bits have precision machined tips, heat-treated blades, and balanced left-hand geometry. You will be able to use them in any position, including vertical and horizontal. The bits work well on aluminum, brass, copper, cast iron, magnesium, nickel silver, steel, polymers, and wood.

  • It works perfectly and is great for removing broken bolts when the head snaps off—better performance than standard drill bits. Steel hardens to the point where steel drills cannot die.

  • Expensive and not as high quality.

How to Choose the Best Left Hand Drill Bits Bolt for Your Needs

Left-handed drill bits are typically built to drill holes in the other direction. They can drill through metal, plastic, and wood. Choosing a left-handed drill bit involves considering the bit’s size, the material drill, and the desired hole depth. Choosing a left-handed drill bit involves considering the bit’s size, the material drill, and the desired hole depth. Here are some tips on selecting the perfect left-handed drill bit for your needs.

Material Selection

When choosing a left-hand drill, the first thing to consider is the type of material you want to drill. For example, you might need to drill into wood, metal, plastic, or similar material. Material selection is dependent on how you intend to use your new drill bit and the drilling equipment you intend to use.

Drill Bit Speed

The second thing to consider is the speed at which you want your new Left Hand Drill Bit to rotate. Depending on how fast you want your bit to turn, you may need to purchase a specific speed drill bit for your project.

Drill Bit Power Output

When choosing the right drill bit size, choosing the right power output is also important—each drilling machine, including the one in which you will use your new Drill Bit. Power output can vary, and some devices require more voltage than others. A powerful drill with AC power is suitable for working on electronics or production.

Drill Bit Type

Another important thing to consider is the type of drill bit itself. There are three main sizes of Left-Hand Drill Bits: masonry, steel, and wood. So, before choosing a new drill bit, consider the work you will be doing with it.

All You Need to Know About Left-Handed Drill Bits

What are left-hand drill bits called?

Left-hand drill bits are called “counterclockwise” drill bits. They are designed to cut in the opposite direction of a left-handed drill bit. Drills intended to turn in opposite directions can cut on either side of a hole, away from the axis.

What are left-handed drill bits for?

It is customary to use left-handed drill bits when drilling with a hand that is not the dominant one. So, while you are preparing with your left hand, these drill bits will ensure perfect alignment and smooth operation. While they are used for any drilled surface, they are ideal for woodworking projects that demand precision.

Is cobalt or titanium drill bits better?

Bits made of cobalt are the most common in ACE hardware stores. A more polished and uniform finish is important when working with heat-resistant materials. Titanium bits are more difficult to come across. It is especially common when working with aluminum, brass, and copper.

Is there a left-hand drill bit?

A left-hand drill bit is meant to reduce when the chuck turns clockwise. Use a left-handed drill bit with a right-handed cordless drill by purchasing an adaptor. Woodworkers most typically use these bits to make little holes.

Do they make reverse drill bits?

Reverse bits do not exist in the US market, but they are available in other countries. Nothing is more aggravating than needing to drill a hole and not having the correct instrument on hand. One of the most common mistakes people make is to pick up the wrong size bit.

What are reversible drill bits?

Reversible drill bits drill holes in soft materials, including wood, plastic, and rubber. So they have screw threads on both sides. Most left-handed drill bits are reversible, meaning a drill can turn them clockwise or counterclockwise to make a hole.

Why would you use a left-hand drill bit?

A left-hand drill bit is used by a right-handed person when drilling a hole in the upper half aboard. For example, if you need to drill holes in two boards but use your right hand to turn the handle, you need a left-handed drill bit.

How to tell if a drill bit is left-handed?

Sometimes manufacturers will show the cutting pattern on their labels to make it easier for consumers to identify. However, left-hand drill bits can be difficult to spot when looking at the packaging in stores. So, if you’re not sure, try taking a closer look at your drill, and you’ll likely see a string of number 4s or 8s running down one side.

Are there any good left-handed drill bits?

Yes! Left-handed drill bits are the most popular bits. If you are left-handed, choose one of our recommended products.

Is cobalt or titanium drill bits better?

Cobalt bits tend to be stronger and sharper than titanium, but titanium bits are always less expensive. On the other hand, Cobalt drill bits are generally more durable, but titanium is stronger in some cases. You should choose what works for you.

What is a left-hand drill bit?

A left-hand drill bit is a special drill bit designed to be used in a left-hand direction only. The drill’s teeth chop on the other side so you can use it in both directions without losing control.

Who makes the finest left-hand drill bit sets?

DEWALT makes the best drill bit sets from Milwaukee, Bosch, and SKIL. Left-handed bits are chosen for use with left-handed drill handles. Most machine tools are designed to fit into tighter spaces with less effort.

Why do they make left-handed drill bits?

The first drill bits are primarily built for right-handed users. As a result, the drills didn’t fit properly in the holder, putting pressure on their fingers and wrists. Someone created a left-handed drill bit for folks who like to work with their left hand.

Final Words

Left-hand drill bits are a great option for drilling in hard-to-reach places. They are also ideal for reverse preparation, which can come in handy for certain tasks. When choosing the best left-hand drill bits, it is important to keep in mind the size and type of bit you need. With various shapes and sizes available on the market, it is important to research and find the right bit for the job. Whether you are looking for a general-purpose bit or something more specific, consider the type of material you will be drilling and the size of the hole you need to create. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

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