9 Best Floor Standing Drill Press

Floor-standing drill presses are a good choice when you have to deal with robust materials. You can make your woodworking easy more than 90% if you’re able to choose the best floor standing drill press. At this point, we suggest you focus on some essential variables to dig up the right one. For example, you have to buy e drill press that has high potency motor and unlimited speed ranges.

Because a drill press with uncomfortable weight, low potency motor, or limited speed range can break your work velocity of safety and stability, it will not let you get a maximum and pro finish result afterward. So, it is a must to decide the best floor drill press while you crave the most pleasing outcome. But, finding out the best one is not that easy among a variety of drill press collections on the market. It can often make you confused.

DIYers pick: Top 9 Best Floor Standing Drill Press

You’re might thinking about how you can get over your assortment confusion for the best floor drill press for the money and woodwork. Well, we have already made a list of the nine best floor model drill presses for you. We focused on budget, safety issues, speed range, durability, features, etc., while selecting those tools.

So, you can effortlessly choose any one of those 9 top tools that can be your best match for budget and other variables. Nevertheless, if you wish to avoid any entanglement, make sure you read our buying guide and purchase your drill press without hassle.

Top Floor Drill Press

Best Floor Standing Drill Press

JET JWDP-12: Best Floor Standing Drill Press

  • It has 12 inches variable speed to match your job types
  • It’s 1/2HP strong induction suits all types of materials.
  • Easy to make a depth cutting through its 3-1/8inches spindle travel.
  • You can have a quick adjustment due to its retractable roller.

This unique featured JET JWDP-12 Drill Press is preferable for large woodworking jobs with its maximum RPM up to 3100. Also, you can consider the JET JWDP-12, 12-Inch drill press as the best floor drill press for the money. It achieved its acceptability in terms of high power to deal with big jobs and minimum budget. 

Generally, the power tools that are well suited for giant projects are heavy. And these are almost impossible to move. But, in the case of JET JWDP-12 Drill Press, you are free to move it anywhere according to your necessity and work with freedom. Besides, the Digital-Readout-Display of JET JWDP-12 Drill Press will help you understand the different drilling applications more straightforwardly.

However, working using this drill press is pretty enjoyable for its compact design. Its 10× 16-1/18 inches iron base will automatically robust your workbenches. Therefore, if you have space limitations at your workplace, you can efficiently deal with this handy power tool. What is more, the JET JWDP-12 Drill Press is the best-suited tool for its LED light trait. 

Its LED light is ready to make your workplace brighten to remove darkness. And, we must say, it maintains a high safety issue through its large paddle switch. However, you can shut off/on the lockout system safely in the presence of its large paddle switch.

  • It will ensure drilling accuracy in terms of its innovative and exclusive XACTA x-shaped laser. So, getting accuracy to your woodwork will not be a matter of worry if you buy JET JWDP-12 Drill Press. Besides, it will give you five years constant warranty.


  • Dealing with a small drill diameter will be a severe issue if you intend to do a precise workout. But, overall, it is an idle power tool.

Runner Up Drill Press

Best Floor Drill Press

Shop Fox W1848: Best Floor Drill Press

  • It has a maximum speed limit of up to 3050 RPM.
  • 12 maximum number of speeds will give you flow-less operation.
  • Its electric corded power source doesn’t require a battery
  • It has an elegant design with three pieces of spindle drum.

The 13/1-4inch model, Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Drill Press, came on the market with the promise of long-last durability. On the other hand, it will introduce you to another specialty if you’re in search of a tool that can be a good match for metal. 

The Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Drill Press is the best floor drill press for metal substances. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot choose this fantastic tool for any other hard/ soft materials. This 122 weighted power tool will offer a reliable and safe drilling operation.

Nonetheless, one of the most delicate features of this drill press is its sanding aptitude. The Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Drill Press has unique features that can control the competent contour sanding. Its design mainly comes to convert your drilling operation from one mode to another with no hassle. For instance, if your drilling task needs to convert the operation mode from drilling to sanding, you can convert it within seconds.

And, this converting procedure will require no hassled steps means these all are tool-free steps. And, its popularity has been growing due to its calm converting system. In addition, we found it completely capable of decreasing overheat to bring smooth finishing results while sanding.

  • The Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Drill Press will efficiently allow you to tilt the worktable at 90 degrees for left and right. Also, you can readily adjust the table height to get an accurate drilling/sanding angle.


  • This versatile Oscillating Floor Drill Press will not be available with a mortising attachment of any kind. In this sense, it can be a bit bumpy but still highly complimentary.

Best Overall

Best Benchtop Drill Press for Woodworking

WEN 4208T: Best Benchtop Drill Press for Woodworking

  • It has five different speeds to adjust the spindle travel easily.
  • It comes with a 6 ft comfortable cord length.
  • Its 1/3HP induction motor will extend the tool lifespan.
  • It is a combination of exclusive onboard key storage.

This compelling WEN 4208T drill machine will bring you 100% favour when you need to focus on accurate and repeatable holes. It will let you make a perfect size hole for your project. What is more, you will get an assurance of safe shipping on behalf of WEN 4208T 5-Speed Benchtop Drill Press

So, if you’re overwrought on insufficient packaging, kick it off! The manufacturers wrap their product, maintaining all the safety issues so that the tool cannot be broken or damaged anyway. Consequently, buying this fantastic tool will not create you anxious of any kind for unmanaged packaging. 

However, WEN 4208T, the best floor standing drill press for woodworking, is designed to meet big projects. Its slotted table will help you having mounting clamps to have an effective work holding. 

Besides, drilling above ½-inch holes through hard material like cast iron is tremendously trouble-free and highly feasible. This WEN 4208T drill press will allow you to work through various materials, for instance, iron, wood, plastic, etc. Due to its exclusive features, it is well capable of bringing a balanced and smooth performance at the end of your job.

Furthermore, we found this worthy 31-pounds light-weighted WEN 4208T drill press is exceptionally portable for you. So, setting up your tool in one place is necessarily not fixed. Furthermore, this fantastic tool will offer you two tears constant money-saving warranty.

  • This compact and versatile 5-speed benchtop drill press will help you limit your spacing problem if you have one. In addition, you can bevel the worktable up to 45degree left and right.


  • It can often be tricky to re-set the chuck wobble.

Best Industrial

Best Industrial Drill Press for Metal

BILT HARD: Best Industrial Drill Press for Metal

  • It can control both the down-stroke and upstroke travel
  • You can tilt your worktable to any angle.
  • Its ½ inch keyed chuck made it compatible.
  • It is capable of setting the speed manually up to 3200RPM.

We researched the BILT HARD benchtop drill press is best for the home workshop types. It is the most economical tool that will be your best suit as long as you’re launching to outfit your shop. This well-made, powerful, solid, and diverse tool is fit to handle any holes drilling job. 

You can use it through different materials. Its high-quality parts made it capable of assembling when you need to bolt holes. Using BILT HARD drill press, you can surprisingly make operation smooth and accurate. Nevertheless, we found all the outstanding reviews while studying the user’s opinion.

Undoubtedly, you will like its sturdiness and hassle-free adjustment. In the case of the BILT HARD, you can move the motor while needed to ease the tension on the belt hassle-free. Moreover, its compact construction consists of cast iron that will make sure durability as well as accuracy. 

And, the base of this drill press contains predrilled holes onto the work stand. So, these predrilled holes will help you mount properly and to ensure successful work holding.

Likewise, you will get all the additional accessories that are extremely useful for woodworking. For example, you will get 2-1/2 inch jaws and thirteen pieces of a drill bit set, etc. However, the BILT HARD Benchtop Drill Press is suitable for all kinds of materials like wood, iron, metal, etc. 

  • This BILT HARD drill press is only 22 pounds that can be easier for you to move. Its light weighted feature has been increasing its popularity to the customers as days going on. Also, it will give you a special work-light to lighten the dark place while working.


  • However, everything has its good and bad sides. So, herewith BILT HARD also, we found one. It habitually can be annoying in terms of its vibrating noise. But, it’s still the favourite among its users.

Best Budget Drill Press

Best Floor Standing Drill Press for Woodworking

WEN 4210T: Best Floor Standing Drill Press for Woodworking

  • It has a 3.2-amp durable motor for torque.
  • It can run with five adjustable speeds with 3100RPM.
  • It will offer you 2-1/2 inch dynamic spindle travel.
  • Its x-pattern laser locks can deal with guesswork.

Begin a new project with a new tool without having any prior experience is pretty agonized. If you begin the holes drilling task, WEN 4210T 10 Inch Laser Drill Press will be the best choice. 

It will be your handy drilling tool for real work. However, because of its easy setting procedures, your journey will become cozy for the first time. It will take around 20 minutes only to assemble all the parts. 

Besides, you will get all the instructions well written and easy to understand. So, making the tool belt and laser adjustment is undoubtedly trouble-free. All you need to do in the case of the WEN 4210T drill press is to follow the directions. 

Conversely, the WEN 4210T Drill Press will work as the centering powerhouse device for your drilling task. This WEN 4210T is even robust to deal with the large type of industrial drilling job. 

A balanced performance at any of its speed levels will make you an enthusiast employing this versatile power tool. Also, mounting it on a wooden worktable is far easier than the other ordinary laser drill press. And, this drill machine will make your go 80% easier through its four exclusive features along with other features. 

Therefore, lighting up your workpiece, beveling the worktable at the accurate degree, setting the depth adjustment, and getting high drilling results will be simple. Besides, it is well capable of beveling its worktable on both sides (left & right0) at 45 degrees to have exact angled drilling.

  • The WEN 4210T drill press is reliable and cost-effective if you intend to purchase an affordable tool. Besides, it is enormously easy to apply while drilling holes.


  • If you want it to drill down at 90 degrees, it will not.

Customer Choice Drill Press

Best Small Floor Standing Drill Press

Grizzly G0925: 8″ Best Small Floor Standing Drill Press

  • It has a JT33 keyed drill chuck.
  • It goes through the bits that are as tiny as 1/16inch-1/2inch
  • This drill press can start its speed level from 740RPM
  • It keeps its maximum RPM to 3140.

This 13 Millimeters chuck, Grizzly G0925 Baby Drill Press, is specially designed for metal and woodwork. You can say this Grizzly G0925 drill press is the best floor drill press for metal and wood. 

But, you also can work through fiberglass, plastic, and compound materials while necessary. So, we recommend you to buy Grizzly G0925 drill press considering two essential facts. 

One is if you need to work through metal or wooden substances. And another one is, if you mean to have the best floor drill press for the money and performance.

The Grizzly G0925 can meet these two requirements through its extraordinary features. Yet, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to have a better beginning. And, try installing the depth gauge and shield before installing the chuck. It will then make the operating mode faster. 

However, let us explain what precisely you can expect from this tool. Well, you can balance the big floor press that is pretty large to set in minutes. Also, it will let you do your small jobs like drilling few holes. We studied and found it ideal for getting a crafter look that a simple cordless tool will not offer.

  • The Grizzly G0925 drill press is lightweight with only its 36-pound weight. So, moving it anywhere and storing it is a matter of time only. And it is highly suitable for small drilling types. Additionally, the Grizzly G0925 safety chuck guard will ensure your workplace safety.


  • Adjusting a vertical drill process is not possible in the case of the Grizzly G0925 drill press. However, other than these vertical adjustment issues, it is incredible.

Best Small Drill Press

Best Small Benchtop Drill Press

Euro Tool: Best Small Benchtop Drill Press

  • Its depth adjustment gauge can limit the spindle travel.
  • No battery requirements it has.
  • It contains a total weight of only 11.53 pounds.
  • It has 5-speed levels with 8500 RPM highest.

Usually, the woodworkers look for a tool that can match any specific one or two materials. But, if you need to deal with several materials for hole-drilling purposes per day, have a try on Small Benchtop Drill Press. It will open up your appliance limitation towards any kind of material. 

Nonetheless, this Benchtop Drill Press is small in size, though it is tremendously powerful and effortless for all types of small and big projects. It can suit any materials means it will also suit any drilling projects. Besides, this handy tool will not cost you much to afford. Yet, you can think about this first-rate power drilling machine while you’re on a low budget. 

As you already have seen, the name that began with the word “SMALL” means it will also require a small space to set up. So, you do not need an oversized room/ garage to set up this tool. It is entirely space-saving.

However, like the other drill press machines discussed above, it will also give you a high RPM. Therefore, making your drilling operation more adjustable at different angles through its speed levels is pretty trouble-free. 

Most importantly, it will offer you a 1-year warranty. Here, we don’t think you have any option to skipping this superb tool not to buy. So, Go Ahead!

  • The Small Benchtop Drill Press is well portable. In this case, moving your drill press according to your job nature is not that impossible. It is an excellent power tool overall.


  • Its parts on top are pretty heavy, making it a bit difficult to turn the handle.

Professional Drill Press

Best Floor Drill Press 

Genesis GDP1005A: Best Floor Drill Press 

  • The drill press has a durable lifespan.
  • It works through its high-quality drill chucks.
  • It keeps a privileged table height adjustment.
  • The maximum power of the floor drill press is 30 Watts.

We studied this powerful tool, Genesis GDP1005A 4.1 Amp Drill Press, highly suitable for giant projects. At this point, you’ve to decide first whether you need to deal with big or small projects. If you are dealing with a big one, buy this tool without any confusion, as the more significant projects require high power and adaptability. Here, you can quickly meet the power source in the course of its 5/8inch chuck and 4.1 amp motor. 

Besides, its worktable is readily available to tilt and rotate to 45degree 360 degrees, respectively, according to your requirements. And, it will bring you two years manufacturer’s warranty that can push you to buy this fantastic tool even today.

However, this drill machine is easily accessible that came with an integrated work light for more visibility and convenience. Also, it will allow you to change the speed level according to your drilling work.

Its unbending frame construction will provide you the utmost reliability and sturdiness. To get a balanced and desired performance from your drilling press, you ought to buy Genesis GDP1005A 4.1 Amp Drill Press.

  • The Genesis GDP1005A is undoubtedly an excellent drill press for making accuracy to your drilling job. What is more, you need not be stressed while operating the first time. It is too easy to operate.


  • It can create problems at spin and shaft assembly fitting things. But the good news is this problem will not happen all the time.

Best Budget

Best Professional and Industrial Drill Press for Metal

SKIL 3320: Best Professional and Industrial Drill Press for Metal

  • Skil drill press has a precise tilting work surface.
  • The floor standing drill has 5-speed limit that is easily changeable.
  • It contains ½ inch keyed chuck.
  • Its highest power source is 850 Watts.

If you are a woodworker who needs to have a drilling tool, not a common purpose, SKIL 3320 is for you. It will be an excellent power machine for high precision. But, this 10-inch exclusive SKIL 3320 drill press is the solid choice for non-professionals in maximum cases. 

It is because this SKIL 3320 has a special x2-2Beam laser. And, the manufacturers used this x2-2Beam laser on this drill press so tactfully that they can make sure the configuration of the accurate holes.

As an irregular user, it often can confuse you with the correct measurement of the drill depth adjustment system. Although, you will never be confused with depth adjustment as long as you’re using SKIL 3320 drill press. It is also fit to work through different materials like wood, steel, plastic, metal, iron, etc. And, it will allow you to go through the more significant diameter bits in terms of your woodworking. 

Another advantage is, it will tilt the wood-surface tilts between zero and 45degree. And, eventually, you will be happy to buy this drill press with a three years warranty. So, why late? Buy it today!

As per its instruction, you can apply the tension to the drive belt effortlessly. All you need to do is to –

  • Loosen the two wing-nuts gently
  • Push it on the motor for tensioning
  • Tighten the wing nuts again

  • You can call it a powerful hammer drill that is durable and portable and can save your money with its long-term service. Also, this machine will give an easy cleaning procedure. You don’t have to be troubled to clean it, including all the unreachable corners.


  • To set this drill machine can be clumsy and confusing if you’re a novice user. But, reading the manufacturer’s instructions will solve your problem if it happens. So, No Worries!

Best Floor Standing Drill Press: Buying Guide

There are plenty of factors that you should think about while going to buy your drill press. The quality of a drill press machine depends on its features in most cases. So, you have to be sure first what kind of features should be available with your tool to consider its quality. Here, we have studied the five most essential features that you must consider for your drill press. These features are-

Motor Power

Depending on the work type, you have to select the motor power. We mean, if you decide to have a minimum motor power, it will never let you deal with the big tasks. So, we recommend you choose the HP up to 1.5, and it will allow you to accomplish both smaller and bigger projects. A high-power motor is required, particularly when you need to drill complex substances.

Number of Speeds

While you need to change the speed level, it should be trouble-free to change. Also, your tool should be with several speed levels that can open up the speed limit. In this case, you have to consider your budget a bit more while deciding on a maximum number of speed levels.

Chuck Size

Choosing the right chuck size will help you make your holes accurate. A small-sized chuck cannot take your drilling job ahead while you need to make bigger holes. For the big holes, you must buy a drill press with a large size chuck because the chuck size will help you determine the size of holes for your woodworking project.


A tool means you have to move its different parts according to your project types. You can often damage any of your tool’s parts while changing drill bit functions. When you buy your drill press with a particular period warranty, it will help you save money over the maintenance on the warranty period.

Speed Range

The speed range of a drill press determines RPM (Rotations Per Minute). Here, if your drill press is with high speed of range, it will keep rotating fast. However, not all the drill presses will give you high RPM. So you have to check it before buying.

FAQs on Best Floor Standing Drill Press

What is a floor-type drill press?

In general, a floor-type drill press will offer you more functions through its power and features compared to a bench drill press. Furthermore, if you can buy the best floor model drill press, you can work in various options. For example- countersinking, drilling, counter-boring, etc. Also, it is easy to use a drill press tool for heavy material size operations.

What should I look for in a floor drill press?

Well, simply to say, read out our buying guide to have a great idea to choose the right drill press. Then again, we recommend you focus on specific areas of your tool. And, the first thing that you should focus on is compactness. Also, the table size, drilling capacity, chuck capacity, and speed should get priority while you need the best floor model drill press for your go.

What can be too dangerous when using a drill press?

Although the drill press is work-friendly, it is dangerous too while working through hot equipment. It often can make you trouble in the case of skin burns, fire hassle, and also through its flying sparks. Most of the time, it injures the worker’s hand and fingers through the tool’s punctures and lacerations. We found the inattention and operation error primarily liable for such situations. So, Be Careful!

Which type of drill press has more power?

You will get two main types of drill press on the market where one is a benchtop model, and another is a floor or stationary model. Usually, the stationary or floor model is highly suitable for giant projects. And, this floor model contains more features, power, and capacity than that benchtop model drill press. But, the benchtop drill press is easy to move due to its good portability.

Can I use regular drill bits in a drill press?

Simply, the answer is “No.” It is not that necessary to use any regular drill bits at your drill press machine. Remember that you will get different types of bits when using a vertical milling tool. Most importantly, the manufacturers make the drill bits considering various materials like- metal, plastic, wood, etc.

Take the Best Floor Standing Drill Press

Needless to say, how fantastic it is to work using a floor-standing drill press. But the problem happens unless you can choose the best floor standing drill press for your woodworking project. It will create a problem making an accurate shape and angles while your tool assortment is wrong. 

However, the drill presses we have taken to our list are marvelous, powerful, and accurate drill machines. All you need to do is to read carefully all the product details that we have stated. Then, it will help you get the right and the best floor standing drill press for woodworking. 

And, we researched our list, considering all levels of users. So, it doesn’t matter whether it is your first, second, or third-time drill press buying experience. Any of the tools among those nine will be your best suit, we can assure you. All the best!

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