5 Best Cordless Drill under $50

Searching for a cordless drill with a high level of efficiency and powerful motor and the budget is under $50? Cordless drills are considerably expensive due to versatile design, rechargeable battery function, and solid built quality, luckily, there are some best cordless drills under $50. However, it’s trickier to find such hidden treasure!

Superior to traditional drills, some cheaper cordless drills are also offered as a standard service, allowing them to work silently. More importantly, some models include dual batteries for increased run time, making them comparable to a double-priced cordless drill.

Handyman’s pick: 5 Best Cordless Drill under $50

The impressive thing is that at this price range, some manufacturers offer a higher RPM with more variable speed settings. So, whatever it is, a home improvement job or handling a commercial project, the DIY guy will find these budget-friendly cordless drills useful. But finding such a cordless drill with a pack of quality features can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, our experts made a list of cordless drills that are under $50 and suitable for a range of applications. Moreover, these are easier to use, assemble, and include a warranty for customer satisfaction. However, you will learn how to maintain both the battery and the cordless drill and keep them safe for longer use.

Best Budget Cordless Drill

Best Cordless Drill under $50

BLACK+DECKER: Top Rated Cordless Drill under $50

  • Design with variable speed setting up to 650 RPM to ensure precious drilling without damaging the material.
  • It’s a lightweight and compact-designed cordless drill that includes a grip handle for comfortable drilling.
  • It includes a 3/8-inch chuck with 11 different clutch position settings for easy drilling.

BLACK+DECKER is a well-known brand in the power tool and accessories industry and this item is another great invention from the brand. The manufacturer offers a number of features with this cordless drill while surprisingly available for under $50. It has a Lithium battery and a maximum voltage of 20V, making it suitable for drilling into metal, wood, and plastic. Moreover, this cordless drill won’t need much assembly as it’s a one-piece power tool.

This drill’s design, on the other hand, isn’t very promising. Using the BLACK and DECKER is sometimes disturbing. The battery takes up to 4 hours to get fully charged. You should have an extra battery.

  • Made of solid construction this cordless drill is ideal for drilling on a variety of surfaces and has a longer run time. This cordless drill also comes with a battery and charger, as well as a two-year warranty.

  • Its battery takes a long time to charge, and the chucking setting is a little difficult.

Runner Up

Best Cordless Drill under 50

AVID POWER: Best Cordless Drill under 50

  • This cordless drill includes 15+1 torque settings to offer precise control without striping while drilling on drywall, wood, and ceramics.
  • This cordless drill reduces fatigue from screwing and drilling tasks thanks to its rubber-covered handle and lightweight design.
  • Design with a flexible shaft and LED light to allow to drill in hard-to-reach space with clear visibility.

Being on a tight budget does not preclude you from enjoying high-quality drilling, as demonstrated by this AVID POWER Cordless Drill. This cordless drill is significantly less expensive, and it includes a Lithium-ion battery, a multi-positioning clutch, an ergonomic design, and an LED light.

However, it doesn’t offer higher RPM and warranty service, especially compared to the previous model. Still, this versatile drill is ideal for a range of applications. More importantly, this cheap cordless drill includes plenty of accessories to allow it to drill in any place accurately, comfortably, and for a long time. Because this cordless drill is made of plastic, its durability is questionable.

  • It’s the best cordless drill for mixing drywall under $50, with a powerful accessory set, an LED light, an ergonomic handle, and a multi-positional clutch.

  • This cordless drill is made of plastic and does not come with a warranty.

Best Overall

Cordless Drill under $50 for DIY Projects

GOXAWEE: Cordless Drill under $50 for DIY Projects

  • It’s the best mechanical drill bit under 50 that has a 2-speed setting button and an 18 adjustable position clutch for drilling into masonry and brick. 
  • It comes with two powerful batteries to provide additional runtime on a budget. 
  • This cordless drill has a flexible shaft for versatile use and is extremely simple to use and maintain. 

GOXAWEE Cordless Drill will be the best low-cost cordless drill for a busy DIYer.this power drill comes with 2 1500 mAh Li-ion batteries to offer more run time between charges. More importantly, this cordless drill will be the right option for drilling into brick, brickwork, and masonry, thanks to its 2-speed setting button.

With 18 adjustable position clutches and a max RPM of up to 1350, this drill machine can conquer any solid surface, making it the best cordless drill under 50. Another impressive feature includes Auto-lock metal Keyless Chuck to ensure automatic spindle lock and allow changing the bit easily. However, it is hard to free the battery from the drill and comes with confusing instructions about battery charging.

  • It’s a powerful and easy-to-use cordless drill that includes an LED light, a double battery, and plenty of accessories. Besides, this power drill has a variable speed trigger and an Auto-lock metal Keyless Chuck for precise drilling.

  • This cordless drill is a bit noisy and it is hard to change the battery.

Customer Choice

Cordless Drill under $50

WAKYME: Cordless Drill Kit under $50

  • It has 18 adjustable clutch settings as well as an infinite variable pressure trigger for the most precise drilling work.
  • With two powerful Li-ion batteries, this cordless drill will offer an endurable run time.
  • For improved control and safety, it includes an LED work light, Forward/Reserve Control, and an automatic spindle locks.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty cordless drill under $50, try this WAKYME Cordless Drill Driver Kit. Despite the double battery, this cordless drill includes an all-copper double-bearing gear motor to offer up to 23000rpm speed, so you can deal with any tough drilling or driving job.

Moreover, it’s the best cordless hammer drill under 50 that has a step-less variable pressure trigger and 3 in 1 working mode, including a driver, a drill, and a hammer. So whatever your project is DIY handcrafts, reconstruction, or auto repairs you will find this budget-friendly cordless drill by your side.

However, this cordless drill is not suitable for a small space, and it is difficult to release the batteries.

  • This budget-friendly cordless drill includes a strong motor, two powerful motors, three driving modes, and safety features. Besides, it’s keyless chuck and the LED light will offer a convenient drilling operation.

  • It doesn’t have a lock-on feature and it is tough to release the batteries.

Premium Pick

Best Budget Cordless Drill

CRAFTSMAN: Best Budget Cordless Drill

  • It comes with a maximum power Lithium battery with an indicator for increased performance and ample runtime.
  • This best budget cordless drill comes with a 1/2 inch Keyless chuck for faster bit changes and more consistent performance.
  • Design with speed setting and LED light for convenient drilling.

This CRAFTSMAN Cordless Drill comes with a 1/2 inch Keyless chuck for the easiest and fastest bit changes. So, if you have to drill different types of holes more often, this cordless drill will be a handy option for you. With a weight of only 5.02 pounds, this cordless drill feels well balanced in the hand for extended work, and its two-speed settings of up to 1500 RPM produce extreme power.

Furthermore, its battery has a 3-LED indicator so the DIYer can check the charge level, as well as a white LED light for better drilling. But its drill bit may come loose during extensive drilling and it doesn’t have any collar to tighten up the bit in the chuck.

  • This cordless drill has a 1/2 inch Keyless chuck while most 3/8 inch. It also comes with a powerful battery and a variable speed trigger, as well as a three-year limited warranty.

  • This drill isn’t designed for heavy-duty work, and the bit comes out loose after a lot of use.

Buying Guides for the Best Cordless Drill under $50

In a competitive market, every manufacturer does their best to persuade customers to buy their cordless drill, which often confuses the buyer. But having information on a specific factor that has to be checked can lead the customer to the right cordless drill, even within a budget. So let’s have a look:

Item Weight, Dimensions

A cordless drill is a one-handed tool that makes fatigue a concern. While large dimensions don’t offer access to work in a tight space, weight determines how quickly you will experience fatigue. If you are planning to drill for an extended period, choose a lightweight and compact-sized cordless drill.


A limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a quality cordless drill. Many manufacturers offer a cordless drill with a solid build-up and an ergonomic handle within this price range.

Battery Type, Capacity, Charger

Between Lithium-ion and Nickel-cadmium batteries, a cordless drill with Lithium-ion batteries offers more power. Despite the battery type, check the capacity and charger as these are subject to efficiency and duration of use.

Included Components

Without spending over $50 on a cordless drill, you can have some accessories with it, like screwdriver bits, nut drivers, drill bits, and magnetic bit tip holders. These components will make the drilling convenient and save some extra costs. More importantly, make sure you pick a cordless drill with an LED light to have better visibility in dark and tight spaces.

RPM, Motor Power

A cordless drill with a variable speed trigger and a powerful motor would be more preferable. This drill machine can be operated at different torques for versatile and efficient drilling. Besides, a keyless chuck with a 3/8 inch diameter will be suitable for a range of applications.

Noise level

Though a cordless drill is quiet when it is equipped with a powerful motor, it may produce some noise. So, choose a cordless drill that is considerably quieter, so you can use it in sound-sensitive environments.

How to use a cordless drill without breaking it down

Cleaning and storage are the second and third parts of the maintenance process while operating properly stays on top. If you don’t operate the cordless drill in the right manner, you won’t have the chance to clean or store it, right?

The following are some key consideration that will help you properly use the drill without breaking it down:

Hold the drill perpendicular to the surface

Holding the power tool perpendicular to the drilling surface will ensure a direct pilot hole. Moreover, it will ensure proper screw insertion and keep the drill bit from coming loose. Conversely, holding the drill bit in the wrong way can slowly weaken the chuck and, finally, it can break down.

Firmly secure both the drill and the surface

Before turning on the power drill, make sure both the surface and the cordless drill are secured tightly. You can use a vice to secure the surface as it will let you drill using both hands. Loose-fitting of a drill can cause stripping and increase the risk of accidents.

Check the battery

Though the rechargeable battery is the most common part of a cordless drill, don’t forget to insert it before starting drilling. Moreover, a particular connection can cause a battery during the middle of the work. To prevent an inconvenient situation, check that you have put the battery into the cordless drill properly.

Adjust the speed

Most cordless drills have variable speed settings, allowing you to drill on a variety of surfaces with ease. So, before applying the drill to the surface, adjust its speed and torque based on the material. An improper speeding setting can cause overheat and strip the drill.

Insert the correct drill bit

Choosing the drill bit based on the drilling surface is a smart solution to drilling smoothly. Applying the wrong drill bit can cause a dull bit, strip a screw and loosen the chuck and finally, it can end up the cordless drill.

How to Clean Your Cordless Drill?

Keeping the cordless drill clean is vital to ensure continuous and smooth work. So it is essential to habitually clean the drill after every shift and before storing it. Cleaning a cordless drill is a straightforward process that needs brushes, cleaning foam, and whatnot. A quick wipe down using a clean cloth will help remove dirt, chippings, and other visible particles from the surface of the cordless drill.

However, to get the improved results, you should clean the drill at least once per day.

Cleaning ventilation slots 

Cordless drill designs with ventilation slots get blocked and damage other internal machinery if you don’t clean them regularly. Moreover, it can burn the motor as the blocked ventilation encourages heat buildup. But don’t use a brush to clean the exhaust vents as it can push the dirt deeper rather than an outing. Instead, use a shot of compressed air as it will help remove all the debris stuck in the slots.


Lubricating cordless drills periodically can help prevent corrosion, chafing, and overheating. If you find the drill bit can’t spin freely, then check the base near the chuck if there are any small fragments stuck in it. Even removing the fragments, the chuck can get jammed. Lubrication can solve such a problem.

Many DIYers made the mistake of applying a bottle of WD 40 to the buckets at this point. It can cost a huge amount of money as WD 40 is not an all-in-one solution for lubrication.

Thus, it is recommended to check the cordless drill user manual to know about the particular type of lubricant it needs. Moreover, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the jammed parts without compromising the performance of the drill.

How to Store Cordless Drill Batteries?

A rechargeable battery is an undisputed part of a cordless drill that can hurt the project and increase the overall investment without proper maintenance. Conversely, taking care and storing it ideally can both increase the battery life and prevent extra investment. Firstly, store the drill battery in a cool and dry place where you don’t have any direct sunlight. Usually, a cordless drill comes with a Li-ion battery. Make sure the battery gets a full charge before you store it. Moreover, before using the battery for a long time, make sure it is fully charged. After completing the project, charge the battery for a long time to make it ready for further use.

Cordless Drill Maintenance Tips

Hopefully, you now understand how to store and use cordless drill batteries, as well as how to clean a cordless drill. Let’s get some cordless drill maintenance tips to prolong the tool’s life and enjoy its quality performance.

Use the appropriate drill bit

Make sure you are using the right drill bit for a certain project. Using the wrong drill bit can not only damage the drill’s components but also ruin the work.

Sharpened the drill bit

The dull drill bit won’t let you drill smoothly like the sharp one. Moreover, applying excessive force to the dull bit can break the joint part between the chuck and the bit. A new bit, on the other hand, can become dull after extended use and must be sharpened on a regular basis. Some special tools are available on the market that will let you sharpen the bit over time. Moreover, you should not drill consistently. Take a break to restore your work abilities and let the machine cool down.

More importantly, don’t let the drill get overheated to maintain its longevity and performance. Remember to keep all of this in mind, especially when drilling into the foundation, concrete masonry, and bricks.

Organise properly

DIY enthusiasts usually need multiple cordless drills for different projects. You can build vinyl-covered hooks to organize them properly. But install the hook at a comfortable height on the garage or workshop wall. Doing so will not only keep the cordless drill safe but also offer you easy access.

Benefits of using a cheap cordless drill under 50 USD

A cordless drill is beneficial for a DIY worker or a contractor in a variety of ways. Some key advantages are:

More Lightweight

One of the main intentions of inventing cordless drills is users’ comfort. To allow us to use it broadly and consistently, the engineers designed this drill machine with a lighter weight and a compact size. So cordless drills don’t bother the operator during working whether it is a construction site or garage.


A cordless drill is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used comfortably and conveniently. This cordless tool offers freedom of movement without worrying about tripping over wires. Instead, the cordless drill comes with a rechargeable battery that ensures consistent power for a certain period.

Space-Saving Storage

Another key advantage of having such a portable tool is that it can be stored in a work locker or a garage cabinet. Thanks to its compact size, this tool is extremely easy to store in easy-to-reach places.

Improved Control

The cordless drill comes with ergonomic and safety features that offer overall control of the tool and ensure precise drilling without carrying the extra weight of wires and cables. Thus, the user can enjoy pro-level results without causing any injury.

Safety Tips for Using Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a risky tool because it is equipped with sharp and powerful components. As a result, taking proper precautions before using a cordless drill is essential. Following these pro tips will offer you maximum safety while drilling:

Before taking the cordless drill into your hand, protect your eyes, face, and hands by wearing goggles, masks, and safety gloves.

  • Don’t wear loose clothing or jewellery as these can be stuck with a cordless drill and cause accidents.
  • It is better to drill pilot holes before drilling into a screw as it will reduce the chance of slipping and make drilling easier.
  • Install the drill bit properly and check it.
  • Keep kids, pets, and people away while drilling.

FAQs on Best Cordless Drill under 50

What is the best inexpensive cordless drill?

The BLACK+DECKER MAX Cordless Drill is the best inexpensive drill when it comes to quality, capability, and comfort on a budget. Despite its low price, this cordless drill features a powerful battery, a variable speed trigger, and is ideal for tough materials. More importantly, this cordless drill is safe, easy to use, and backed by a 2-year warranty. 

Which cordless drill has the most torque?

There is a range of quality cordless drills available that offer high torque to conquer any material. Among them, the Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 inch Hammer Drill includes a higher torque with up to 1,200 inch-pounds of torque. It is the king of high torque, which sets it apart from other impact drivers. Another impressive feature includes a 2,000 RPM drilling speed, which is also the maximum in the class.

What is the highest voltage for a cordless drill?

Power tools are typically available in voltages ranging from 3 to 48 volts. The higher the voltage tool gets, it offers more power, though it costs more than a lower voltage device. The voltage of a cordless drill is generally printed on the battery. You can find a cordless driver from 10v to 24v.

Are 12V cordless drills any good?

A 12v cordless drill is a handy tool for all DIYers and professionals. A 12v cordless drill can handle nearly 80% of the jobs that the 18V/20V Max models can. This model is lighter and has a smaller footprint than the 18v model. The 12v model is easier to use, but the votes will go for the 18v model, considering its power and speed.

Final words

Budgeting isn’t a crime, but if you lose faith in getting something good on a budget and order a subpar cordless drill, it can cause you problems. To avoid those frustrating situations, we have provided you with some of the best cordless drills under $50.

The list covered different types of drills that are best for different purposes. While BLACK+DECKER MAX Cordless Drill is the overall best option within budget, GOXAWEE Cordless Drill will be ideal for a tough job with 1350 RPM.

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